Who is Jacques Callot? Graver era Musketeers

Who is Jacques Callot? Graver era Musketeers Works by Jacques Callot, the master of etchings - especially a window in the XVII century, the time Sluggaboyz ranged_attack_range-musketeers and unlimited power of kings, are prone to theatrical exercises. As well as being pan-European wars of the "legacy" and the simple-minded fans of commedia dell'arte.

 Жак Калло, родившийся в 1592-м (или 93-м) году в Нанси (Лотарингия) в пятнадцать лет был отдан отцом в ученики к золотых дел мастеру. А затем – учеба и работа в Риме , Florence, mastering the mysteries engraving, drawing productions and festivals at the court of the Medici. In 1621 Callot returned home and became a court painter of the Duke of Lorraine Charles IV.

The two main areas - the art graphics and art scene-painter - and created a unique handwriting Callot, created his own artistic space where the theater - not a special show, taking place in the seats assigned to it, but a way of existence and to communicate with the outside world. Rights was a hundred times older contemporary Callot, a resident of Albion Шекспир, сказавший «весь мир – театр…» and so forth.

Images embodied Callot, symbolic: it is, on the one hand, we know all the characters of commedia dell'arte, but on the other - hidden under the rough mask evils of society - greed, militancy, corruption, poverty. And no one deceive ostentatious theatricality of tracks - the stage, curtain heroes Callot from the scene and dissolve into the crowd of onlookers, become the same as they are, "ordinary people". Not surprisingly, the war in the representation Callot, also a game that has its audience: a tree, heavily "decorated" the hanged man, the surrounding crowd looks through a bored yawn, like a little piece on the long-drawn.

Characters Callot - a figure domolerovskogo Theatre . Another has its price subtle irony, a complex drama, unexpected scenario moves. Another game at Teles - bent back, otklyachivayutsya to heighten laughter behinds, I hear a slap. Grotesque and vulgarschina - a language understood by the mob.
Even in such seemingly canonical work, like "Temptation of St.. Anthony does not alter the master of his style: rock-proscenium arch depict Lucifer hovering over the events, like hanging on a rope from his nose grows suddenly gun imp (hello Bosch, who also mockery and horror - a number).

Works of Jacques Callot - a heavy piece of marble, cast into the lake European art . In the circles, torn from the stone, swung even such masters (quite self-sufficient, we note), as Hoffman and Goya. A writer named his first book, "Fantasies in the manner of Callot", and the artist bowed predecessor, giving the name of his series of etchings, has already used two centuries earlier Kallo - "Disasters of War".

Skill engraver - great work, perseverance anthem, straight eye and firm hand. Thousands shtrishkov perform a needle on the acid resistant varnish deposited on the metal plate. In these grooves burst into acid, which corrode the metal, forever leaving him master plan. Disperse prints all over the world ...