What is there for the lady? Meet - Tilda and her animals

What is there for the lady? Meet - Tilda and her animals First, Tilda - he's a puppet. Funny such awkward. With disproportionately thin long legs and arms. But for this first stage there is a lot of other things. Well, for example, Tilda - textile doll that can do yourself. In this case, your gift to the New Year will not remain unnoticed.

And Tilda, despite its primitiveness, very typical doll. Throughout the world masters invent new and new roles for fun Tilda - doll-dormouse, doll-fashion-doll-dwarf. When the wings, when without them. Maybe even Christmas doll - dressed as Santa Claus. Do not change only basis. However, to play a Doll not always convenient. Very often used for its coloring, natural dyes (eg, coffee with cinnamon), but they are not very stable. Rather, the tilde will be a good decoration in the interior.

Mother Tilda
And invented this sweet doll beauty young lady from Norway 1,111,114. Tonya Finager [/b] . Dizaynerstvom girl has since childhood - his first design work for which they get paid, she performed in 17 years. And then, without any thought of a romantic background Tilda. Tonya left the Norwegian capital, and went to live on the coast. There she worked in a shop with "Hand Made". It was then, and was born Tilda. True, Mrs. Finager never thought that her "rukotvorchestvo" gain such great popularity.

 What is there for the lady? Meet - Tilda and her animals Photo from the book Tonya Finager
 In 1999, Tonya has opened its first store under the brand name "tilde". In addition to making puppets, Tonya publishes books, products for needlework, patterns of toys. After the publication of two books "Tilda Easter" and "Tilda Christmas" world started to go crazy for Tilda. By the way, finished dolls in her shop does not sell. It asserts itself Finager, materials for handicrafts need first of all to her - it is so it gives the opportunity to translate their ideas into reality, then these thoughts to share with readers in his new book.

The fact that someone is selling ready-Tilda, sewn on pattern masters, Tonya is not very confusing. He says that if Doll made their own hands, and then offered at fairs, do not worry about it. Above all, do not do it on an industrial scale. Here to disseminate ideas and patterns without the knowledge of its creators is prohibited.

Not all Scandinavian ...
Tonya Finager argues that Tilda can not be only the Scandinavian lady. After all, when then it is the master of other countries, they bring their features of this doll. Therefore, Russian Tilda, for example, is very different from the Norwegian.

 What is there for the lady? Meet - Tilda and her animals Lovely, lovely tilde. Photo www.naffani.ru
   "It is even difficult to assess how she is perceived by other people and why it is so popular - Tonya said in an interview. - I adore Tilda because of its incredible femininity and deliberate perfection. I imagine Tilda coming out of the house in a ball gown and rubber boots. In a crystal vase from her is a bunch of weeds, and roses - in an old jug. Her own view of the beauty of " .

By the way, despite the simplicity of forms, the tilde can be even different figure - met on the Internet images and a very thin dolls, and the ladies with magnificent forms. But to call the doll just Hilde would be too lightly. Each should just give her unique character and charm. The fabrics used in its manufacture, is incredibly simple. This doll does not accept lurex, sequins and rhinestones.

Is it easy to Tilda?
Incredibly easy. Tilda little think about the hair - most probably difficult in the manufacture of textile Puppet . To do this would be enough just to sew on the "parting" several strands of hair and braid them into braids.

Tilda - is not just a doll. Behind this name is hidden, and numerous animals - rabbits, cats with funny flying pigeon in its claws, elk, snails. They can be made from calico, cotton, linen. But the knitted fabric is rarely used.

 What is there for the lady? Meet - Tilda and her animals And as you flying cats? Photo: www.club-3t.ru
 Unfortunately, in Russia to find books Tonya is not so simple. Therefore, skilled workers have "pirated" pattern. Of course, each doll brings something of their own. And it is not quite Tilda. But still cute and very "living" dolls! If you will present them as a New Year's gift, he will certainly not go unnoticed. It's time to start.

Incidentally, for those who are interested in - that site Tonya Finager: www.tildas-welt.com. However, to understand what is written there, you need to speak German. However, photos may give you the ideas that are sure to want to implement.