I ended the story of Bonnie and Clyde 23 May 1934?

I ended the story of Bonnie and Clyde 23 May 1934? The famous, romanticized by Hollywood couple - Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow! Their story can be read in Article \"What kind of games played by Bonnie and Clyde? History of the criminal duo \" . But what happened to Romeo and Juliet underworld after death? Come true I wish to be buried next to Bonnie and Clyde, about which she wrote in her poem?

As you know, Bonnie and Clyde were killed in Louisiana. Six Rangers - four from Texas and two from Louisiana - ambush in the woods, where she was to pass a criminal couple. One of the rangers was Ted Hinton, who knew Bonnie before she became a criminal - he often lunched in a cafe in Dallas, where she worked as a waitress. Ted has also participated in an unsuccessful attempt to arrest 1,111,114. 11111127 criminals. in Dallas, when, after he shouted: "Barrow, in the name of the law, surrender!", the pair opened fire, and she managed to escape.

According to information received by the head of the detachment Sheriff Frank Heymerom, every morning, Bonnie and Clyde went to the little town of Gibsland, to buy provisions for the day, what happened May 23, 1934 - the day when they were killed.

When Rangers heard the sound of an approaching car and saw that it was beige Ford-8, which recently went criminals, Heymer signaled readiness. Ted Hinton sat up in the bushes and found Clyde, who was behind the wheel. Heymer, seeing nod Hinton, thought for a moment - whether to make a warning, required by law? But, recalling the situation in Dallas, Heymer gave the command to fire without warning.

Rangers opened fire. Clyde was killed immediately by a bullet caught him in the head. Bonnie had time to scream before she died. Ted Hinton, who opened the car door after shooting ended, later wrote in his book "Ambush": "I will never forget the sight. The door opened, and the body of a beautiful little girl in a red dress dropped out of the car. Through the smell of gunpowder before I heard a faint 1,111,118. perfume 11,111,127. ...».

According to Ted, in the body of Bonnie was at least 40 bullets. Clyde died with a gun in his hand, while Bonnie gun lay on her lap. The car was full of Weapons - Was found 3 rifles, 2 shotgun, 10 pistols, a huge quantity of ammunition. It was also found more than 15 stolen license plates.

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 After the Rangers were convinced that the perpetrators are dead, three were left to protect the body, and the rest went to town to report the results of the ambush, and cause the carriage. From nowhere, stared a lot of people, and people started pulling the souvenirs on everything they could - clothes, bullets, pieces of glass, tires wheels, hair, Bonnie, someone even tried to cut off the ear of Clyde. Returning Rangers loaded the car for transportation, not removing bodies.

On arrival in the city of Arcadia has been a formal identification of the deceased. This was done in the funeral home owner's assistant, because a few weeks before the incident he was kidnapped by a gang of Barrow (and released a couple of days). While he was in the hands of criminals, Bonnie laughed that he might be preparing her body for burial. In this she was right ...

However, Bonnie made a mistake that she and Clyde forever remain close - they were buried in different cemeteries in Dallas, as the relatives of both wanted them rested with the other family members. May 24 bodies were taken to 11,111,116. Dallas [/url] . Before the funeral home, where dead bodies were exhibited, collected a great number of people - about 20 thousand. In the evening on May 24 his mother Bonnie wanted to carry the body of his daughter home, but was forced to abandon this plan when she saw the crowd around his house. Clyde's mother was unable to get to the grave of her son to say goodbye to him ...

At the grave of Bonnie almost every day you can find fresh [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/tag/%F6%E2%E5%F2%FB/] 11,111,127 colors. . The inscription on the gravestone reads:
"Getting better as the flowers in the sun and dew,
So the world a better acquaintance with you "
(My translation).

 I ended the story of Bonnie and Clyde 23 May 1934? Plate on the grave of Bonnie
 According to recent reports, the car in which were shot Bonnie and Clyde, is located in a casino in Primm on the border of Nevada and California, there is exhibited a shirt that was on the Clyde at the moment of death. That car, which was used in the famous film "Bonnie and Clyde", is located in Washington, where he is preparing for the opening of a museum under the name "National Museum of Crime and Punishment.

 I ended the story of Bonnie and Clyde 23 May 1934? Plate on the grave of Clyde
 In the museum there Gibslande "ambush Bonnie and Clyde".

 I ended the story of Bonnie and Clyde 23 May 1934? Museum in Gibslande
 This Museum located in the former cafe Mother Canfield, where criminals bought their last breakfast, eat up that they did not have time. Interestingly, the curator of the museum is the son of Ranger Ted Hinton, who participated in the shooting of Bonnie and Clyde.

Each year, the nearest to May 23 weekend at Gibslande the festival of Bonnie and Clyde, during which the actors again and again resurrect what happened that day in a deserted forest road in the depths of Louisiana. Place an ambush marked stone obelisk, it is true, he pretty corrupted lovers gifts.