Who was Odysseus? "Again, someone in the way ships collects ...

Who was Odysseus? "Again, someone in the way ships collects ... "Muse, tell me that an experienced husband" ...

Ulysses, Ulysses, he is much older than Don Juan , But also - not archaic. Also comes from folklore, but the antique, which is not shied away from adventure stories. He also threw a challenge to fate, the gods, and his very name in Greek means "angry", that is, he is constantly evoked the wrath of the gods ...

Odyssey - the ruler of the island of Ithaca, according to rank - the king of swing - kinglet, but seeks to cover the whole world, not conquering it with fire and sword.

Sly and smart, practical and clever, even cunning, very energetic, articulate - no need to forget that his grandfather Autolycus was a thief and a perjurer (Homer, of course). But he "great heart and soul", "nice spear", as well as 1,111,116. Piero [/url] , No stranger to some of the suffering: "A lot of heart and grieving for the seas" - basically, this nostalgia, longing for the home. He experiences and the death of friends, but no lamentations, as it should be a soldier.

Who was Odysseus? "Again, someone in the way ships collects ... Jordaens, Jacob. Odysseus in the cave of Polyphemus. XVII century, the Pushkin Museum, Moscow was, apparently, some youthful personal drama: a wife, he chose Penelope, but when her cousin Helen is kidnapped, he immediately goes to war against Troy. And he even once could not hold back my tears! However, when I heard the song about his exploits ...

Odyssey also is not bad, he did everything to prevent return home and the nymph Calypso and Circe, and the fairy Kirk, and everyone heard about the sirens. But he returned home and he do not rest too long wanderings, his wife precipitated suitors, with whom he has to deal. By the way, not without cheating Odysseus came to his house - in disguise and unrecognized ...

Many of his adventures are written in detail. And not just Homer (there are, incidentally, disputes over authorship), this myth has been accessed and other: Sophocles, Euripides. And the myth and the image itself were so in demand that was not a single era, which did not apply to this type, especially after the Byzantine scholars were introduced to Ulysses Italians.

Who was Odysseus? "Again, someone in the way ships collects ... JW Waterhouse. Odysseus and the sirens This image is immortalized in literature: "Wandering Ulysses" Hans Sachs, "Circe" by Lope de Vega, then Calderon, Shakespeare, Tennyson, Feuchtwanger, James Joyce (novel "Ulysses"), Brodsky, Pratchett and many others. The huge explosion of interest in a wanderer Odysseus-emerged with the genre of science fiction.

The very word "Odyssey" has become synonymous, signifying a long and dangerous journey: "Captain Blood", movies "Space Odyssey," Odyssey "Andron Konchalovsky, and others.

In painting, Odysseus is presented in its entirety: from the old frescoes to canvases by Jordaens, Rubens, El Salvador, Rosa, Turner, Serov ... And again the list goes on.

In music, the Odyssey, too, do not forget: this opera Monteverdi, Kaiser, Rebel, numerous ballets and even a musical K. Molchanov.

Like any epic hero, Odysseus - necessarily tragic. In spite of his luck and cunning (for which he even praised the goddess Athena), he torn between the desire for freedom and longing for home. He is running from himself - to himself, through countless sufferings and adventures.

Who was Odysseus? "Again, someone in the way ships collects ... Fragment of a vase - Odysseus, tied to the mast, so as not to succumb to the sirens singing resourceful, cunning and calculating, sometimes heroic character types found in our times. Who was Odysseus? He did, and athlete, and the master and commander, and the merchant, and (strictly required) narrator. Not deprived of a purely human weaknesses, unlike many ancient heroes. And always take their destiny into their own hands.

Could he not try to plunge into the abyss of business. In this environment, the Odyssey could survive and even thrive. And who does not like Odysseus, came up with a Trojan horse? Although he provided and storm winds, and underwater reefs, and death battles, and tricks and intrigues of competitors. From the epic hero Odysseus could well become the head of the corporation. He knows how to lead, establish discipline, think on a grand scale. Yet he is more warrior, repel the attacks can steal - no. And he probably would not have felt satisfied, could not limit itself to what they have.

And in our reality, even the smallest business requires a Herculean effort. All the powerful potential of modern Odysseus can take on suschuyu bustle, the petty proceedings. Is the current obstacles can be compared with those at that Odysseus is really capable of? And have: instead of the heroic battles - viscous and sticky conversations with officials, rather than the eternal enemy of Poseidon - eloped with all the money the banker, instead of the terrible Cyclops - racketeers, instead of Scylla and Charybdis - the reform and defaults, rather than magic - feverish perebiranie cards, instead of longing for home - nauseating sitting in traffic jams.

Who was Odysseus? "Again, someone in the way ships collects ... Serov. Odysseus and Nausicaa And sirens modern Odysseus may miscalculate. Do not tie he had his team and himself to the mast and plug their ears with wax. People are dying on level ground, from the sweet singing, from the desire to jump into the water, plunge into the beautiful world. Well aware than it always ended ... Ever since prehistoric times.

Can the Odyssey to become a film director and withdrawing an epic movie. But, if you - not the son of kings, and what was the Greek hero, the feat of climbing kinoolimp comparable odisseevskimi. Intrigues, tricks, serious struggle. Thanks, too, is comparable, if not more - cost of civilization, nothing can be done.

The direct road to the Odyssey test pilots or just a cosmonaut. The soul still asks furious ocean spray, unexplored land, real dangers, the dispute with the gods. The soul asks this feat, which through many thousands of years would be interesting to people. Soul of requests and cognition. And can bring Odyssey into this journey, as Jacques-Yves Cousteau, as Thor Heyerdahl. He can organize this expedition and return to glory. The expedition not only sea, but with the adventure, with danger and unbelievable discoveries: Lost cities or large deposits.

Who was Odysseus? "Again, someone in the way ships collects ... Odysseus and the sirens in the world today all epic characters are struggling, too. But for other reasons. And yet - someone must boldly break new ground:

In the East, West, the South and the North
Every day sailing ships Odyssey ...
Rain falls, the sun rises,
And the courage in his heart does not relieve.
No matter how many centuries over the land is not rushed past,
Will his wife tears shed at the berth,
So the world works, that long may not
Ships at the pier standing.