Who was Peggy? Playful analysis of Russian-Scottish folk

Who was Peggy? Playful analysis of Russian-Scottish folk In the old Peggy lived goat
He beard track chalk.
Oh, what is the smart kid!
'll Dance, Peggy,'ll dance!

Once there was a girl in rural 1,111,114. Scottish countryside [/url] . She had a puppy, a goat and a goose. Maybe someone else was, but history has brought us only these Pegginyh favorites.

  In Peggy lived gay goose
He knew all the songs by heart.
Oh, what is the gay goose!
'll Dance, Peggy,'ll dance!

We started this whole saga Sergei Nikitin and Victor Berkovskii (music Berkovskii the verses I. Tokmakova based - Scottish folk poetry, ). The first "canonical" text comprised initially of three animals.

  At Peggy's a ridiculous puppy
He danced to the tune could.
Oh, what is the funny puppy!
'll Dance, Peggy,'ll dance!

And then began orgy: additional couplets, rehash, parody . Even on the bard can get numerous concerts and raznovariantnye additions to the basic version.

Who has not visited Peggy! And the elephant and the whale, and tuna, and a camel, and the blind mole. And the giraffe (even a few, apparently: one could emerge, the other was elegant, as the cabinet), and a voracious elk, which could not manage to feed, and sheep, who said, "but passaran. And hanged himself with a scarf, and lobster, and Penguin, which distinguish the wines, and a bumblebee, which pollinate the fragrant hops.

Yet another bug, moth and cockroach - where do without them in our reality? And the funny glitches lived with Peggy, too. And green snakes crawl cry of "pour". And dandruff shampoo also lived.

Also, the jackal, which selling Herbalife, a lawyer, a blue cowboy with a ranch and even a yogi:

  In Peggy lived an Indian yogi.
He wriggles like lace.
Ah, the Rising Sun - East!
'll Dance, Peggy,'ll dance!

What is [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/tag/%F4%E5%ED%EE%EC%E5%ED/] phenomenon 11,111,127. Peggy? In whom it has evolved over the years of its existence the song? What she had to stick with the urban culture of late 20 th century? It seems that a large part of our reality had been to Peggy.

So who was Peggy? Of course, townswoman. Pozhivshey and taste. Quite well-read. A little reckless, good-natured fun. And, in the first place, the Company's.

Or maybe someone who prisochinyaet next verse, he sees "his" Peggy. Or just sing about themselves. Or some absurdity of life.

But Peggy manages to stay and the most loved little girl. By Peggy continue to engage with children. Then, except for a goat, a puppy and a goose, there may appear little kitten, from the bee hive, a rooster and a hen. Especially popular with Peggy gymnastics for little fingers. Even something prisochinyayut, and the children happy to engage, develop, and at the same time dancing and singing.

And Peggy-grown gradually moved into a new era. She has appeared [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/tag/%E8%ED%F2%E5%F0%ED%E5%F2/] 11111127 Internet. After which as a matter of all the extinct animals. And a gay nickname Peggy started a negligible sumnyashesya. It is possible that Peggy is and your site ... And according to rumors, she had lived one Admin.

And not everything is always just a Peggy. Most tragically, perhaps, came, in this verse, the author is unknown. But the verse is walking a long time:

  In Peggy was not the goat -
like this all my life and lived.
Oh, how difficult it is without a goat!
'll Dance, Peggy,'ll dance!

But Peggy - being cheerful. This is probably the main secret of its attractiveness . As well as its long life. Peggy had to shower, just 11,111,124. its [/i] become.

Interestingly fate for some of the real and fictional characters in the popular consciousness. Lieutenant Rzhevskij became the hero of juicy anecdotes. Basil Chapayev - too many jokes, acquired new features - equanimity and even lyricism. A touching every long-suffering woman's heart Stirlitz?

There is a crocodile Gena Cheburashka, Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore and many other images, whose incredible popularity is waiting for his sociological Research .