Why Russia is waiting for a family holiday - the fix?

Why Russia is waiting for a family holiday - the fix? In old Russia, on the second day after Candlemas As soon as the night sky behind the window began to grow lighter in each rural family began working holiday, which has long been called the repair. Moreover, the role of each family member were assigned in advance. Aged immediately taken for repair horse harness, repaired harness. Their sons were taken to the plow, harrows and other implements, going to the grandchildren something easier, for example, repairing benches and stools.

With his grandmother in the chest?
 Why Russia is waiting for a family holiday - the fix? It was not supposed to shine, as in a museum of peasant life "nanny house" in Kobrino enough work and women. Grandmothers usually disclose their сундуки и шкатулки And granddaughter spinning immediately - not every day you see such a sight: beautiful dresses, skirts, blouses. And girls and young women engaged in darning clothes, neatly tightening holes, put the patch, giving clothes a new look.

It was believed the sooner work will start, the more successful was formed a year. Therefore, young people, usually not closed his eyes so as not to miss the first harbingers of the coming morning. Especially anxious girls who could not wait to get married . Suddenly, happiness will see that the hut is not working, and by pass ...

Adolescent girls to trust this day to "put the shine on the dishes are clean pan, washed free of soot pots and pan, scraped wooden bowls and spoons ...

Toward noon, when the first results of work, all that was repaired, immediately solemnly posting. To casual traveler, or a neighbor, time at the light, saw that live here hardworking people.

Salo da mess - our food
 Why Russia is waiting for a family holiday - the fix? Salomatov ready - you're ready for a celebratory dinner that day always prepares a special dish - Salomatov. Each province had its own traditions. Somewhere, just warmed in a pan to brown the flour, then adding water to it, seeking to get a thick monotonous mass. Then it was salted jelly, cereal and ran the fried bacon. Hence the Salomatov.

In other places do not use flour, and peremelenny on hand sheller oats or wheat. They were cooked until done, then ran the lard or oil. But in some villages preferred to soak the night before the wheat, which previously "beat off" in a mortar, and in the morning boil it for several hours until the wheat is not getting soft. In any event, finished porridge refueled bacon.

You can imagine the aroma hovered about the room, when heated fat for Salomatov. For it is not burnt, it literally tormented, and mixed thoroughly. As of greaves By the way, was tried on the smart and culinary arts mistress. If somewhere in the flank too flush, the chances that a cook will be treated with respect, getting smaller. In the meantime, all prepared, all working flowed mouth. This was yet another incentive to quickly finish the works and to begin the meal ...

We ate - and again for work
 Why Russia is waiting for a family holiday - the fix? Men in this day usually repaired carts ... And only after that the family "scattered". Men, after a delicious dinner, a little rest, taken for repairs of sheds and barns, which contained the livestock. Enough work and in cages, where each year had to repair or update perch for birds. Womenfolk finish that did not have time, then dried and ventilated dresses, shirts, blouses sent back to the trunk.

After that, the girls with their mothers went to the holiday sittings, and grandmother, younger granddaughters stayed at home to replace the straw, which was used as stuffing for mattresses. Those who have been so much wealth, as feather pillows, going over the pen, removing matted and adding a fresh ...

What luck - a pie with mushrooms!
 Why Russia is waiting for a family holiday - the fix? Well, some of you with mushrooms? Of course, at klatches was fun. Noise, laughter, and various antics. Efforts have unique contests, such as those of the girls fastest darn shirt. Young people have tried, it was in such contests mother picked up his bride the grown sons. And to lose face in the dirt in front of the future in-law, none of the girls did not want.

And after the last stitch is made, start dancing. Again, each of overextending themselves, to leave a good impression. It was believed, the more vigorously the girl, so she has more chance of getting married.

Ended with these sittings to be repaired tea with cakes. Moreover, it was always a "surprise" - virtually all the cakes made with potatoes and only 1-2 with mushrooms. If anyone going to the mushrooms, it was thought that the whole year will certainly carry. Either the girl will marry, or some kind of legacy will. Males also did not neglect such happy, trying to win the love of these girls, so to speak, attach themselves to another's happiness.

Even the brownie would hardly liked salomahi ...
And on this day in some villages, particularly suited to the horses. Around the neck bandage sticks as well as around the legs - leg wrappers. It was believed that at night on horseback to ride like brownies And so they do not shove the animal ...