Why the French should be afraid of Eric Bulatov?

Why the French should be afraid of Eric Bulatov? I never would have thought that the ex-Soviet nonconformist might look like this: a dark blue jacket, a foreign cut, neat beard, delicate statura. It would seem, a former wrestler with a socialist ideology and should now have burning eyes and a torn shirt on his chest. No, Erik has the form had been trained by Europeans. Or refined the Russian intelligentsia. To somehow.

Text - "live" and "dead" - became the principal author's "chip" Bulatov, so that his work can not be confused with any other. He combined a realistic manner, the landscape genre (Moscow species, wheat fields, floating clouds - the quiet melancholy, the thunderstorm, forest, sea) and portrait with chopped poster-slogan and forever frozen phrases like "Do not lean against," "no entry", " Danger.

It is simple and seems naively portrayed that the Soviet people saw every day: the giant rusted letters "Glory to the CPSU!" On the roof of the smoke-filled dormitory, portraits 1,111,112. General Secretaries [/url] on the pediments dilapidated houses, a sign of quality on the banks with condensed milk. What zamylenny human eye does not notice that the verbal context, about which the homo soveticus already refleksirovat forgotten Bulatov noticed and blessed.

 Why the French should be afraid of Eric Bulatov? E. Bulatov. Glory to the CPSU. "Dead", emasculated, not referring to the actual object code for Bulatov began as if the grid coordinates, the lattice, which has been superimposed on daily life. Removing the "dead" of words from the context in which they existed for many years, their "ostrannenie (artistic device that allows to provide self-evident, plain and simple as something strange, requiring interpretation) reveals, in the words of Eric Bulatov, the problem of normality abnormal, curvature and deformity ideologically social space.

But Bulatov, Artist and graphics, word and text - is primarily a game. Ability to search for composite, guessing riddles, create optical trap for viewers' eyes. And here, in the papers of this series, the text devoid of ideological load (as it is possible). Here - "living" word, the infamous flying sparrow, murmuring under his breath while walking, lines of poetry other Bulatov, poet Vsevolod Nekrasov ...

 Why the French should be afraid of Eric Bulatov? E. Bulatov. Street Krasykova. 1977 Erik Bulatov I have been sympathetic - his creative style and clever word play, the ability to a small number of artistic methods to express so much. But when I found out what he did Bulatov in 1960, my heart melted. And it worked so that the publisher "Detgiz illustrated in collaboration with Oleg Vasiliev children's books - the ones that I loved so much time for pictures. "Cinderella", for example. Here is a nonconformist and indomitable. It is symptomatic that the children's book illustrations and the famous conceptualist Ilya Kabakov, who lives and works now, like Bulatov, in the West.