How to drink champagne?

  How to drink champagne? Before New Year only a few tens of seconds. And those moments percolate through the cold, smelling of fir needles, the air, like sand through his fingers. All we had this year? .. On some days this issue can torture me to death, nature, inclined to melancholy, but not today, not New Year's Eve. Most unsmiling pessimists feel quite differently. The mysterious and joyful celebration of New Year is just around the corner! ..

However, leaving the lyrics. Each of us has a lot to keep up with the remaining time. So ... continue our rapid preparation for the celebration of New Year.
One of the most important attributes of this holiday is, of course, champagne. Vodka, wine or brandy - also drinks in people respect, but all their dignity fade before such an indispensable attribute of the New Year holiday feasts, like champagne. Therefore, realizing the importance of fizzy drink, indulge ourselves in the art of champagne.

The first trick lies in the ability to give a green bottle. First, you must put it in an ice bucket. It is desirable that the bucket was plated or brass, but the best, of course, silver.
Secondly, this very bottle to be chilled to 6-9 degrees (no more and no less). That's so there should be strict temperature amplitude. Otherwise, the wine may be not that disgusting, but taste the bouquet badly affected.