Why not listen to Sirius Egyptians? History Calendars

Why not listen to Sirius Egyptians? History Calendars The Egyptians had long noticed that the three major periodic events occur in one and the same time. This summer solstice, the flooding of the Nile and the appearance of a bright star in the sky 1,111,114. Sotis [/b] Known to us as 1,111,114. Sirius 1,111,115. .

Since the sons of the principal priestesses 1,111,116. god Ra [/url] V founded the dynasty of Egyptian pharaohs, god, personifying the daylight, was the most important for the Egyptians. Sirius - the symbol of the goddess Isis, the wife of another revered god - Osiris, the lord of the kingdom of the dead. And the fact that floods of the Nile - the source of power and prosperity of Egypt, now known, perhaps, to any student.

Having sunrise Sotisa for the beginning of the year, about 3200 year BC Egyptian priests first among the ancients developed a beautiful and graceful 1,111,118. solar calendar 11,111,113. . The duration of the year identified in 360 days (full angle 360 degrees). All twelve months have equal duration - 30 days. Thirty-day month was divided into three decades or five six-day weeks.

Familiar to us seasons Egyptians did not know. Your calendar are divided into three four-agricultural season. Ahet - flood-time, Peret - time shoots. Third period - the time of drought.

Slender and balanced calendar is not quite consistent with the solar cycle. So a few years year supplemented by five days. Due to the fact that they did not fit into a coherent system for counting, they have identified a special place since the end of the old year and the beginning of the new. These days are not included in any one month, and set aside for remembrance of the dead, give credit honors ancestors and repentance.

It would seem that the problem is solved. The duration of the year is determined quite accurately, several missing hours either not calculated or simply ignored, and the number of 365 were regarded as sacred.

Unfortunately, the natural laws do not take into account human conventions. No matter how perfectly egyptian chronology, a bright star Sotis appeared in the sky at one time, rather than the first day of the year. Every four years the difference between these two dates, increasing by the day.

But what a difference it was absolutely impossible. Divine number 365 was not subject to people. It got to the point that the pharaohs dating back to the Egyptian throne, gave a solemn oath not to change the length of the calendar year 11,111,113. . Over 120 years of Egyptian Sirius "behind" on the calendar for a month, for 730 - already for six months.

Summer occurred in winter, a harvest festival celebrated in the days of sowing. Quite inconvenient and impractical, but the god Ra was not allowed to change the sacred number. After 1460 years of senseless ordeal star Sirius finally came gaze of people when she was "put". Need I say what a holiday for these things the Egyptians turned the event. However, the holiday has passed, and Sirius again "took the old".

In an unacceptable error of chronology adopted already seen all the Egyptians, even the pharaohs. But the oath given at the coronation, tied their hands. Finally, in 238 BC King Ptolemy III of Bithynia resolved and proposed to add to every fourth year on the same day to excess, like a modern leap years.

Subjects of the king firmly rejected the "suspicious" reform. Egyptians were the first to define the real world, the duration as 365 days and 6 hours and remained in captivity tradition, preferring to endure the inconvenience, but does not thwart "the will of the gods."

Only after nearly two centuries after the failed reform king Ptolemy leap year coined the Julius Caesar. By the way, the vicissitudes of 11,111,112. Julian calendar
we already know.