Who is "Frau shade"? Elsa Koch - horror of Buchenwald with a woman's face

Who is "Frau shade"? Elsa Koch - horror of Buchenwald with a woman's face A man sitting on the bench. Not far from him sat an old lady with a dog. A man about something passionately said, but the old woman listened with half an ear, not even turning to him. Meanwhile, he was sober and neat - probably just looking for a good companion.

He told me that at the time of its student practice, their group was sent ... in Dresden. All classmates rushed into an art gallery, and he - its course ... in Buchenwald. Why? Apparently, such a mindset - not fix his gaze on the beauty, and 1,111,112. Reality 11,111,127. , Even the most terrible. And now I, sitting on the bench beside him, silent for long, because Yuri terrible things, which certainly must know and always remember the man ...

  Buchenwald. Through its walls were a quarter of a million prisoners of all European countries! Think about it: 250 thousand prisoners! The whole town, with women, the elderly and children, with barbed wire and police dogs wheeze, with guards and informers. And yet - with an ever-gnawing thought in my head: "No Exit!"

Concentration camp, where they die from cold and hunger. (Wall forests that protected the camp, built on a hill on the dank winds that had been ruthlessly cut down, and the prisoners watch tomivshiesya at the camp gates were already doomed. And for a bunch of radishes from the garden camp here publicly shot).

Later in Buchenwald entrenched notoriety where conduct medical experiments on prisoners, after which tens of thousands of prisoners died an agonizing death. Died 100 people a day! And the dead continued to pass muster, so that others got to their proper portions ...

 Who is "Frau shade"? Elsa Koch - horror of Buchenwald with a woman's face
 Prisoners kept arriving, cameras are not enough. And then went to the barracks under the former stables, 50 to 40 meters, without windows, with only a thin layer of hay on the floor. In these stables lived for 750 people! And when he died neighbor on the right or left, people were glad they opened up to get some sleep ...

Amazingly, it is within these walls, many prisoners, not to go mad from what he saw, studied a foreign language, draw, write poems. The man is still man remains , No matter how hard to make it into an animal!

  Cruelty is always derived from cruelty and weakness.
(Lucius Seneca)

But most of all in the camp commandant's not afraid - Karl Otto Koch, an officer, distinguished by immense cruelty - and ... his wife, Elsa Koch.

Up to thirty years, Elsa (Ilse), Koch was a quiet, unobtrusive librarian. Then (by choice!), She got a job in a concentration camp. Marriage to Charles Koch once again proved: "like attracts like", and this infernal couple began to create their atrocities at Buchenwald.

Elsa Koch liked to leave on the landing in front of his house on a white horse, while the prisoners were cleaning the drill toothbrushes. Or go for a walk, accompanied by ferocious dogs, inciting her to pregnant women and children.

His whip, Mrs. Koch flogged mercilessly all those who got in her way. And after - removed from the skin of dead bodies with sites of 11,111,112. Tattoo 11,111,127. , A special way to handle "material" and sewed it from handbags, gloves, lampshades and even the finest lingerie. Colleagues are coming to her house and had seen stretched on the ceiling of a piece of human skin, feel uncomfortable. It was called - "Frau shade.

 Who is "Frau shade"? Elsa Koch - horror of Buchenwald with a woman's face One day, Elsie saw a crowd of prisoners of high, well-built young man. Broad-foot hero just like the witch, and Elsa told Protection intensively fatten Cech. A week later he was issued a coat, and brought to the room, Mrs. Koch. She came to him in a pink dressing gown, with a glass of champagne in hand. However, the guy grimaced:
- I'll never sleep with you. You - esesovka, and I - Communist! Damn you!

Elsie gave him a slap in the face and immediately summoned the guard. The youth was shot. And then Elsie told me to get out of his body's heart, which caught the bullet, and zaspirtovat it. Capsule with a heart as big as two good fists, she put on her night table. At night in her bedroom light was often - Elsa in the light of "tattooed" shade, looking at the dead bogatyrskoe heart, writing romantic poems ...

 Who is "Frau shade"? Elsa Koch - horror of Buchenwald with a woman's face The inscription on the gates of Buchenwald: "Everyone - my! It is incomprehensible, but a few meters from the camp was built by the zoo. It was conceived as a "psychological relief" for the SS and their families after a busy day. Elsa Koch personally went over to cage prisoners - at the mercy of the two Himalayan bear ...

"Buhenvaldskaya bitch" referred to its conclusion. Together with other esesovkoy, zabivshey to death hundreds of people, Elsa Koch headed the list of the worst women in the world for the whole world history. In this ominous list - and the landowner Saltychiha , Zaporovshaya to death dozens of serfs, and a Spanish baroness, to authorize a public burning of heretics, and an English nurse, which made lethal injections to children and the elderly ...

A terrible collection of pieces of human skin was strong evidence against Elsa Koch to postwar trial. 240 people were invited as living witnesses of atrocities who created it, being a wife of the commandant. "Buhenvaldskaya witch" was sentenced to life imprisonment. In 1967, she hanged herself in her cell on the sheets. Without any remorse and farewell letters ...

Today, the barracks of Buchenwald was only cobblestone foundation. In place of scorched earth (as if he had not been here all this hell!) Planted beds of roses and a string of red tulips.

 Who is "Frau shade"? Elsa Koch - horror of Buchenwald with a woman's face Nearly every building - a memorial inscription: "Barack № 14. It contained the Roma and Sinti "," Barack № ... It contained the teens, "Barack № ... It contained the Jews "...

Ominously stick chimneys of the crematorium. Its wall mounted signs with the names in different languages: it is the mourners immortalized their loved ones. Preserved tower guards and barbed wire in several rows, and an iron gate with the inscription «Jedem das Seine» («Everyone - his own").

Remember the mothers who never never see their children from the war! Get in the way adolescents, which portrays the Nazi swastika and shouting: "Heil Hitler!" This should not be repeated ever.

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