Why so popular adaptation of the novel "Treasure Island"?

Why so popular adaptation of the novel "Treasure Island"? January morning turned on the television and there, as greetings from the past, showed the movie "Treasure Island", black and white issue in 1937. And just Jenny sang a song that I remember from early childhood, and I love:

  I'm on the deed you accompanied
Across the country rattling thunder
I'll come with me, but the tears kept
And there were dry eyes.
You're in the hot case, calmly and bravely,
Go on, fearing nothing,
If wounding another, bind girlfriend
Hot wound him ...

Somehow, a long time this song Nikita Bogoslovsky the words of Vasily Lebedev-Kumacha in my mind conjured up the deeds of the Great Patriotic War, probably the song I heard on the radio before saw the film, because during the war and early post-war it was very popular; and I loved her singing.

 Why so popular adaptation of the novel "Treasure Island"? Cover with a DVD movie in 1937 movie "Treasure Island" directed by Vladimir Weinstock, release in 1937, I saw for the first time somewhere in the year 1949. Although I am not a boy, new adventures, then watched this movie many times. And every time he brought me in admiration! All the music for the film, simply magnificent, was written when the young Nikita Bogoslovsky, and it earned him deserved fame. Modern viewers often criticized the old Soviet film for being too ideologization. Say, positive heroes sacrifice themselves, getting wealth not for themselves, but for the benefit of the revolution. But we were taught and then - have been thinking about the homeland, and then about myself, so we're not really paid attention to the ideological, the main thing - adventures of heroes and their exploits! And what amazing actors played here! Unbeatable Nikolai Cherkasov - Billy Bones, Osip Abdulov as Long John Silver, Michael Tsarev - Doctor Livesey, Capitolina Pugacheva - Jenny, and others. If you could count the number of those who had seen this film for all years from 1937, surely he would be at the top, as they say now, the rating!

 Why so popular adaptation of the novel "Treasure Island"? Robert Louis Stevenson After watching the movie I read the book "Treasure Island" Robert Louis Stevenson, she surprised me no less than the movie. The book is read and reread many generations not only boys and girls, but also adults. It can safely be attributed to the masterpieces of world of adventure literature. Robert L. Stevenson (1850 1894g.g.) For its relatively short life wrote a lot (about ten) novels, wrote stories, poems and essays, but worldwide fame brought him the novel "Treasure Island» («Treasure Island or the Mutiny of the Hispaniola »), completed and published in 1883. But three years later, in 1886, he had already appeared in Russian translation. And only in Russian language book reprinted 100 times! Probably match the readability and popularity with him can only "Robinson Crusoe" by Daniel Defoe.

Yes, and the number of adaptations as well. According to the Wikipedia, Robert Louis Stevenson novel Treasure Island, "adapted for the screen in different countries for more than 20 times: in the U.S., Britain, France, Italy, the USSR and Russia, both as gaming and animation films. The first movie refers to 1912!

In our country, "Treasure Island", after 1937, again adapted for the screen in 1971. Filmed at the studio to them. Gorky director E. Friedman, the script, created in conjunction with E. Dubrovsky. Music written by a wonderful composer Alexei Rybnikov. The film is colored, cast the "bouquet" is beautiful: the role of Long John Silver was filmed Boris Andreyev, many Lithuanian actors - Laimonas Noreyko - Doctor Livesey, Algimantas Masiulis - Squire Trelawney, Yu Urmonavichyus - Captain Smollett, etc. It looks with great interest. Reading a reviews on this adaptation of the Internet, only offerings, I decided to revise it again, because not all preserved in the memory after the first of more than two decades ago, watching. Recently watched the DVD. And amazingly, but the film in 1937, although it black and white, I liked it somehow captured his action. Of course, one can argue with me, but perceptions are different.

 Why so popular adaptation of the novel "Treasure Island"? A frame from the movie 10 years later, in 1982 at Lenfilm Studio directed by V. Vorobyev took three-part television version of "Treasure Island, with wonderful actors, O. Borisov, V. Zolotukhin, N. Karachentsov, V. Strzhelchik, O. Volkova . Music for TV Film written by E. Ptichkin. But I somehow failed to see this version, so I can not judge, for better or worse it earlier.

Of the overseas artistic adaptations to our viewers may know the movie "Treasure Island" American director V. Fleming, 1934. In 1972, the screens went co-production of France, Britain and Italy, directed by John Hugh, Andrea Bianchi, Antonio Margherita. The main role played Long John Silver Orson Welles. In 1990, there was another screening of the USA: director Fraser C. Heston, starring Christopher Lee, Oliver Reed, Christian Bale and others.

The plot of "Treasure Island" attracts and animators. In the U.S. cartoon "Treasure Island" was filmed in 1973, then in 1990, in Bulgaria in 1982

 Why so popular adaptation of the novel "Treasure Island"? Cartoons 1986 88g.g. And in 1986-88. in the USSR, at the studio "Kievnauchfilm" commissioned Broadcaster director D. Cherkassky was shot full-length, two-part, a cartoon film based on a novel by Robert Louis Stevenson. The first series of "Map of Captain Flint", the second - "Treasure of Captain Flint. Taken out of it in non-traditional manner, combines drawing with the play, accompanied by contemporary music V. Bystryakova and songs. This animated musical, I would say grotesque comedy. But he is very popular among viewers. In the film, 9 songs, written with humor and, in some ways, instructive. I finally give only two verses from the opening song, revealing the plot:

  All the characters in this drama
From the filibuster and to a Master of Science
Converge on the edge of this hole here,
Where Flint buried them with a penny chest.
Everything starts with the old card.
As a result, some people do not gather the bones,
And the island that could be a resort,
The object becomes diabolical passions!
There will scrape,
Chases, fights, blood, murder and deceit.
Because that's a bit of this here paper -
It depicts a plan.
The entire blame for the money, money!
All the evil from them! I used their age can not see!
For me to come. Thank you for your attention!
It must be a will to kill.

What still attracts the work of Robert Louis Stevenson and the filmmakers and viewers, and viewers? Maybe the fact that many of us live the spirit of adventure, discovery of unknown? Maybe because we are all a little adventurous and, scorning "halfpenny comfort", we can rush to meet the adventure? Let every man answer this question!