Why painters lilac true? Lilacs in the gardens and in the pictures

Why painters lilac true? Lilacs in the gardens and in the pictures Why painters lilac true?
Because the colors on each will suffice.
If you are young, if you're in love -
You warm pinkish lilac pays.
  Marina Ershov

There is an ancient 1,111,114. Greek myth [/url] the nymph Syrinx, who, fleeing the god Pan, I realized that escape does not work, and become a shrub. This shrub disappointed Ban did mellifluous flute and called it siringoy.Tak same call and bushes, which like the ancient Greeks for its beautiful flowers.

Lilac (Syringa Vulgaris) - the closest relative of the olive. Wild Lilac side by side with olive trees throughout the territory of the former Persia, now Iran and Turkey. For years, these countries were regarded as the birthplace of lilacs, so the bushes with gorgeous blossom commonly called "Persian".
In modern Europe, lilacs came in 1562 when the Austrian ambassador to the Sultan von Busbekius first brought her to the bushes from Constantinople to Vienna. In 1601 the bushes reached Paris, and in 1640, and the British Isles.

 Why painters lilac true? Lilacs in the gardens and in the pictures N. Dzyakava From May spice blows
I am a sweet-sweet drunk!
I osirenel of lilacs!
Forgetting a pile of urgent cases

Breda, where - and I do not know ...
Drag myself aimlessly at random ...
But without error hit it
Straight to the nearest garden.

And there - a riot of spring!
This orgy of colors!
I osirenel of lilacs!
I am ready to embrace the whole world!

My stream is spring,
Where - I really do not care!
I osirenel of lilacs!
I drink greedily her wine!

Do not be so vague Well, people!
Hey, the human race - Rejoice and Sing!
Let's forget it everyday!
Ida in lilac booze!

And all around me became closer,
And all in love with me here!
And I'm in love - in all that I see!
Lilac - a magical wine!
  ("Spring in Munich, Boris Yefimov)

Among the North American garden plants lilac appeared only in 1821, although attempts have been made before, but the bushes did not initially take root.
In Russia have started to breed lilacs from the end of XVIII century, but widespread it has received in the second half of the XIX century. The distinguished noble families began to buy fashionable at the time the French variety, created by biologists Victor Lemuanom and his son, Emil. And they called this exquisite lilac bushes not initially, but "chenille". Do you remember Tyutchev: "traipse and without purpose or accidentally, on the fly, come across the fresh spirit of chenille or a bright dream." Lilac captured on many of the paintings Wrubel, Polenov, Maximova, Konchalovsky. (V. Dadykin, "Golden branch of lilac, the magazine Science and Life").

 Why painters lilac true? Lilacs in the gardens and in the pictures Konchalovsky Lilacs in art
I think the picture Wrubel, Polenova Konchalovsky and our readers and know themselves. But the lilac wrote and wrote many artists with unusual enthusiasm. I now sunk into the soul of one such artist sirenelyubivy florist. Since the dates of life from him is not clear: I searched and found literally the following: Raoul de Longpre (1843-1911) was born in 1859. What was he doing from 43 to 59 year - does not say. But maybe he was born in 1959 as an artist? More has been written that he was born, studied and lived in France, but the well known American still life artist.

 Why painters lilac true? Lilacs in the gardens and in the pictures Raoul M. de Longpre For even more confusion, he has a brother - also a great artist, too, florist, and also an American, and his name is Paul De Longpre (1855-1911).
It seems that the brothers as twins from Mark Twain, themselves were not sure who is who: On several occasions paintings that bear Raoul's signature have been ascribed, by experts, to Paul. Critics tried to somehow determine, but no clarity - some paintings are attributed to something Raoul, then Paul's de Longpre.
But in any case, the picture is good. Although (although - this means that in principle it is the lack of) and are similar to pictures. But this is hardly an artist of the XIX century might suspect that humanity will invent a color photo and "photorealism" as a special genre of painting.

In general, the lilac in the picture is any and all genres, but the best results are obtained in extreme cases - or when all the flowers are written in great detail, so that they want to search "happy cinquefoil", or when it is shown as a purple cloud. M. Better not say:

 Why painters lilac true? Lilacs in the gardens and in the pictures M. Makarenko
The artist depicted us
Deep faint lilac
And the colors sonorous level
On the canvas as scabs laid.

He saw the oil density -
His dried summer
Purple Brain and thawed,
Expanded in heat.

And the shadow of something, the shadow of all the purple,
Whistle il whip as a match goes out.
You say: cooks in the kitchen
Prepare fat pigeons.

Guess' em,
Nedomalevany veil
And in this gloomy breakup
Already hosts a bumblebee.