Why Mauser rifle in 1998 (Mauser G98) was so popular worldwide?

Why Mauser rifle in 1998 (Mauser G98) was so popular worldwide? This rifle, as well as sub-machine gun MR-38/40, the famous "Aunt Erma", which we mistakenly call "Schmeiser", interested me still in the process of 1,111,112. article about the Warsaw Uprising [/url] . But the "Auntie" - later on, and today - about it. Rifles Mauser 98 (Mauser G98).

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Hush, speakers!
Comrade Mauser.

These are the lines "Left March" - the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name of a famous gunsmith. But ... Mayakovsky had in mind something quite different. Pistol Mauser K-96 caliber 7,63, received their baptism of fire in the period of the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902. However, due to numerous shortcomings - the complexity of manufacturing, large size, not the most convenient equipment store - "Reichswehr" he was not interested in, and troops throughout World War I he acted only in response to the acute shortage of staff pistols Parabellum.

But in Russia Mouser was very even demanded. And the shot of him ... and in the imperialist and civil war, and later. In 1920-40-ies of this gun was authorized weapons commanders of divisions and units of the NKVD.

But he was not, namely a rifle, which has become among the most common shop systems in the world, made a German gunsmith world famous. New Mauser 98 was a practical combat use in 1900-01 years in China, where four stifled "Boxer" uprising of the East Asian Expeditionary Corps was composed of units of the German marines. By 1914, the Mauser 98 was armed with not only Germany, but also Belgian, Swedish, Spanish, Serbian and Turkish armies. In the 20's were added and the army has "new" states. Czechoslovakia, Poland and Yugoslavia. And in the last Mauser used recently. In the 90's. When the Serbs fired at the Croats, who in turn - to the Serbs.

This is - if in Europe. South America, virtually all - from Colombia and Peru in the north to Chile and Argentina in the south - on the team "in the gun" snatched from the pyramids of this particular rifle. Practically the same soldiers did these Central American countries like Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador.

Model 1935 - Mauser 98-to - fighting Vietnam . This, like China - Asia, but South-East.

 Why Mauser rifle in 1998 (Mauser G98) was so popular worldwide? Served as a rifle ... World War II. East frontChem also explains the popularity of Mauser rifles in the military of many countries of the world? What to provide her with such an outstanding longevity?

Reasons, probably several. Not the last of their number - German precision and accuracy in the manufacture and assembly. And they determine the quality and reliability of the product. The rifle has a balanced performance, which provided a kind of compromise between different requirements for this type of weapon.

Yes, "Mauser" is more sensitive to pollution than the famous "rifle - Mosin rifle. Accordingly, "our" reliable. Of considerable property. Especially - in battle. In the field. But the shooting range ...

Careful balancing of the rifle, taking into account mechanical interfaces, allowing up to a minimum to reduce the vibration of the shot, high quality manufacturing - all made Mauser 98 high-precision weapons combat. And competitors on this important indicator of a "German woman" practically no.

Yes, in order to distort the shutter "Mauser", need more time than the rifle "Lee Enfield". Therefore the rate at the last - above. But he bolt ... It is thanks to its original design was made possible and the high accuracy, and consistency battle Mauser 98.

 Why Mauser rifle in 1998 (Mauser G98) was so popular worldwide? Shutter "Mauser". Simple, reliable konstruktsiyaZatvor German rifles, unlike, for example, from our "rifle", has no military masks. She, in fact, is having three lugs elongated stalk, which is under constant loads significantly less warp that would naturally arise when a shot reduces vibration and thus seriously reduce the degree of spread of bullets. Sam shutter convenient and reliable. And not only. It is rather simple both in manufacture and maintenance.

Simple. Like all brilliant. But it is the perfection of a simple, reliable design bolt action Mauser rifle, provided that such enormous popularity worldwide.

As one general said Ben Vilzhen, "... mauzerovskaya rifle - the best how to combat ... and as a rifle to shoot at a target. And the generals - they are such. They know a lot about weapons.

Only way to brilliant simplicity is very often not easy. A long, difficult and tortuous. And Paul Mauser reached perfection at once. Almost 30 years it took him to the light appeared Mauser 98 bolt, remains in demand today. But this - next time .