Who was Don Juan? Yvette, Lisette, Musetta, Jeannette, ... oh, Georgette

Who was Don Juan? Yvette, Lisette, Musetta, Jeannette, ... oh, Georgette Coletta, Pauletta, Claretta, Floretta ... oh, Marietta ...

Figure of Don Juan, as we know it (and love?), Almost five hundred years. The image was born at the crossroads of two legends: an ordinary Spanish idlers and a deceiver and - Spanish to be hanged, who invited to dinner otherworldly force in the shape of the stone guest.

But Don Juan (aka Don Juan, Don Giovanni) is much older than wants to appear. A stone guests are known to us from ancient times, they are referred to in Aristotle and Plutarch. Cnidus was a myth - the statue of Aphrodite, the sculptor Praxiteles, vengeance on his defiler. Were later revived the legend of the statue of Venus, then - the Virgin Mary.

Don Juan was the subject of researchers - philosophers, ethnographers, historians, and even sociologists. Thus, he became (perhaps unwittingly) a symbol of the collision of two eras: paganism and the new Christian religion. It is not only a riot, and in and sacrilege Godfights: trampled upon not only the human laws, but also divine. Folklore different countries described similar figures: Aubrey Burgundians, Robert the Devil.

But there were specific individuals, and their names in history. Don Juan Tenorio - "mischief-maker of all of Spain" as he called in his play Spanish playwright Tirso de Molina (aka - Spanish friar Gabriel Tellez) ...

Don Juan Tenorio - furious gentleman, rakish grand, knight and zhenolyubets, amoral type, scot-lord and a knight of the Garter, who does not think about the sinfulness of their actions lied indiscriminately. Together with the Castilian King Pedro brutal, he indulged in various atrocities. Father of one of his dishonored the victims he killed, but he was no ordinary man, but he is the Commander of the Order of Gonzalo de Ulloa. He was a statue of Don Juan and then pulled his beard. Payback was immediate (handshake statue was fiery) ... They say that this Franciscan monks themselves justice is done, having given him by the divine.

Mingled with this image and the other prototype. In Seville, still stands and operates a hospital, whose founder is considered to Don Miguel de Manyara Visentelo de Leca. According to legend - Don Juan de Maraa, sold his soul to the devil, who later repented.

 Who was Don Juan? Yvette, Lisette, Musetta, Jeannette, ... oh, Georgette Nicholas infidels in the role of Don Juan, but for some reason the image of insatiable sensualist and libertine was tenacious. Well, by itself profligacy - the phenomenon of domestic, habitual at all times. A passion and disdain for death - too many features familiar. And there was Don Giovanni, a worldwide phenomenon. This was followed by a comedy Alonso de Cordova-and-Maldonado "Vengeance from the grave", a play by Antonio de Zamora. Together with the Spanish actor Don Juan moved with a tour to Italy, and there were dozens of pieces of rogues and Stone Guest, the most famous of which - a play by Carlo Goldoni. They say, with an autobiographical subtext was the play. (They took a playwright bride, so he described a cruel and treacherous rival - an actor, and death to the statue gladly ordered).

And as in France, Don Juan turned in all their splendor. And for some reason it was in France from the moral and instructive stories, he gently moved into comedy. This vicious figure passed through the huge number of plays of French playwrights, has not yet become immortalized in the famous comedy of Moliere's "Don Juan, or Stone Feast.

I must say that the protests of the church played a role: the play of Moliere was removed, instead it shows a revamped version of Corneille's, which has been smoothed all the rough edges.

His Dona zhuany penetrated into England, Germany, Holland, Austria. Suddenly, Don Giovanni, in the mass consciousness into a sneaking zhiznelyubtsa, a rebel and romantic. Finally rehabilitated hero of Mozart in his brilliant opera. They say that while working on the opera Mozart met Casanova in Prague. For advice ...

 Who was Don Juan? Yvette, Lisette, Musetta, Jeannette, ... oh, Georgette Max Slevogt. Singer Francisco d'Andrade as Don Giovanni in Mozart the way, in opera and ballet, too, there was no shortage. To the plot treated Gluck, Cherubini. Russian composer Dargomyzhsky wrote his opera.

In Hoffman's Don Giovanni turns into a conqueror and a predator in the restless hero, as it should be romantic, lover, not only women but also muses. And Byron never-was from seducer becomes seduced by ..., including the Russian empress Catherine II. Moreover, according to Byron, Don Juan has become neither more nor less "refined Russian.

Finally, the Pushkin, which aggravated the many aspects associated with this image. My father seduced - Commander - became her husband, and then by the rock. And the end - the well-known: I am lost, perish, Donna Anna! (Falls).

According to Akhmatova, Pushkin's Don Juan, too, have not been without autobiographical motifs. Only Pushkin projects itself at the same time and libertine, and the Commander ...

Later were Merimee, de Musset (which Don Juan is looking for a female ideal of himself erected on a pedestal), Lena (character - erotic neurotic), Haze (Don Juan has managed to live to old age, but he rushed into the crater of Vesuvius), Kierkegaard A . Dumas, Tolstoy (Don Juan repents and is saved!), scattered (the hero saves the soul, too repentance), B. Shaw, Blok, Gumilev, Karel Capek, and even Lesya Ukrainka, L. Zhukhovitsky. Supplied and movies. Played musicals.

  Who was Don Juan? Yvette, Lisette, Musetta, Jeannette, ... oh, Georgette Repin. Don Juan and Dona Anna is amazing, but even in Japan there is a Don Juan, but his name is Genji-Monogatari. He lived the immortal image of a long time. In what he has become in our time?

At home, Don Juan is alive. His play in the professional and amateur productions, the story play out on the streets. In Seville, one of the performances goes directly to the church.

But the researchers argue that disappeared Don Juan, especially in Russia. Image was unclaimed. That might call the society can no longer offer any hero. Although loved to play with death "culture heroes" of the last century. But - not for a woman, probably. Crushed heroes, until the pick up artist.

But perhaps, for modern society and can not be such a challenge - well, think, ladies 'man, lady-killer, lady killer, ladies' man ... Well, not dash down the same to him in hell, indeed. And the steps Commander inaudible. Himself to calm down, what will become.