Who was called a great singer silent film? Upadshaya star Inga Zajac

Who was called a great singer silent film? Upadshaya star Inga Zajac In the history of art are still many undiscovered pages. One of them - this is a great future unfulfilled languid diva Russian chanson Inga Zajac.

Refined beauty Pole by birth, she was not created for the cruel world behind the scenes ... Aristocratic pride would not let her fly on the stage "through the couch" in foster producers, and refined tastes were not to the new master of life - and the hegemony of the proletarian, who wanted to listen to "Left March" and "Bricks". She sang a soft robin harp, her songs with the words Ariwara Narihira and Mallarme were not in tune with the iron path heroes with steel hands and flaming engines instead of the heart ...

Save some testimonies and memoirs of contemporaries about the failed her career. Here's a story a teacher of French and good manners Ernestina Josephovna Poincare:

"... She was so ... how shall I say, a little decadent type. That is not what a whore, and talked - a subtle and a bit cynical, tired unclear what ... Recipients of twine, there zhurfiksy all, mama worries - it's time to get married, but no money for dowries, a noble name, but the dilapidated ... And now the groom all no. Ingusya pereborchivaya, as there is someone more impressive, but richer, all fyr! fyr! stupid, not far off, a mustache cabbage! Mauvais ton! Art does not understand! and the time is coming ...

And then there is devotedly in love with a young and dashing dubolom and Skalozub, Nick Austen Backen. The candidate, laughing, joking inappropriately, gromoglasen and trivial to the vulgarity, but rich as hell. Chocolate, flowers, favors, box at the opera, brilyantik, this and that ... Inga's eyes from rolling up his jokes, and burns incense sticks - as you have shoes smell really unbearable! - Tar d Service requires brilliance! - And again the story: "And here we have in the regiment was the case ...

Poets and Poetry girlfriend (Fima Dogs, Hina Chleca, Ellochka have had such a shameless, Inga did not like her) look at each other, building faces, but ... rich, rich, and love to complete blindness. They exchange glances, eyes mountain uplifting, and then, in front, will withdraw into a corner and - "could you, my friend, until Wednesday - the money held ...

Again, race is not the last, baronial, Inga, do not miss - sizzling mama - you have 28, and Kaptsan your poetitskie really suitors, drunks, cocaine. The same love will be on hand, and since you'll be able to observe an interest then ...

Inga had already gathered quite refuse him, but then the bailiffs arrived - the furniture to describe, but the district attached - give a certificate of employment, so why not attend evening technical school. How can you - Inga next to these Dunyami a jacket, with the shop! Well, she gave up. Only one of his accent Nicholas: the scene will not leave.

The beauty and fine intellect Inga, her rare talent attracted to her many famous people of that time. Here is what remembers a neighbor in the communal kitchen in Krivopolennom lane Anna Maslova: "We went to her different ... Hairy, haired, in a jacket of some yellow. They said poets. And what sort of poets - poetishki, artists from the word "evil", akterishki burnt theater - and strive to dine, and drink, but in the corner to squeeze. Itself heard: one, a hefty such cheeky, shouted: - I said, cesspoolage and water carrier! - Well? And I was saying that he was not a poet? So does such happen? Courting, bouquets wore, Kohl became jealous. Well, Inga him from the gate corner. And what do you think? - He shot himself. Oh, she was afraid that Kohl shoot himself. "

But the most remarkable, significant event was the friendship with the famous Inga Cherubino de Gabriac . Inga even sang the song on her poems:

I - in istomlyayuschey link
In these damned walls.
Blue, tender stems
They are fighting on his pale hands.

I go through the rosary;
Heart - like a mountain almonds.
For binding lattice
Smoky crying crystal.

Even Ronsard sonnets
Not parted me sad.
All that said, poets
I know by heart long ago.

Darkness does not drive off sad
Emblem of the Holy Cross.
A disgraced princess
They'd taken even a buffoon.

Cherubina valued friendship with Inga, she is also attracted the world of art and cinema. Her friends often wept, embracing ... But life had scattered them - Cherubina went to Koktebel ... The friendship was lost.

A married Inga continued to act - on zhurfiksah in private homes, in houses of culture. Her repertoire was becoming increasingly grivuaznym, frivolous, and this could not troubling. However, the audience just roared delight! Shot in the movie "Frenzy of passion, or a broken flower", which played a singer in love with the noble robber. Partner was the famous Italian tenor Zapata Viejo.
But the former Baron Osten-Backen, who had gone under the new government of cloth department, did not approve of bohemian life, late returns, fans - the indispensable attributes of the stars of the screen and stage. With a broken heart Inga left the scene and abandoned the joys of a happy family life among the stoves in the communal kitchen ...

As if on her piercingly sad poem written Pisces Pumbrii: