Who is Barbara Millicent Roberts?

Who is Barbara Millicent Roberts? This woman was one of the symbols of the 20 th century. She is beautiful, has a chic wardrobe, which are the envy of the most demanding socialite. She has a house, cars, yachts. First her profession - model. But she succeeded in more than 80 areas - from rock stars and paleontologist, to the presidential candidate! Her family - wife Elliot and Ruth Handler - in 1945 created a company producing children's toys.

One day they decided to 1,111,112. create a toy for girls [/url] - Doll, which would have been not just a doll, and older friend. For she taught girls to look after themselves, imparts the skills of adult life that it becomes a kind of object for various social projects. Female doctor, girl model, girl-astronaut. And no matter what the role of the girl not appeared, it always adorned and decorated with white-toothed smile.

     The first time a long-legged beauty was published in February 1959, in New York for exhibition 1,111,114. toys 1,111,119. . However, as they say, Barbara was the predecessor - German Lily, the character of comics and dolls. But Barbara is clearly surpassed it in popularity.

     For the first time Barbie has appeared in the windows of toy stores in the same February 1959. A new doll was dressed in a striped bathing suit. But the success of the customers she had, it was considered vulgar, unsuitable for children to play. Then the enterprising creators of Barbie started advertising on TV, and the first batch of dolls sold out quickly at $ 3 apiece.

     The growth of the most famous dolls in the world 29 centimeters. Until 2000, Barbie had a rotating waist, but she had no navel. Since 2000, Barbie has changed somewhat: the breast has become smaller waist stopped spinning, the hand can now be bred in hand, narrowed the shin. Hips become wider and the legs now as hands are raised in the parties. Appeared navel. At various times, the doll was dressed most famous fashion designer. In 1992, Barbie has made a career military physician, it was dressed in khaki suits in "military style". Babri gradually accumulate girlfriends (Negro, red, brunette), increasingly in her homes, cars and all sorts of accessories. And in 1961 came Ken, Midge and then girlfriend and little sister Skipper. Have Barbie and her rival - a fake, mainly from China.

     The attitude to Barbie doll is ambiguous. Someone believes that it is - a vulgar symbol of the Western way of thinking, unrealistic, capricious, it is full of shortcomings, such as its aspect ratio. Some particularly impressionable girls always want to be like Barbie, appeared even "Barbie syndrome". In addition, it is Barbie very often becomes a "victim" of child abuse: her shaved shaved and shoved in the microwave, the fourth ...

There are also moral claim to Barbie: Ken not her husband, and only boyfriend. And although there is Barbie in the interesting position, "and even Barbie-grandmother, but, according to critics, looks like [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/archive/0/n-22093/] This doll family of 1,111,119. glamorous as a parody of a real family. Someone thinks that nothing terrible and immoral in Barbie does not she just a beautiful toy, a good example of style for little girls

       In the USSR This doll came with perestroika - already in 1989 it could buy at a fabulous price of speculators, but in the early 1990's - in stores that sell a currency. In Russia the ratio of Barbie, as well as throughout the world, is ambiguous. We have our national peculiarities of perception, and this discrepancy Russian ideal of the American standard of beauty - the main thing that makes Barbie subject of controversy. Barbie blamed for broad shoulders, too slender waist, with long limbs and artificial splendor chest.