Why Lunar New Year is right now? New moon and eclipse-2009

Why Lunar New Year is right now? New moon and eclipse-2009 January 26, 2009 our Chinese comrades, and those with them and congratulate each other with the 4707 year on the Chinese calendar. The current New Year's is not quite normal - it is January 26, 2009 annular solar eclipse will occur. Moonlight penumbra has come a long way in the southern hemisphere. Eclipse will begin south of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean, will go into the Indian and reversing it with the south-west to north-east, completed in Indonesia. And it will be the second consecutive solar eclipse in the Chinese New Year. The first was on Feb. 7, 2008, the following will happen on Jan. 15, 2010.

We, of course, GLOBE and no lumps of astrology, but in the history of the twentieth century there were two "triple" solar eclipse in the new year in a row. In 1917 - the world then split into two camps - the socialism and capitalism, and in 1945 - ended the Second World War. What can we expect from a triple eclipse in 2008, 2009, 2010?

Look, when will the new moon
Why is the date of Chinese New Year swim? It would be the first new moon of the first month of the year between 12 January and 19 February. In any case, so it ordered celebrate. Still, the new moon symbolizes the ancient updated. By the way, the lunar calendar was introduced into use in 2637 BC Emperor Huangdi, and has since been used in most Eastern countries.

 Why Lunar New Year is right now? New moon and eclipse-2009 Day and night do not get tired to admire the bright colors to avoid confusion by not fooling others, the Chinese, with the adoption of the Gregorian calendar and the establishment in Europe, the exact date of New Year celebrations - December 31 - decided to call their own holiday Chun Jie, which means Spring Festival . However, since it is only officially, in common parlance it long ago styled "Nian". Translated from the Chinese simply "year".

True story or legend?
... Once in China lived fierce monster with horns on his head, which appeared in the villages in right in the New Year's Eve. To eat livestock. However, this monster, and people not averse. So the residents of coastal villages (monster Nian lived in the depths of the sea) for a few hours before left their villages and went into the mountains, where the monster could not crawl.

 Why Lunar New Year is right now? New moon and eclipse-2009 And this evil nannies. Big And so it was one evening when the village of Tao Hua (Flowers of peach "), there was an old beggar, who in one hand held a cane, and in the other - a bag. On the guest no one paid attention, because all were busy collecting for the upcoming flight. And only one old woman agreed to feed the traveler. During the dinner, she told of a terrible beast, and invited his guest to go with them. To which he replied: no monster I'm not afraid.

... When Nian appeared in the village, he was very surprised to see that from one tube goes smoke. He wanted to look at the daredevil, but the gates were painted red. And then there's the old man jumped out and began to blow up firecrackers. In general, "glutton" withdrew and no longer appeared in the Tao Hua. And the Chinese have learned to deal effectively with the monster, congratulating each other with the beginning of a new life.

So says the legend. However, nobody in the Middle Kingdom has no doubt that this is a real fact.

All is planned for the day ...
 Why Lunar New Year is right now? New moon and eclipse-2009 On New Year's holiday and all the streets are decorated with Chinese First celebration day dedicated in honor of the gods of Heaven and Earth - protectors of family values. Many to this day become vegetarians, so as not to offend the symbol year.

In Second day of the Chinese pray to their dead ancestors as divinities. In addition, he is considered the birthday of all dogs, so the latter generously fed and otherwise cajole.

  Third and fourth 11,111,143. day - a time when the daughters and sons have a reverence for parents of her husband.

 [b] Fifth 11,111,143. day of celebration is called by Wu. People stay at home, receiving a God of Fortune. Nobody goes into this time of the guests, because such a visit can bring success, and the owner and visitor.

 Why Lunar New Year is right now? New moon and eclipse-2009 Steer happy Lunar New Year, and we worse? [b] Sixth
day of the Chinese devote visit - go to relatives and friends. In addition, they visit churches, where people might pray for them good luck and health.

  Seventh Day is traditionally considered to be universal birthday. On this day obligatory on the table, noodles, which means longevity, and fish, symbolizing success.

On Eighth day organized another dinner at which unites the whole family, and at midnight they pray to God all of Heaven.

From Tenth on 12th decided to call the day visiting friends and relatives and, of course, tasty feed them.

  Thirteenth Day - unloading. After a heavy holiday food is useful to sit on a little rice and greens.

 Why Lunar New Year is right now? New moon and eclipse-2009 And if you write a couplet characters, you do the price will not! And, finally, on 14th day begin to prepare for the main and final event in a series of New Year - Lantern Festival, celebrated on the full moon and lights of the city hundreds of thousands of red lights.

When will the New Year and how to meet him?
Current Astrological Chinese New Year will come Jan. 26, 2009 at 8:00 GMT in each country in the world. By this time in the apartment must be cleaned up. The Chinese are advised during the New Year to open the doors to the house (apartment) open to release the old year with all its problems ...