Why so popular in America, "Revolver" rifles?

Why so popular in America, "Revolver" rifles? These rifles are called "pistol", "revolving", carbines and rifles for the farmers to the ranch, though the military versions "pistol" rifles are widely used special forces of many countries of the world.

Feature they have one - 11,111,131 weapons. made in the form of guns and ammunition for this gun advocates ... pistol cartridge.

Threaded a pistol cartridge rifle in his time at the turn of IXX and XX centuries, a veritable revolution in the tactics of the field (and the street too) fighting, hunting and ... bringing order to the rebellious days of the Wild West. This was an indispensable weapon for the military, law ministers, farmers, cowboys, explorers and bandits of every stripe. Although ... why "it"?

The first such rifle was manufactured at the company \"Winchester Arms Company Ripiting\" and is called «Winchester model 1866" (ie the sample in 1866). This model will combine a full size range of a rifle, revolver and versatile munition. After a "break in" during the Civil War between North and South, the firm of Oliver Winchester, has released a new, upgraded model of «Winchester model 1873, which won in the end of XIX century, unprecedented popularity.

And what about now, in our time?

And the fact that "Revolver" rifles - one of the most popular types of rifled weapons in 1,111,116. United States,
. For what they are so fond of 11,111,135. farmers and hunters, and the military, and ... just a lovers shoot? After all replicas (replicas) «Winchester model 1873" produced by several rifle companies and now.

 [b] 1.
The most obvious advantage - Unified munition. A revolver and a shotgun - a weapon for an entirely different situations, and the use of a weapon much easier life and the cowboy and farmer, and a traveler in a distant journey. Purchasing a bag of cartridges of one type for the entire arsenal, and a headache!
  2. Pistol cartridge - cheap fun. Let's compare two models: «Winchester model 1873", under the revolving cartridge .40-44, and «Winchester model 1895", under the full-sized rifle cartridge .30-30. The price difference between them is greater than 2 times!
  3. The rifle is a pistol cartridge is much easier than under rifle ammunition. But even a gun in our modernized century often had to carry on his back. Rather, on his shoulder.
  4. Low impact and low weight make ceteris paribus b