Once, during an informal acquaintance introduced me to a comrade from South China: - Very nice" />

Who is John Doe, or why the Chinese should not always be offended by the associative jokes?

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 Who is John Doe, or why the Chinese should not always be offended by the associative jokes? Once, during an informal acquaintance introduced me to a comrade from South China:
- Very nice, John Ma.

Remembering that John - the most common English name and surname of Ma are millions of Chinese, I laughed:
- John Doe, yes?

But my joke was misunderstood. Chinese comrade offended blinked and once again insisted:
- No - John Ma.

I had to hurry razrulivat tense situation, to explain the outbreak of inappropriate fun and try to persuade the Chinese comrades in their earnest consideration. Well, who would have thought that a man who identified himself as John, would be unprepared to parry so obvious associative jokes related to the popular British 1,111,114. named [/url] ?

And this is the case. John Doe (John Doe) - this is John Doe, which officially assign lawyers many English-speaking countries, a fictitious person or persons involved in trials incognito. As a rule, the plaintiffs. Anonymous defendants also often referred to as Richard Roe (Richard Roe). It became the custom since the English king Edward III (1312-1377gg), when the first face of the law appears more imaginary than real Doe and Roe (deceived by the landlord and the tenant-switcher, the cunning survivor of the owner-landlord of the land of his own).

Today, a host of lawyers Dow considerably expanded. Fake or anonymous female plaintiff receives the equivalent name is Jane Doe (Jane Doe). If the case appears some 1,111,116. baby [/url] His anoint Baby Doe (Baby Doe). If it is not about one person, but once a few, the episodes appear in court new players characters with the above name - James Dow (James Doe) or Judy Dow (Judy Doe) and other Dow Named in "D".

This practice has taken root not only in jurisprudence. Legend, John and Jane Doe actively uses the police for the record data on unidentified persons (criminals or victims). By analogy comes and health workers who call Dow admitted for treatment of patients whose identity has not been established. Incidentally, quite often this feature police and medsistem use and filmmakers.

For example, in the Steven Seagal action film "Hard to Kill. Nico-2 »(The Hard to Kill) hero-cop who has fallen into a coma a few years spent in the hospital under the name John Doe. Thus, the police department provides absolute anonymity of the staff working under cover.

In the cult film "Seven» (The Se7en), the same one where starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, the serial murderer (played by Kevin Spacey) was named Jonathan Dawe (abridged version - the same John Doe). And in a detective story "Murder by Numbers» (The Murder by Numbers) the main character, Sandra Bullock, investigating the case, John Doe uses an alias to identify the victim.

In Norway, a musical group called «Johndoe», and in the U.S. - a group that had taken a woman's name «Jane Doe». Red Hot Chili Peppers in the song "Midnight» (The Midnight) often turn to the topic Dow. And in the repertoire of the bands playing hard rock, the name Dow is more common than anywhere else. By the way, the musicians often take stage names such as John Doe or J. Doe.

Journalists, too, does not take away the popular fictitious nickname When you want to hide the real names - the reporter, the source of information or stateynogo figuranta. Or, if necessary, screw in the text material a fictional character. In addition, John Doe in the English-language media is denoted by minor "street" people - passers-by, onlookers and others (for example: "... at the time of robbery there was a certain John Doe, who informed the police about the incident"). However most of the Dow from the crowd press calls John Q Citizen (John Q Citizen) or John Q Public (John Q Public).

It is interesting that practically in all countries, and on all continents found their John Doe. In the Russian-speaking space, for example, Ivan Ivanov, Petrov, Sidorov, and emerged relatively recently Vasya Pupkin. In Sweden - Herr and Frau Svensson (Herr/Frau Svensson), Switzerland - Herr and Frau Schweizer (Herr/Frau Schweizer), in Poland - Jan Nowak (Jan Novak) and Jan Kowalski (Jan Kowalski), Norway - Ola Kari Nordmann (Ola Nordmann, Kari Nordmaan), in Lithuania - Vardenis Pavardenis (Vardenis Pavardenis), Yonaitis Jonas (Jonas Jonaitis), in Latvia - Janis Berzins (Janis Berzins), Australia - Fred Narke (Fred Nerk) and Joe Blow ( Joe Blow), Simon McCool (Simon McCool) and so on.

But in China, John Doe is the most common - it Minshi Wu (Wu Mingshi), which literally translated means "No Name". Not too much in tune with John Doe, huh? That is why the Chinese with an English friend Ma psevdoimenem John and did not realize at first make sense of my associative jokes. Now if his name was John Woo (John Wu) - would be an additional reason to have fun ...