Who wrote the first poem in the Italian language?

Who wrote the first poem in the Italian language? The person who made it was not a poet, a saint. True, holy - it is not a profession, and state of mind. However, just as a poet ...

His life Giovanni Bernandone glorified town of Assisi, located in the central, mountainous, part of Italy, approximately equal distance from Rome and Florence. Here he was born in 1181 in the family of a prosperous cloth merchant, not the last man in the city. In 14 years, Giovanni began to help his father. The joys of life the young man not shy, and life was beautiful.

Thirst for heroism in 1202 by Giovanni Bernandone went to war with Perugia. It was one of the conventional wars then 1,111,114. Italy [/url] Where each town was the state and all fought with everyone. Giovanni was taken prisoner, spent a year in prison and after release ill. Apparently, during his illness his mind began turning point that led him eventually to escape from the world and to serve God. Made a pilgrimage to Rome, he realized there his ideal - to be poor, as Jesus and his disciples-apostles.

It was unusual at that time the ideal. Yes and the current too. People have a desire to live a secure and comfortably. Some believe that it is - the basis of progress. Probably so, however, thought his father Giovanni, Pietro Bernandone. When his son too much money and gave it to the poor, he publicly stripped of his inheritance. Here, on the court, Giovanni, for all he gave his father all the former with his money and even clothes, put on a dirty rough cape, rope belt and went barefoot begging.

He even adopted a new name - Francis. 1,111,116. Francis of Assisi [/b] . Oddly enough, this name referred to his son who spurned his father. In honor of their homeland, glamorous and fun in France. In those days, France, as now, was considered a brilliant and fun.

 Who wrote the first poem in the Italian language? In 1208 Francis of Assisi began to preach. Preacher, he was inspired. Beautiful legends tell that his words were understood animals and birds. Once the place of his sermons flocked many birds that chirped and prevented people hear the words of Francis. Then he turned to them: "Brothers and sisters the birds, do not bother me to preach the word of God to people, and then I'll talk with you." Birds fell silent.

Brothers and sisters, Francis believed, not only beasts and birds, but even the old abandoned church, even by natural forces. Brother Sun, Wind brother, my sister's death - a bold and beautiful poetic images from written shortly before his death "Hymn to the Sun to his brother.

  All praise be to Thee, my Lord, from all thy creations
First of all, from the lord's brother Sun
Who brings the day, and the light you give us through him.
How beautiful he is, how radiant in all his splendor
Referring to you, God!

This poetic work, Francis did not write in Latin, but at the national dialect that is understandable even uneducated. This hymn is first poem in Italian, .

Full humility of Francis and his love for God and God's creations, we can understand, knowing that, among other illnesses that tormented him before his death, was continuing inflammation century. He wrote a song of praise the sun, although he could not without pain to see the sunlight.

The disease struck the eye of Francis in 1219, when he went to Egypt to preach Christianity among the Saracens. He believed that enough, believing with all my heart, to tell Muslims the truth about the image of God, in whom he believed, and they will appeal to the true faith. To prove its truth, Francis was ready to face the Sultan of Egypt to pass through the fire, like the biblical prophet Daniel or Abraham. Sultan of Christianity did not accept, however, Francis admired, gave him a safe conduct, and sent back to the world.