Why Abramtzevo called "the abode of the Muses?

Why Abramtzevo called "the abode of the Muses? Here, finally, for all the patience of fate rewarded us:
We found it was for our taste just right.
Excellent location, the mountain above the rapid river,
Hidden from the eye The village in the green grove thick.

Abramtzevo - a special edge, an entire country, where there are mighty spruce and gentle swaying grass. Where can I go to the overgrown pond, whose sad Alyonushka, or suddenly be in front of the hut on chicken legs.

In 1844, the author of fairy tale "The Scarlet Flower" Sergei Aksakov wrote in the family album: "Here, finally, for all the patience ..." remarkable Russian writer of poems dedicated Abramtsevo. "The village gave me a hug - wrote Aksakov son - the smell of young leaves and vines bloom, space, silence and tranquility . Do not know how to explain to you what the world poured into my soul! "

 Why Abramtzevo called "the abode of the Muses?
 The territory of the estate was not fenced: linden and birch alley taken away right in the fields and woods. Near the house bloomed lilacs and jasmine, ravines and hillsides overgrown with raspberries, hazelnut, meadowsweet, euonymus. You could pick mushrooms and fish in two steps from home.

In Abramtsevo bloomed writer's talent. There were created childhood Bagrov Grandson, "Notes on angling fish", "Family Chronicle", "Notes Rifle Hunter Orenburg Province. From Abramtzevo linked the recent period of friendship Aksakov and Gogol. Nikolai Gogol worked here over the second volume of \"Dead Souls\" , Rested, walked the groves in the evening read aloud. Last Nikolai came to Abramtsevo a few months before his death in autumn 1851.

In Abramtsevo stayed VG Belinsky, M. Schepkin Turgenev. Last Ivan Sergeyevich arrived in 1878, that, according to contemporaries, to see again that the narrow winding river on whose banks he was the author of "Family Chronicle" indulged angling fish.

 Why Abramtzevo called "the abode of the Muses? Since the late 70's - early 80-ies of the XIX century modest Aksakov estate was destined to again become one of the major cultural centers in Russia: SI Mamontov created Abramtsevo artistic circle, lived and worked here many prominent painters, sculptors, artists, musicians.

MM Antokolsky hotly sharing the love of members of the group to folk art, to the Russian national culture, said: "I never cease to believe in the power of the soul of Russia; all my work, feelings, thoughts, all the joy and sorrow that my spirit is fed, - it all comes from Russia and for Russia. We, the older artists, brought up on Russian soil, look at the problem of art as an active rather than passive, that it awakened us, and not put to sleep and we want him, that it can and should give, we want to see in the arts epics, fairy tales The epic, drama, history, past and present events.

Evenings, held for the reading of works by Alexander Ostrovsky, A. Tolstoy, Pushkin, Gogol, Lermontov, Nekrasov, AA Fet, V. Zhukovsky, Shakespeare, Schiller served as "the beginning of artistic unity." VD Polenov wrote: "The great works of expression of all ages and nations have become a living source of spiritual life of the whole circle. We lived in these readings, we are ready for them, they had the most interesting exchange of ideas and heated debate.

 Why Abramtzevo called "the abode of the Muses? The same passion for Polenov and central nature. In Abramtsevo artist depicted the surrounding fields, woods, roads, hills. He wrote sketches, such as, "Birch alley in Abramtsevo", and epic works that go beyond a particular place and time, the nature of transmission in all its eternal beauty. This is a small work "The River Vorya" - stretches to the horizon of the valley, on which bottom in the frame of the luxuriant willows twisting clear stream, here and there, glinting reflection of blue sky, their breath was given, light clouds, promising good weather.

Ilya Repin wrote in Abramtsevo "Seeing rookie", "Religious Procession in Kursk Province", created the first sketch for the painting "Zaporizzya" and many wonderful drawings and sketches.

Had lived in Abramtsevo Viktor Vasnetsov . Almost all the significant of his works in one way or another connected with the estate and its surroundings. There he worked on the "heroes", the thought of which, according to the artist himself, prompted him to mighty oaks, growing near the house. Poetic sketches for "Alyonushka - Akhtyrsky pond, gloomy, as if keeping a sad secret, and the blade whitish sedges, and mountainous zones with young fir trees and birches. Several sketches are written with the peasant girl, which served as the prototype Alenushka - Vasnetsov saw her in one of the surrounding villages.

According to Mikhail Nesterov, "Yarilina valley", a sketch of Vasnetsov Snow Maiden, the full wonders, is so fascinated by Valentin Serov, what he did with watercolor copy of butter, and it took a permanent seat in the house Abramtsevo. In those happy days there have been a landscape for "Bartholomew", spring sketches for "Youth of St. Sergius." In the dining room Abramtsevo home Serov wrote his masterpiece - \"Girl with Peaches .

 Why Abramtzevo called "the abode of the Muses? From Abramtsevo inseparable creativity MAVrubelja, where he was recognized as an artist, she sounded a note of the National, which wants to express on canvas. With special inspiration engaged Vrubel majolica, creating, among other works sculptural suite based on the operas of Rimsky-Korsakov's Snow Maiden and Sadko. They captivate the poetry, fairy tales, and at the same time the reality of characters, rich shades of shimmering glare coating.

Inspired ceramics, Vrubel created for Abramtsevo house miniature oven-stove, fireplace, large tiled oven. In Abramtsevo pottery workshop on the sketch artist was made for the Moscow hotel "Metropol" great majolica panels "Princess Dreams".

In Abramtsevo visited and worked IN Kramskoy VI Surikov AM Vasnetsov, KA, and SA Korovin. This came Shalyapin and Stanislavsky. In related work Abramtzevo Igor Grabar and Mukhina.