Blues - a song about a man who has no woman. Or about a man who left the woman. Or about a man" />

Who is Leyla from a song by Eric Clapton?

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 Who is Leyla from a song by Eric Clapton? Blues - a song about a man who has no woman. Or about a man who left the woman. Or about a man who does not have anything resembling a woman " - Is said to Eric Clapton, and said not for the effect. Okazyvetsya great guitarist, member supergroup CREAM, about whom admirer wrote on the walls, that he neither more nor less than a "god", also known love of suffering.

In the late 1960's to love suffering added creativity. After leaving the quarrel CREAM, Clapton tried to create a new group - BLIND FAITH, but because of unhealthy buzz around the project, it had to close.
At the same personal life, Eric was in a very unpleasant situation a classic love triangle - namely, the ears in love with Pattie Boyd. Not only that Patti was the wife of the Beatles, George Harrison, so even himself Harrison accounted Erica friend. Fatal acquaintance Clapton with Patti occurred in July 1967 after a concert CREAM ...

  11,111,129. E. Clapton: [/b] "I was in love, in love at first sight and that feeling grew every day more difficult. I put myself in a hopeless situation, because take away the wife of one of the BEATLES were banned, not done. All of them were prominent, famous people, awarded the Order of Knights of the British Empire. But here, you understand, some itinerant fellow like me trying to climb into the family through the back door. The situation was impossible for me and for Patti. For me was only one way out - to forget.

Having a regular rotation of the gate "well done" lost heart, began to use drugs, and his agony culminated in the song «Layla» - this frantic prayer, request it to Patti. "But why, then," Leyla "? - You ask. - "Where in the song embarked Arabic name, familiar in the film" White Sun of the Desert "? (Remember "... Leyla! Zulfiya! Gyulchataj!").

  11,111,129. E. Clapton: [/b] "Sufi, * or rather, an Englishman, who began to call themselves Sufis, gave me a book with Persian poetry. I was shocked similarities stories described in the book that happened to me in life. "

 Who is Leyla from a song by Eric Clapton? George Harrison met Patti Boyd in 1963 while filming "A Hard Day talk on" Stories Leyly and Majnun ", written by the great Persian poet Nizami. The legend takes its roots as much from the VII century and is the Arabic version of the theme of" Romeo and Juliet. "youth Qays ibn al-Mulavvah love a girl from a hostile family, but she married someone else. After that, he completely" gone crazy "with grief and has devoted his life slaganiyu songs about his unrequited love. They even carry to Mecca to healing from destructive passion, but "Majnun" - "madman" asks God not to deprive the "patient" of his "high-sickness." In the end, both lovers die of boredom, and Sufis in the typical fashion for them begin to treat this story is symbolic, as the separation of the soul with the deity.

 Who is Leyla from a song by Eric Clapton? The Persian poet Nizami, the author of "Stories Leyly and Majnun" song has found his incarnation in 1970, when Clapton assembled another group called DEREK