Who was the beautiful lady? Part 1

Who was the beautiful lady? Part 1 Beautiful Lady very respectable age. Originally from Provence, the native language - Lang d'ok, now very little used. Residence - locking. Origin - notable. Marital status - married.

Who just did not write about it! First it воспевали трубадуры. Потом – символисты. Блестящая, но тонкая и глубокая сатира была дана Сервантесом . Then, the Beautiful Lady to pieces dismantled philosophy, and cultural - from Engels. Do not forget that image and in our time, however, has undergone significant changes.

 Its origin is often seen in Ovid's treatise "The Art of Love", then in the Christian vision of the Virgin Mary - as the basis of spiritual feelings, someone says about Arab and mystical philosophy.

 1,111,116. The Cult of the Beautiful Lady [/url] Certainly has an element of deseksualizatsii emotion of love. In the ancient world, love and sex were more tightly linked. Christian image of the Virgin (Immaculate Conception) gave the woman a mystery, sacredness. The image of women separated from the carnal love. This is the ultimate worship of the woman, including specific (on a shield, the knight can be boot, ribbon, lace, a lock of hair) ... But initially Beautiful Lady Knight is not not only his wife but his mistress. Although, I suppose, to this all is not reduced to the absolute ...

  Who was the beautiful lady? Part 1 Eleanor language in which poems and lyrics Beautiful Lady, immediately began to be cultivated in Italy and Spain, in many areas became almost the only literary language. In court, after all, were wandering troubadours, they carried about their works throughout Europe. Beautiful Lady glorified not eternal Latin, but in colloquial language.

 Various social composition of the troubadours - and representatives of the aristocracy, and the base things of knights and commoners, and even monks (with the permission of the church, of course) - they all very willingly became a devotee of exalted worship of the Beautiful Lady. Love played equalization of social differences.

 What was the Lady Beautiful? She made a remarkable transformation from a medieval woman who lived by the laws of the Roman law, specifying the obligation to bear children, an object of worship. And suddenly - a vague ideal image.

 Who was the beautiful lady? Part 1 Bernard de Ventadorn course, the Beautiful Lady was perfect. And soul and body. Moreover, sometimes lady chosen knight, who even saw her. (But such stories, valid only, occurred: that's a troubadour Dzhuafre Rudel fell in love with the princess Tripoli, went to see her, fell ill, was taken ill at all. A lady came, his embrace, he recognized her, gave thanks, and died in her arms. Noble lady, why does the only possible - buried with honors and went to the monastery ...)

But even if the troubadour did not see his lady, she is still beautiful: she had golden hair, elegant nose, expressive eyes, a beautiful round arm, breasts, cheeks, lips the color purple, and only a smile! - And other amenities. Glorifying the sensuous beauty, recall the angels and the heavens. The main thing after all - it is a vibrant worship, serve and protect the chosen one. I wish her to languish in a tower or danger. And it is better not to pronounce her name: first, it always jealous husband, and secondly, the secret of making love is beautiful. For love of the Beautiful Lady forbidden ... And what true love is without insurmountable obstacles?

And it's better if you love waking up in the spring. Nature rejoices, the heart grieves. But the spicy game continues.

First Lady Beautiful cold, but due to the fact that the noble soul, can not ignore the simple love of a knight. Maybe not right away. And maybe - to appoint him the test. Or go through four stages - from the candidate to the lover, the latter phase was not very important, important flirt . But troubadours were supposed to be "loyal" to love, that is, to perform all the whims and caprices of their ladies, to show at times full dedication. Also swear her eternal fidelity. In the name of the Beautiful Lady can be made and joust . It must be borne in mind that childhood Beautiful Lady passed in the harsh environment of the male, in a closed world of a medieval castle.

In addition, the Beautiful Lady sufficient on their own: in times of war, then in the era of 11,111,120. Crusades [/url] it is quite learned how to manage property, intrigue at the royal court, set fashion. In the solitude itself had to find a fun, take the troubadours and minstrels, who, being the bread of the host country, and sang the praises of the first to courtly love. Palaces and castles turned into centers of poetry.

Romantic Knight fell could not be more opportune. And the gentleman was talented.

  Who was the beautiful lady? Part 1 Guillaume of Aquitaine One of the first troubadours became a French Duke William of Aquitaine, he also - William IX the Troubadour, he also Villon XII (1071-1127). Great-grandfather of Richard I the Lionheart and was one of the pioneers of European poetry. He was richer than the king himself, but his passion for poetry. First, he formulated and relevant to the Beautiful Lady: ministry and worship, which had little in common with the real relations in society.

 In the yard of his granddaughter, Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine (Respectively, the mother of Richard the Lionheart) - "Golden eagle", courtly love and worship of the Beautiful Lady gained incredible momentum. Itself - an amazing beauty, she became a muse of the troubadours, especially the French poet Bernard de Ventadorn (okolo1150 1180). ([i] Kohl is not from the heart of the song goes, it is not worth a penny, And my heart sing song, Love is not perfect knowledge. Canson My inspiration - Love me burn my heart, mouth and eyes 11,111,127)..

And it is at its yard were widespread "Courts of Love" - something like the women's club, where the ladies listened to the poets, a verdict, and also discussed the behavior of the lovers, and even spouses. It was a very serious investigation of "love of law", except that death sentences handed down ...

Also at the court of Eleanor first appears prototype of the future hero of the famous poem - Tristan. Some Breton storyteller told the legend that has become well-known love saga.

It was Eleanor and mistress of fashion: it imposed a side lace dresses, aprons, long sleeves. But Eleanor was not only beautiful, but in general an extraordinary woman. She married the first time - the husband became king (Louis VII Young). Even the queen of France, she went with her husband in the crusade, had been very long way across Europe, Byzantium and the enemy of Asia Minor.

 Who was the beautiful lady? Part 1 Eleanor She married a second time - the husband became king (now England - Henry II of England). Historians say, though, that the Hundred Years War, too, could begin because of her enormous dowry ...

And gave birth to six children (one king-troubadour Richard the Lionheart), and stayed in jail 16 years, and went to the convent, and died in 86 years. Well, not to glorify a woman!

Her daughter - Maria Champagne - has itself become a poet and the Beautiful Lady Poets. She was inspired by Chretien de Troyes to write a novel about the famous knight Lancelot.

Staroprovanskoe art troubadours began to decline with the beginning of the Albigensian wars - the Crusades against the north of France it is the south (agreed to that wonderful lady - are euphemistically called Cathar sect ...).