As a group LED ZEPPELIN built "Stairway to Heaven"?

As a group LED ZEPPELIN built "Stairway to Heaven"? At Trinity, the founders of hard rock LED ZEPPELIN undoubtedly occupy the first place. Already in 1969, the American soldiers in Vietnam were attacked by the roaring sound of the song Whole Lotta Love.
The most powerful on the severity of the rhythm section, guitar passages Jimmy Page and Robert Plant frantic falsetto done "Zeppelin" one of the most popular groups of the world pop scene. Limit emotional performance even ennobled by no means profound texts.

In a musical standpoint, LED ZEPPELIN was probably one of the most interesting groups of hard rock - a group that did not fit in the narrow confines of labels. It was as hard rock, and how jazz-rock, folk rock, blues rock ... I do not remember who brought great comparison of the two giants of hard: "When you listen to DEEP PURPLE, it seems that you are on strong and direct corridor. When you listen to LED ZEPPELIN - you seem to dodge the maze.

In spite of the fact that the appearance of Whole Lotta Love was the key moment in the history of the style of hard rock, and it would seem, is she is destined to remain the main song of the band, his main hit LED ZEPPELIN have manifested the world two years later, being already in the ranks of superstars.

Thus, the spring of 1971 removed the musicians to rehearse an empty warehouse in the English manor Headley Grunge. Seven Songs for the future (fourth album) were almost ready. But Jimmy Page felt: not enough core, the central song.

As a group LED ZEPPELIN built "Stairway to Heaven"? With thrifty LED ZEPPELIN guitarist has always carried with him a film of different musical pieces. So when a new topic has emerged, for the work come from "tekstoplet" Robert Plant. And then a miracle happened, familiar to all real poets. Planta splashed a wave of inspiration, the text was to be born as if from nowhere.

Robert Plant: "I just sat next to Paige in Hadley Grunge opposite the fire. Paige wrote down the chords and playing them to me. I was holding a pencil and paper ... and for some reason I had a foul mood. Suddenly, my hand began to write the word itself. "Once there was a lady, and she was sure that all that glitters is gold - and she's buying a stairway to heaven". I looked at the word and jumped on the spot of joy ".

J. Paige: "Three quarters of the words he wrote outright. He thought he would not leave. Amazingly, it's true!? "

As a group LED ZEPPELIN built "Stairway to Heaven"? On the envelope, called the hit album Future Stairway to Heaven - Stairway to Heaven". The name has nothing to do with the biblical Jacob's dream, where he saw a ladder on which angels went from heaven to earth and back. On the contrary, the song was full of pagan folklore images. That's May Queen, and calling in the way a man with a pipe, and suddenly the clear voices of birds, streams and trees. In all sounded the call for spiritual perfection, the attainment of inner vision, the return to nature. Plant as claimed by him, the images were born after reading the book by L. Spencer, "The Art of Magic in Celtic Britain."

. Stairway To Heaven >>

By the way, the penultimate line of "Stop the rock, do not get out of the slope in the original, contains a pun with the word" rock 'n' roll : To be a rock and not to roll .

So, the plan track was ready, it was time to move to its studio incarnation. And it is, I must say, it was not easy. The song consisted of three parts: the ballad guitar intro, a string quartet in the middle part and thundering ecstatic ending in the best tradition of hard rock.

As a group LED ZEPPELIN built "Stairway to Heaven"? To run electrical akustichnoy ... J. Paige: "I'm strumming on acoustic guitar. I made up a few sections that are then molded into one. I wanted to do a song with the drums in the middle of a transition to a broad crescendo. Besides, I knew that I would fast part, which is just like the opposite of the music. ... This was another chip ZEPPELIN. Let the thing begins to sort of pace, do not worry, she will find its own pace. ... So we have this great orgasm at the end ...
... I think that in Stairway ... crystallized the essence of the group. It was all, it shows the group at its best ... as a group as a whole. Not to mention the solos and everything else, it was everything. We purposely made sure that she never went single. For us, this milestone. Every musician wants to create something that will last long, and we, in my opinion, have done so with Stairway ....

As a result, in the 8-minute songs LED ZEPPELIN managed to combine the polar things: tenderness and lyricism with a fury and ecstasy, the acoustics of electricity, folk and hard.

The audience appreciated the new hit on its merit. The album with the song did not leave the British charts 62 weeks. And if before the concert ended with a shock LED ZEPPELIN Whole Lotta Love, but now it has only a prelude to the final "Staircase".

As a group LED ZEPPELIN built "Stairway to Heaven"? J. Paige: "We played in Dublin at the 20000th stadium. Our program has included songs from the new album - Rock'N'Roll, Black Dog, Going To California and Stairway To Heaven. The latest we have decided to cling to the end of the concert. We rehearsed a lot of Jones's entry, and have good teamwork. So I joined, Jones picked up and suddenly, clearly lost. I was surprised - to him this has never happened before. Imagine my surprise when Robert forgot to enter and missed the first line. Hell, what is going on? I looked (angry!) In the direction of Plant and watched as he dropped his microphone and looks into the hall. Behind me was Bonham, and the corner of my eye I saw that he stood up for the drums and also staring intently ahead. Then I drew his attention to the audience ... Terrific! Almost the whole room glowed with self-made lights - lighters, newspapers, matches ... I was stunned - a triumph of sound in my life I've never met. That's when I realized that LED ZEPPELIN created the hit, which provided us all eternity! "

By the time of the collapse of a song about Lady and the stairs performed in concerts around 350 times, and so fed up with Plant, which he said that to sing it never will. Even when the remains of LED ZEPPELIN gathered in 1988 to give a single concert at the jubilee of the company Atlantic, singer protested.

As a group LED ZEPPELIN built "Stairway to Heaven"? CAUTION Do not overact the tune in American stores musical instruments! J. Paige: "We rehearsed Stairway ... , and everything was wonderful. And then, just before the concert, he called me this evening and said: "I will not sing it." I asked him: "You what? You're not going to sing Stairway ...? But this is exactly the thing people want to hear from you. " He said: "I do not want to sing it. You see, I wrote it when I was young, and now I feel everything quite differently. I am not a relation with the text ". ... In the end, he said: "Well, okay, I'll sing it. But more than ever it will not sing! ". And I thought: 'God, why all this fuss? ... If Paul McCartney was not considered shameful for the millionth time to sing Yesterday, why should I stand in the pose and pretend that Stairway To Heaven I am sick? Not at all, I still love this old prune ".

Robert Plant: "... There comes an awkward pause, Jimmy groaned heavily, and I already know what happens. I left the studio, and barely behind me locked the door in the back thrust into this fucking bust guitar: To-do-do, his mother! This is a great song! At one time it was very even relevant, but to sing it for another ten years - no, thank you! "