Who is who in the textile row of folk ritual and oberezhnyh dolls?

Who is who in the textile row of folk ritual and oberezhnyh dolls? Continuing the theme of 1,111,112. "Voodoo in kind, in Slavic? Textiles folk ritual and oberezhnye dolls "[/url] .

Classify dolls can be a technology producer (motanki-twist, kuvadki of fabric squares, etc.). There may be rituals (for domestic violence, calendar, other). But, in my opinion, better to use the method of grouping by function, or, if you like, magical doll stand. So much more romantic. I would even say - fabulous.

 Who is who in the textile row of folk ritual and oberezhnyh dolls?
 Experts identify four main functions: s producing , protective , 111111107 cleansing. and [i] substitute . Puppet in each functional group is very much, so we consider only some, the most interesting "representatives".

Dolls, endowed with magic anaerogenic
 Десятиручка (еще ее называют Многоручкой), помогает своему обладателю справляться с большими объемами любой работы. Таких куколок в качестве свадебного подарка подружки преподносили невестам That young hozyayushek argued the case.

  Zernovushka (Another name - Zernushka) - in her cloth body poured the grain after harvest, and then pot-bellied doll set in the barn trunks, to yield the future was even richer.

  Dolls Potbelly with a lot of money in the voluminous body-bag were given for Christmas. It was believed that she was attracted to the house of wealth. At Potbelly up not only money but also stuffed her herbs. Pomnesh-touch a doll plump-travnitsu, and will spread the hut forest-field flavor.

  Dolls Kapustok mastered the young ladies of marriageable age and exhibited in the windows, signaling readiness for marriage - they say it's time to send matchmakers. Plus, cabbage supposed to attract to the house's most eligible bachelor.

  Day and Night 111,111,107. - Related to one rope, two dolls of different colors (black and white, later - blue and white), were suspended from the ceiling. They organize family life and, at the same time, the inner world of their owners.

 Who is who in the textile row of folk ritual and oberezhnyh dolls?
 Dolls capable of defending
Probably the most famous amulet - it [i] Sisters Tryasovitsy
, 13 pupae, Lihodeek (Lihomanok). They even hung a bunch on the wall or installed on the furnace tube row. Dolls symbolized the daughters of Herod, the spirits of disease in the image of women with different names (one of the many options available: Tryaseya, Printed by and stared, Avvareusha, Puhleya, Zhelteya aging, Karkusha, Nemea, Avea, Gluheya, Hrapusha and sister Kumoha). It was believed that, seeing the house of his mini-twin, uninvited illness to move into the doll, and not in person.

  Kuvadka (Or Kuvatka) - one of the most simple oberezhnyh pupae. It did before the birth of the child (two weeks maximum) and hung out in the house to distract evil spirits away from the mother and baby. Later dolls were laid in the cradle. Kuvadki and protect the newborn, and served the first toys.

 Вепсская кукла (Кормилка) – образ замужней женщины, символ благочестия и достатка. Этой куколке приделывали объемную тряпичную грудь – чтобы дети были всегда сытыми и здоровыми. Она «согревала» местечко в колыбельке до рождения ребенка. После рождения – висела над изголовьем, как оберег from damage and the evil eye. When the baby grew up with this little doll he allowed to play.

 Who is who in the textile row of folk ritual and oberezhnyh dolls?
   Bereginja with widely outstretched arms, wings, and suspended in the headboard (or placed somewhere in the house, above the level of human heads). Protected, treasured family from quarrels, illness and misery.

 Кукла-Бессонница предназначалась для детей, страдающих расстройствами сна, ее укладывали в кроватку неспящего ребенка. При изготовлении обязательным считался приговор: «Сонница-бессонница, не играй с моим дитятком, а играй с этой куколкой» (возможны, конечно, варианты). Интересно, что тряпичную головку Бессонницы часто набивали душистыми успокоительными травками .

Dolls that have sweeping power
Nymph of the same name (Очистительная) помогала избавляться от «плохой» энергетики в доме. Например, после семейной ссоры Woman plowed windows, doors, took up the doll and using it as a symbolic broom, sweeping away all the negative out of the house.

  Kupavka - This one-day ritual dolls with different colored ribbons on the binding handle sticks. It did before the bathing season, the holidays Agrafena Kupalitsy and Ivan Kupala floated on the water. After the ritual, all allowed to splash and dive into the waters as much as they want.

  Martinichki - Cotton pair of white pupae (winter) and red (summer) colors. Were used in the rite zaklikaniya spring. Martinichki hung on trees to attract, bring the advent of the warm season.

 Who is who in the textile row of folk ritual and oberezhnyh dolls?
  Масленица – большущая кукла из дерева и соломы, обязательно ряженая в текстильные одежды. Ее делали в конце зимы во время масленичной недели и сжигали immediately after preparation. Burning, a doll at the same time transformed into ashes and ashes all that negative spirit that people have accumulated over a long winter.

 Кукушка – куколка, вместе с которой двенадцатилетние девочки-подростки вступали в пору зрелого девичества, объявляли себя девушками. Обряд проводили перед Троицей – шли далеко в лес, пели там песни, водили хороводы, а также символически хоронили кукол-Кукушек. При этом девушки приносили клятвы быть в будущем хорошими матерями. Кукушки также помогали избавиться от одиночества и тоски . This girl twosome told dolls their misfortunes, and then burned their rag counterparts. At the same time burned and all the girls' problems.

  Doll-Mermaid helped make it rain. She mastered the girls during a drought, then stacked in a symbolic coffin carried solemnly to the songs to the river and thrown into the water.

Dolls Substitute
This is the pupa, in good representing (duplicate) a particular person. Perhaps the most famous of them - fabulous doll Vasilisa the Beautiful. If you remember, she embodied the dead girl's mother, she was always guided him and gave good advice.

There puppet masters from clothing belonging to man-prototype. They kept either in the red corner of the house, either to themselves. For example, the same tale of Vasilisa hid his doll in his pocket and carried everywhere with him. It is noteworthy that she even nursed rag confidante, which gave the latest magical forces.

Dolls alternate masters, when someone left the family (eg, if left in military campaign husband or son). A rag man's image remained at home. And if you suddenly hit the doll with something bad, it was considered a bad omen for the prototype, the family began to prepare for the worst.

Another substitution magic dolls are often used in rituals of birth and burial. Dolls twins "tossed" the evil spirits to save the living (newborn or family of the deceased, respectively).

There is another category of dolls - those that were produced 111,111,104. malicious [/b] . Accordingly, another group function - wrecking . No black magic, as you see, here too there were. But this bleak part, casting a shadow on the bright number of textile folk dolls, we side-stepped.

Let's try to better themselves in good ritual, oberezhnom skill and in one sitting will make a plain doll. Choose: Kuvadka, Desyatiruchka, Wedding Kuvadka .