Why Russia Hussars not married? Part 1

Why Russia Hussars not married? Part 1 Russian officer is always perceived in society as лихой рубака, готовый сложить голову за царя и отечество, но при этом в мирной жизни он мот, бретер , Playboy and ladies man, always striving cuckolded gullible husbands. And it was not so far from the truth. The officers were placed under such conditions that were forced to start a mistress, to visit brothels or live with women in civil marriages without 1,111,116. Wedding [/url] .

It just so happened historically that the Russian army not only officers, but some generals or not marry at all, or married in a respectable age, having reached a certain rank. This marriage is always the officer refurnished mass conventions, as enshrined in the laws and prevailing among the officers.

During the service the officer did not have either their lives or their fate. Even he could marry only with permission of the commander and approval by the bride's officer team. It was not actually Russian feature, such demands were almost all European armies.

 Why Russia Hussars not married? Part 1 DE Milles. Black Brunswick Hussars in Italy, Spain, Prussia, marriage license in person gave the monarch at the request of the unit commander or division. In France, the Napoleonic era marriage license gave the minister of war. In this case, as a rule, was mounted age, the required proof of financial security groom and the bride's origin, which allowed her to marry an officer.

The requirements were stringent. A French officer, even at the end of XIX century could marry, but getting no less than 5 thousand francs a year. The Prussian officer could not get married with an income of less than 1,5 thousand marks, and Italian - 4 thousand lire. Spanish officers were forbidden to marry before reaching 25 years.

In Russia, the first legislation to prohibit the military marry men appeared at the time of 11,111,112. Peter I [/url] But they are not distributed to the officers, and candidates for the officer's rank. Thus, in the Admiralty Rules were forbidden "to marry without the permission of midshipmen Admiralty Board, and until they reach 25 years of age. Officers were not forbidden to marry Peter, but only one naturally literate and to resolve the military authorities.

Up to 11,111,114. Paul I, [/url] permission to marry the officers gave the military authorities, taking into account the financial viability of the groom, the bride's origin and decency. The new emperor decided that this area of military life, he should take under its own control. In 1800, he commanded the generals and staff-officers to seek permission to marry him personally. Sometimes he even arranged marriages, forcing the officers and generals to marry on a whim. The emperor sincerely believed that doing good deeds, as best knows whom, when and on whom should get married.

Do not avoid the royal "gift" the young general Prince Pyotr Bagration, already famous in the Italian campaign. His emperor decided to marry to a distant relative of Catherine Skavronskaia. This marriage, solemnly entered into in September 1800, originally was doomed to failure. To describe the appearance of family life could until 1805, when the princess had gone abroad for a long time. Since then, relations between spouses were maintained only through correspondence.

From Pavlov's time has been tightened requirements for issuing permits for marriage officers. At that time, formed tacit practice that senior officers are married, but was given command of a company or for retirement. The reason was obvious. The Army almost constantly engaged in wars, not for nothing that the famous General James Kulnev used to say: "I love our mother Russia, because we always somewhere so they fight." The death in battle of junior officers was considerable, and the military leadership reasonably believes that the widows and orphans in Russia and so lacking. In addition, the salaries of junior officers simply did not allow them to support his family. Significantly, the pension to his wife and children, in the case of the death of head of household is not foreseen. Decision to be appointed in each case, taking personally the emperor, if it was reasoned application, supported by the Defense Ministry.

Curiously, the situation with the officer's marriage deteriorated during the Napoleonic wars, especially - [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/archive/0/n-25310/] foreign campaigns 11,111,119. . Accelerated production ranks distinguished themselves in battle led officers to the fact that many troops took command of the young colonels and generals, which formally belonged to the marriages of their subordinates, many of them are old friends. There was a novelty when the young officers began to return to Russia with their wives - Polack, a French, German. Moreover, in many cases they were not chosen one of noble birth.

The fact that the situation actually began spiraling out of control, indicates the management letter from the commander of the cavalry division of General AK Benckendorf. 'Subaltery officers, non-status, often married, following only momentary attraction, and so are the cause of unhappiness of their wives and children, or disable the service officers who are searching for cases to meet the needs of the reprehensible way associated with family life, others in their prime years of leaving military service or go to the garrisons, are there at least a quiet and settled life.

The officers of noble birth, designed to subsequently have a greater or lesser status, marry for passion, boredom, or a misunderstanding, and bring in the wives of the Fatherland, are the subject of their own shame and parental desperation. Similar examples of participation with the passage of our troops through Germany and the quartering in Poland and brought grief to many families. "

The general was not limited to a statement of facts, he proposed measures which he believed would help bring the situation under control: "It would be very useful to limit the ease of marriage officers. We could ban the officers did not have the means to marry before they reach the rank of lieutenant colonel and not otherwise, as if the bride will present evidence of its receipt of an annual fixed income of a thousand rubles.

As regards the wealthy officers of the division commander shall, after inquiring about the behavior and the relationship of the bride, to write about it the closest relatives of the officer, adding to, and comments and have the right to move the request of an officer does not, except by getting its name from the consent of relatives .

Marriage, done without parental consent or permission of the authorities, will be invalidated. Such rigor and formality is very much comforted the family, give time for young people to think about their proposals, will break a lot of unhappy unions and retain the service of many good officers ...».

Benkendorf was not alone in this kind of proposal have come from many generals and officers. Thus, field marshal IF Paskevich proposed minister of war by its order for officers to set a minimum age of marriage in 30 years. A resolution to give only written documents proving a monthly income of not less than 115 rubles for senior officers and 230 rubles for staff officers. This was an army officer, as guards for the amount needed was far greater.

Alexander I, occupied by "restore order in Europe, particularly its own army was not engaged, leaving such matters to decide the military leadership. Regulation of marriage officers decided to come to grips with Nicholas I, concern the large number of married officers, whose financial affairs, to put it mildly, were very bad. On his orders in 1845 established a special Committee, to develop proposals to curb the marriages of poor officers.

In the present Emperor project provides for the introduction of the age limit of 30 years and material qualification for those wishing to marry - 25 thousand annual income for Guardsmen and 10,000 for army officers. The latter figure was clearly not true, since much higher than the salaries of the officers. After lengthy discussion, the draft was rejected. The Crimean War began soon finally put a cross on it.