Why not lights a third! "? Another reason to quit smoking

Why not lights a third! "? Another reason to quit smoking Quite often you can hear the roar of the injured person with a burning flame lighters or matches in hand, which hides the tongue of fire from the third smoker that runs a light after the second. Two were already smoke, and then climbs the third. Let, say, a light. Many tobacconist denied a third in flames in unconsciously. They follow a certain inner voice which warns that giving a light to the third - it nasty, dangerous, mystical . For such a mistake can expect trouble.

Typically, smokers, like other people, united by a certain passion, roost in groups of . In certain places, at certain times. Take, for example, a kind of mini-reservation for steaming at airports, where in a small room strewn with cigarette butts, and stuffed a large number of people smoking tobacco.

Trains Reservations for smokers - vestibule behind the car. The building of the theater smokers are pressed in a closet or room for smoking in the intermission. And everywhere one and the same situation: lit one, gave a light to another, and now climbs from his third cigarette. "Lights a third did not!" - We say, switch off the flame lighters and pass it from hand to hand, that same third. " Lighting up , Man, himself! "

We sometimes rude to express their unwillingness to have something in common with the third, as if his fluids are based on certain risk. As if this third - once (which is not the case with drinking a bottle of vodka). As if it was - a dangerous disease vectors. As if he - a leper. What is most interesting of these concerns are rational.

 In order to understand why it is considered a bad omen get a light to any third person or to give a light to the third, it should be cut up insular layer of history and look at the events of the Anglo-Boer War, to the days of choke guns during the defense of Sevastopol. Most of the non-compliance with the rules of "third no lights a" hit British army officers in the war with the Boers.

 Who are the best drills? It immigrants from the Netherlands (mostly) who started to explore South Africa in 17 th century. This is banished and all kinds of criminals. Thus, the Dutch long thought that they should do, looking at the black natives of South Africa. Eat and want to live anywhere, and South Africa is no exception. Good land is? Yes. Employees have? Yes. So what that black. But - hard workers. And the sun shines all year round. Again, the ocean nearby. And now the Dutch to conquer the local natives, making them slaves, and themselves become farmers . That is, borax, in modern terms, is simply "obureli" and took everything and everybody in South Africa.

 They used to live the Boers on their farms, bred, came all the new settlers. And then one day it took England's outpost in South Africa to control by trade with India. A sea route from the Old World to India was in those days through southern Africa. That is why I liked the England Boer territory.

 The British began to push back the Boers, to implement its power, forced to learn English as a primary, sent all the new settlers, the British, and then completely abolished the slavery of blacks. On farms Boers was no one to work, and compensation for loss of slaves were laughable. Dissatisfaction with the Boers slowly but boiling. All this led to an uprising Boers and the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902.

 Borax though they were farmers, but the shot perfectly. Tea, not to resort living, and among the crocodiles, tigers, lions, panthers, Zulu warriors and other African predators. Every farmer had a gun, because life has taught him to shoot quickly, accurately, in the darkness, up, down, left, right, sitting, standing, lying down. Wild were manners - no time to shoot, and you are no longer alive, and the Zulu warrior or beast rises, full of joy joy of victory over the careless farmer. In war, the Boers used a special tactic. If the British soldiers marched on the enemy with dense rows, the crafty Boers attacked in all directions, and this strategy was effective. Many Englishmen were killed in those battles. But England - Power. Power is power, and the Boer forces were still divided.

 Then the drills organized guerrilla war, and the British first used against the Boer tactics of "scorched earth". Borax-partisans were the forerunner of sniper case. This drill-shooter noticed That when the lights a British officer, the drill sees and fixes its position. That is demaskirovka occurred.

 If you then lights a flame gives someone, then drill already throws up his gun, aiming at the light. The match is still burning, and then lights a first gives a light to the third Englishman. He reaches for attenuating the match, a cigarette in his mouth, and at that point shooting drill. As a result, a third, perhaps, and manages to start a puff snuff, but enjoy a smoke and how to drag did not have time, because she already has a hole in the head by a bullet from the Boer guns.

 Another situation: you - an Englishman struck a match, to give a light. In teeth you have a cigarette, but first you give me a light to someone (a drill has already seen your position), then a gentleman giving a light second to someone (a drill is taking aim), and only after the two had already puffing, you lights a yourself illuminating his face. A drill presses on the trigger. And all. You quit smoking from now on. However, like breathing. So, lights a third in any "nuts on" getting any more than anyone.

 On the side of the Boers fought the Canadians, Germans, French, Russian, that is, many who were dissatisfied with the policy of England. Russia fully supports the Boers. And once again, after the Russian sailors before the Anglo-Boer War, suffered from signs of "lights a third did not. When the British and the Allies laid siege to Sevastopol in the Crimean War, then the arms they had already choke gun (the first analogues rifle). Our man lit a pipe, and a villain, an Englishman with union already noticed a light gun.

 Another sailor sailor gives a light, the Englishman has at the ready. Well, the third man without a miss gets a bullet from an enemy's gun choke. Since then, went even a belief among our sailors: if the third light, then a shameful disease, or pick up a piece of deadly lead in the head. Therefore, if you picked up any venereal disease, then remember, above all, not his amorous adventures, and when and where you "lopuhnulis" and lit the third.