Whose work is studied Michurin Vavilov? Luther Burbank

Whose work is studied Michurin Vavilov? Luther Burbank March 7, 1849, 160 years ago, in Lancaster (state Massachusetts ) In a large family farmer and manufacturer of Burbank was born the 13th child, who was named Luther. Older children were by then adults, so that the nurses the baby missing. Although very soon revealed two bright propensity Luther. First, he liked to read, and, secondly, practically from dawn to dusk disappeared in the street. Native joke: if Luther house, he always sits with a book in his hands, and if it is not - it collects some of the plant.

The family was not rich and not poor. But 1,111,114. father - Scotsman [/url] by blood, was very industrious, somewhat stingy, he believed that every person, whether it 30 or 5 years, should earn on your bread. That Luther did not just wander into a field or forest. During the harvesting of sugar cane, he carried on a par with all cut down plants and put them in piles, and when a little older, he began to trust and machetes.

By gardening mama taught
 Whose work is studied Michurin Vavilov? Luther Burbank Лютер Бёрбанк - красавец-мужчина, а заодно и чудотворец Но больше всего ему нравилось работать в саду, который выращивала его матушка. Она была англичанкой, и в память о своей далекой родине сажала у себя рядом с домом то, что когда-то росло в ее далеком английском детстве. И очень скоро Лютер научился разбираться в обрезке веток, прививках и прочих тонкостях, которые помогают добиваться высокого урожая or lush flowering.

But six years of Luther began to trust more responsible business. His father opened several factories for the production of pottery and bricks, the good far from the site were huge stockpiles of clay. But Luther and his brother, who was a couple of years older, a cart loaded with bricks, harnessed oxen, and his father delivered the products of factories in the surrounding ranches and towns. When there were no bricks, sticks and boards were transported to the sawmill Burbank's father, or simply waste. And often left to look at how the paper mill from wood waste is produced 11,111,112. Paper [/url] , Gunpowder. It was fun ...

At the age of nine his father Luther proposed to increase the yield of cranberry. For this it was necessary to build a dam. Into this pond freezes in winter, so that the whole neighborhood kids gather at Burbank.

Perhaps there is no point in describing his school years Luther. Learn it is not very pleased. Like to go to church, where the service sometimes lasted up to 6 hours. Shustrov boy sit in one place for such a long period it was very hard ...

The dust did not want to swallow ...
 Whose work is studied Michurin Vavilov? Luther Burbank Эти клематисы носят имя Лютера Бёрбанка После окончания школы он устроился на фабрику родного дяди и продолжил свои изобретения . The first "got" woodworking machinery, which he improved so that labor productivity increased by several times. But Luther quickly realized that the wood dust quickly clogs the lungs working man, so that workers at the factory die in middle age, before they reach old age. Such a fate he did not want. He decided to become a doctor and stayed for textbooks on human physiology.

Such "zigzagging" from side to side is not very liked neither the parents nor the beloved Luther. They demanded that the young man more determined in their allegiances. But misfortune waylaid family: his father died unexpectedly. Two older brothers immediately left home and went in search of their "bars of luck" in California, where picking up the pace of 0,000,005. , Because the climate of the former place of residence is not very suitable for busy plant breeding. Of the many towns in California has selected one - Santa Rosa, likely because of the name, because in those days it was a small and rather dirty town. But there was a relatively inexpensive land - after all, Luther was able to buy entire 17 acres!

The start was very difficult ...
 Whose work is studied Michurin Vavilov? Luther Burbank This purple potatoes are grown on the plot of Pushkin's great-grandfather - Abram Hannibal as he later confessed Luther, in a suitcase he was only 10 potatoes 11,111,153. derived class of "Burbank".

A small lyrical digression. Few people know that the great-grandfather on his mother's 0,000,007. very fond of growing potatoes, and even engaged in his selection. True, the negro of Peter the Great led out bluish-purple potato variety, we would have them seem exotic.

Returning to Burbank. Its ten potatoes he ate, and sat near the hut. And then every year they reclaim trying to raise them in starch content. But this was impossible to get rich - the first thing that Luther brought a good income - removing early varieties 11,111,132. Maize
and beans. Again, with high sugar content ...

But it will be later. And the first half for Luther was a real challenge. He starved a few times he had to spend the night in the henhouse with the chickens, which he was hired to protect. There was a time when he almost died of exhaustion, and the old woman, a beggar, which give good people a day a cup of milk, carrying a mug of milk a young man, and then they drink this milk for two. But he was sure - Fortune always turns its face to someone who is stubborn, persistent, in whom a firm spirit and strong faith in the best ...

20,000 seedlings grown in "one breath"
Finally, he found a job: in a nearby farm was needed carpenter. He worked until the evening, and then in the dark struggling with their seedlings. All my love and tenderness for the remainder away, he gave his friend the dumb green friends. First experiments inspired the Burbank. But even more fun was brought to him overgrown fruit plants. And when he was instructed to raise 20,000 seedlings plums - he managed to cope with the task brilliantly. And the rest of his life drain remained his most popular "guinea pig", suffice it to say that the breeder brought more than a hundred new varieties, including variety, where there was no hard shell to bone.

 Whose work is studied Michurin Vavilov? Luther Burbank Классическая фотография Лютера БёрбанкаПосле выполнения данного заказа Бёрбанк навсегда позабыл, что такое безденежье. К нему за саженцами потянулись фермеры не только Калифорнии, но и других штатов, создавая порой длинную очередь. Лютер был неутомим. Во-первых, он был очень трудолюбив, оставляя для сна только считанные часы. А, во-вторых, что не менее важно для творческого человека – он никогда не боялся экспериментировать. Шутка сказать, одних только сливовых деревьев в его разросшемся саду было порядка 7 миллионов! И выбраковку селекционер производил безжалостно. Однажды он рассказал, что сжег порядка 65 тысяч гибридных кустов ежевики, оставив не более полусотни для продолжения опыта. Его имя, названия его ферм (Санта-Роза и Севастополь , Russian River) became known not only in the district, but throughout the country and even overseas.

A cactus without spines and walnuts without shell ...
Here are just a small list of what I've done for humanity Burbank: plum pitted Plumcot (a hybrid of a plum with an apricot), a cactus without spines, giving the delicious fruit and valuable animal feed, edible dwarf chestnut tree, bearing fruits in the second year of life, walnuts with thin as paper, shells, pine-apple scent with quince, white blackberry, blackberries without thorns, sweet onion bulbs weighing over 1 kg, fragrant dahlia, blue poppy, giant amaryllis flowers to 30 cm in diameter.

 Whose work is studied Michurin Vavilov? Luther Burbank Книга о жизни и работе Лютера Бёрбанка, вышедшая в Москве в 1937 году Климент Аркадьевич Тимирязев , Ivan V. Michurin, Николай Иванович Вавилов – могут по праву считать себя продолжателями дела Лютера Бёрбанка. Они очень внимательно изучали работы, написанными Бёрбанком, таким как «Мои методы и опыты» в 12 томах, 1914 –1915); «Как обучить растения работать на человека» в 8 томах, 1921), «Создание растений для человека» в 1907 году. Николай Вавилов бывал в Санта-Розе, где был просто «сражен» тем размахом, с которым проводит свои опыты Бёрбанк. Тимирязев называл его «рабочим-чудотворцем». Да что там селекционеры! Перед ним снимали шляпу Джек Лондон , Томас Эдисон и Генри Форд ...

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