Who was the beautiful lady? Part 2

Who was the beautiful lady? Part 2 From a strict, well-built temple
 You came to screeching areas ...
  - Freedom! - Beautiful Lady
 Marquises and Russian princes.

(Marina Tsvetaeva).

 О творчестве трубадуров, труверов, менестрелей, миннезингеров, вагантов написано incredible amount of labor. The flowering of lyric poetry in XII-XIII centuries affected the entire subsequent literature (Dante, Petrarch, Boccaccio), and not only in literature.

Dante's Beatrice, adored her, it was a platonic ideal of spiritual love. Unrequited love for Laura was the main source of inspiration Petrarch. And Beatrice, Laura, and the other was the focus of all possible perfections, corporal and spiritual.

And here at дон Кихота Ламанчского была своя Прекрасная Дама . Debelaya peasant Aldonza is Dulcinea - but in the eyes of the famous gentleman she is beautiful, light eyes, and the lady. " It would seem that he brought the Beautiful Lady with a pedestal ....

 Who was the beautiful lady? Part 2 Генри Холидей. Данте и Беатриче Образы, связанные с творчеством трубадуров, представлены в операх Верди и, особенно, Вагнера . In poetry collection Vagant «Carmina Burana», compiled in the XIII century and found in the early XIX century, scenic cantata composed by the French composer of XX century by Charles Orfom. And so with a certain part of it (O Fortuna!) Know everything. This is a tremendous, often performed music, and it does not necessarily listen to in the treatment of groups such as Enigma, Era or Extremo.

One of the subjects troubadour songs (on the food of the heart) became the basis of plot of a film by Peter Greenaway's The Cook, the Thief, his wife and lover. "

Subjects alive, alive and wonderful lady. It democratized, no longer a noble family, all the locks turned into museums. But Beautiful Lady slowly became his own name in Russian literature of XX century.

 Who was the beautiful lady? Part 2 Petrarch and Laura, a miniature Russian symbolism could not pass the Beautiful Lady. Not everyone knows Poems About the Beautiful Lady of Vladimir Solovyov. But everything is very well remembered school lessons on the Alexander Blok. And wrote about it as much about the whole poetry of the troubadours.

They write and his wife Lubov - daughter of the famous Dmitry Mendeleyev, and about some vague world of the Beautiful Lady, which is trying to escape a lyrical hero poet. He also idealizes her, admires, adores, believes "the eternal grandeur of his wife", embodiment of harmony. But it is known from the school course literature.

Symbolist poets Nikolai Agnivtzev wrote his Beautiful Lady. She remains in its way, but with an element of self-irony:

  Like rolled down from the sky star
The beautiful lady bathing in a pond.
Seeing the shore shot corsage,
Came to the pond inquisitive page.
Seeing the pages on my own two feet in
Beautiful lady exclaimed "Oh!"
But the page did not responded to her
And was hypocritical to feed the swans.

(Nikolai Agnivtzev. "On a beautiful lady")

 Who was the beautiful lady? Part 2 O. Daumier. "Don Quixote" is quite well known poem (translated) Nabokov:

  Was walking the field Beautiful Lady
enchantress daughter unknown:
snake-hair, light foot,
but in the sight - a lonely night ...

(Vladimir Nabokov. "Ruthless Beautiful lady» (La belle dame sans merci)

Beautiful Lady continued to live the whole difficult XX century. Nowhere, neither she nor her knight is not lost, though many have asked:

  God knows, people Neznamov,
Where've Beautiful Lady
And nobody knows what to do with it
This lady has stolen a villain.

Where is he plamennolyubyaschy knight
As to this lady for help seeking,
Water trampling, despising the fire,
Where is his good and faithful horse ...

(Eugene Bachurin. "Ballad of the Beautiful Lady")

She became his wife in difficult times, as in the song A. Galich:

  How do I find it strange that you are the wife,
How do I find it strange that you're alive!
And I thought that just
You are my imagination ...

(A. Galich. "Song of the Beautiful Lady (Women's Waltz)

 Who was the beautiful lady? Part 2 Waterhouse. Dante and Beatrice, she is a wife or girlfriend, and in the most ordinary of our lives. The main thing that we are beautiful. Unearthly beauty became the earth, and themselves down to the ground, for worldly affairs. Let us sing, who should be, let them sing our camp, our breasts, cheeks, eyes, lips ...

  Not only the teeth but also gums
And even your lips, I swear
Such bloodthirsty and lethal,
What I do sometimes I'm afraid ...

(Mikhail Shcherbakov. "On the Beautiful Lady")

Even if it is above us and ridiculed by our knights, the knights too age , Turn gray, but the spirit of something remains. And they raise grunting their loins with a sofa, gird their rusty sword, but - it's time to exploit, for deeds pulls. But for us the same, those who fall heavily into their arms ...

  Who was the beautiful lady? Part 2 «Carmina Burana» - Wheel of Fortune 11,111,146. Under the midday sun The midday heat,
Dilapidated tower over the ancient wall
On the porch in front of tower of gray-haired knight
Slowly sighs of the glory of former ...

And in the chambers of one of the overseas princesses
He was stabbed with a mean, but again risen
And driven by a curse the tyrant father
He Beautiful Lady fled from the palace ...

A Beautiful Lady with a whiskered face,
Older, razdobrevshaya pounds per hundred
At idle trophies underwear boils
And her husband, like a toad on the fly, looks.

He had vowed to be three thousand times,
What no later than spring of this junk will sell
And will close the family land,
Once a week fighting with nettles and aphids.

But the next morning, as the sun blew sunrise
This tyrant has again sent in a campaign
And still stunted and dried up the land
And hunger Dakhla unhappy aphid.

And these deeds are seen in advance:
If the horse really comes to the gate,
That will stretch the hoof at the first mile,
On some stumbling stone in his sleep.

And the hero, reproached his trotter,
Pokryahtit, yes pokryahtit poklichet wife ...
And drag her back home either,
And otpaivat home alive with water.

And God is with him, she had long been accustomed.
If only all right, but really there all the same -
Let them bite on the porch beard
Slowly sigh of the glory of the former. [/i]
(Alexander Shcherbina. "Ballad of the Beautiful Lady, hungry, and the last glow of the Knights of the Round Table" from the play "The Knight randomly")

 Let us sing Canson and ballads. Even if Albas sing - about lovers parting in the light of day - still the same work to go away. Just to sing. Each one of us. Never mind the gold we have hair or dyed. Blue eyes or lenses on black eyes. Now we all - beautiful ladies. It's not perfect, just loving. Here we are. Near.