Who is the author of the triptych "Alexander Nevsky"? Russian spirit in the paintings of Pavel Korin

Who is the author of the triptych "Alexander Nevsky"? Russian spirit in the paintings of Pavel Korin Art is a feat!
(M. Nesterov)

Pavel Dmitrievich Korin was born July 8, 1892 in Palekh. He was a student, KA Korovin, and SV Milutin. Managed restoration workshop GMII restoration, restored the painting in the Dresden gallery.

Since childhood, he helped icon painters to paint the temples, but then the most difficult for him was to overcome the traditional iconography of secular painting. "Stripping the skin, I got out of the iconography," - said Corinne. Then there were the workshops Nesterov, Korovin, Malyutina - appeared confident in their abilities, he worked without sparing himself.

Great influence on Pavel Korin had 1,111,114. Mikhail Vasilyevich Nesterov [/url] . Still unrealized dreams with the support Nesterov were slowly turning into something serious. Mikhail Vasilyevich was working on the mural in the temple of the Martha and Maria monastery in Moscow and invited Paul Corina help. Paul, a youth-icon-painter, was 19 years old.

Art education due to circumstances Karin did not get, but tried to get comprehensive knowledge of their own. A lot of reading. "Without all of Pushkin artist can not live. Pushkin is needed by us as the air ", - said he Nesterov, and the young man knew almost all the works of Alexander Sergeyevich heart. Excitedly read Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Turgenev, classical Western literature. As soon fell out a free minute, hurried into the theater and watched Ermolov, Sadovsky, listened Chaliapin. He eagerly absorbed everything, then to bring it into art.

In 1913 Paul Corin joined the School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in Moscow. It was in that year, a vandal slashed painting by Ilya Repin " Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan . Significant setback in the life of Corinne, he said, had not experienced ever before. After painting for him was a living creature. And the genius Repin, he generally was ready to kneel.

Nesterov was to Corina, according to him, the father in spirit. His own father died when the boy was only 9 years old. It was after the death of his father, he often visited the temples, and then, handing the paint and providing minor services to icon painters, he began to slowly write the faces of the saints. It first shows Nesterov Corinne their still imperfect work.

 Who is the author of the triptych "Alexander Nevsky"? Russian spirit in the paintings of Pavel Korin Alexander Nevsky. The central part of the triptych When the war began, Corinne did not leave Moscow. All postponed and postponed his departure and so could not bring himself to leave. Moscow lived a harsh life and work of war, he went on its streets, more than usually empty and strict. And his idea was born, later realized, - idea of the triptych "Alexander Nevsky".

He came to the Bolshoi Theater, where during one of the raids hit by a bomb - in a bubble, which he restored, and all I thought and thought about their future work. At the Bolshoi, he was particularly clear picture of how he sees his Nevsky that it plays a brilliant Chaliapin. Generally, by Chaliapin historical images - Ivan the Terrible, Boris Godunov - always seemed so Korin ideal model with which to measure one's intentions.

From Big - along Okhotny and wrapped at the Manege Square - he often went to the Historical Museum and thought there Rusich ancient weapons: swords, armor, handcuffs, a helmet of Prince Yaroslav, who subsequently put on his Nevsky. Corin worked very hard: in the late autumn of 1942, the average of his triptych - Alexander Nevsky - was prepared and presented in the exhibition " The Great Patriotic War .

Corinne felt that a great and courageous people's tragedy - war, in which stood Moscow, Russia stood - joined in his heart, his vision of the great images of opposing fascism. Alexander Nevsky - a soldier and a knight - was, and Nesterov, and Chaliapin, and Gorky, and a young boy from his native Palekh, he saw the baby, a boy, and boys who died at Moscow, and the heroes of the pilots, whose portraits he wrote before the war.

 Who is the author of the triptych "Alexander Nevsky"? Russian spirit in the paintings of Pavel Korin Korin wanted to show the character of the Russian people, to embody the spirit of courage that is an integral feature of the nation that encourages people to Russia to stand to the death in battle, go ahead, explore new lands, new paths in science, new songs. The spirit of disobedience fate, the will and fortitude, that sound and "Lay" and in the first verses of Pushkin, and in the "Thoughts" Ryleeva, and in his own heart. For Corina Nevsky - Prince, Knight, pechalnik Russian land. He lived in an era when the mourning was lying on the ground. Age was severe.

 Corinne wrote Nevsky, writing and thinking about one thing, he had seen the episode in his youth, so clearly risen in the memory of those days. He recalled how in Palekh come for seasonal work adjacent kovshovskie men. In the evening after a hard day's work they walked down the street with a pitchfork on his shoulders - tall, strong, mighty as Heroic Men. They walked and sang. And how they sang! The men were 11,111,118. in the minds of Paul Corina [/url] heroes of epic tales. It is they, like them, have survived and enemy invasion, and serfdom survived, preserving incorrupt noble soul of the nation.