Who promises happiness Aquarius?

Who promises happiness Aquarius? Aquarius - The world's most ancient constellation of the sky, which was considered by the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians, and later - the Greeks, Romans, Arabs. What is curious: in different languages, it meant the same thing - pouring water (Gidrohos, Akuarius, Sakib al-ma).

With this kept in my memory the story?
In the Sumer kingdom Aquarius called great sacred 1,111,114. constellation [/url] Because it represented the god of the sky Ana (Ana), the father of all the other gods, which gives the earth life-giving water. The earliest images show that the rivers Tigris and Euphrates rivers flow just from the vessel of Aquarius.

 Who promises happiness Aquarius? Шумеры believed that this constellation is located in the center of the heavenly sea and is a harbinger of the rainy season. It is no accident associated with it and the eleventh month of the Sumerian calendar - monthly water curses ", and the myth of the god, who warned of the deadly flood.

By the way, to similar views, albeit with its own national colors, were the ancient 11,111,112. Egyptians [/url] . For example, the fact that the tributaries of the Nile - The White Nile and Blue derive from the divine vessels. In the Egyptian drawings Aquarius is depicted as a male image with a jug in each hand, the water from which he pours on the fish.

 Who promises happiness Aquarius? И действительно, если проследить направление потока из того кувшина, с которым представлен Водолей в гораздо более поздних звездных атласах, то можно обнаружить: он поит Южную Рыбу .

In addition, the highest level of water in the Nile comes at a time associated with this constellation. It was believed that in a star shape Aquarius god of water CNEM upsets in the Nile huge bucket.

So the biblical story of Noah and his companions in the ark, the survivors of the flood, existed in earlier times. Incidentally, among the ancient 11,111,120. Greeks [/url] too: there as the main character stands Deucalion, the son of Prometheus (with his wife Pirro), and on this basis, some researchers believe that he is the prototype star of Aquarius.

 [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/img/content/i54/54955_or.gif]Who promises happiness Aquarius? 11,111,129. However, there are alternative points of view. In particular, the honor of being presented in the cosmic heights claim Ganymede. This young man of surpassing beauty eyes on first goddess Eos, and then Zeus himself, who, having assumed the appearance of an eagle, carried him to Olympus and identified butler. At this interpretation of Aquarius pours a cocktail of nectar and rain.

According to another version, Aquarius represents Kekropa, one of the first rulers of Athens, considered the son of Gaia and became famous for his piety. He brought a libation to the gods, using the common water.

It describes a constellation of astronomical science?
  Aquarius - Large, though not too bright constellation. It occupies about 980 square degrees. The most famous object in it - asterism Pitcher, consisting of five stars, one of which is twofold. And last year scientists discovered BD -22 5866 - multiple stars with four components.

Among the other attractions of Aquarius - a globular cluster M2, the red dwarf Gliese 876 with the three discovered exoplanets, two Nebula - Saturn and Snail. The latter is the largest planetary nebula around the sky.

It is also noteworthy that a number of stars in it is relevant to Fortunately : Happiness is the state/sovereign; Happiness Happiness (Luck of luck, the happiest of the happy), Lucky Star hidden things; Lucky Star merchant.