Who was the father for the lion and the bear? Fedor Khitruk. Cartoons from Childhood

Who was the father for the lion and the bear? Fedor Khitruk. Cartoons from Childhood When people talk about the great Soviet animation, primarily remember George Norshtein, who created the best movies of all time. And I want to call another name - Fedor Khitruk . At least in hand-drawn animation. He has created a unique "layered" image, not fashioning his characters out of plasticine. But he was one of the first who walked away from the Disney manner of drawing characters with the correct "human" proportions.

Fragments of life
Fedor Khitruk - Child Day. He was born in Tver 1 мая в год двух революций – 1917. Семья самая обыкновенная. Мама домохозяйка, отец – слесарь. Первая самостоятельная сцена – короткая, практически немая, сделанная Хитруком, была в фильме «Дядя Степа» 1938 года. Даже герой был не главный – дворник, подметавший улицу и ворчавший «Ох-ох-ох». Во время первого просмотра Федор так долго ждал свое «детище», что… не узнал его в общем показе мультфильма .

His first wife - Maria Motruk also of the multipliers. And he calls it underlined - Mary L.. He hates war. When she remembers, unaccustomed to hold the pencil. And the first post-war scene in the animated film "The Elephant and the Ant", one might say, failed. It is true, then came to the realization that his "horse" - the character, not the speaker. After all, he and [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/archive/0/n-13386/] 11111127 cartoons. such - with the character.

His characters are different - elongated into a string, or squat, as if flattened. But always with the unmistakable character and captivating charisma. And do not even hesitate - you all know them. Forgot? Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, circus lion Boniface on vacation, noisy kvadratnenky film director of "Film, film, film. By the way, many leaders of Motion Picture Arts and argue that this is the most successful film about cinema.

But the animator Fyodor Khitruk was under the influence ... Disney cartoon . He recalls how in 1935 (the family just returned from Germany, where he worked for his father) in Moscow showed the films of Walt Disney. Moving Pictures so impressed by the young illustrator that after three years, quite a young man, was on "Soyuzmultfilm. And the next 25 years, drew, painted, painted ... In the first half of 1940 this process was interrupted by the war. Apparently, so the path to the first author's work was long: director of Theodore Savyelitch began at the age of 45 years.

His heroes
His first film was 11,111,124. The History of a Crime "1962 [/b] . Teen Movies does - as was fashionable to say "ostrosotsialnoe, urging neighbors not to make noise at night. However, apart from the plot, in the form of narrative it was already marked - made master. Schematic images emerged draped in a complex study, which received the following awards at international festivals.

 Who was the father for the lion and the bear? Fedor Khitruk. Cartoons from Childhood How would we live without our sly Winnie the Pooh?
 But the most famous - is, of course, Winnie the Pooh (1969-1972 Gg.) And Boniface (1965) . And any child of the Soviet Union will always be categorical - our Disney Winnie the better, no matter how cool. But we will not argue about it. We will only say that in his time, Boris Zakhoder, Russian Papa Winnie the Pooh, extremely critical of the idea of movies. And then got used and even led to demonstrations of his acquaintances. Only Piglet he was somehow not really.

But Fyodor Savel'evich disagrees: "The book is written that he was so small that he could climb in the mailbox. How would it look on the screen? And we did it weightless, it is the delicate, as if holding a button on his pants.

Right time to leave
Fedor Khitruk does everything in a timely manner. Surprisingly, even as he succeeds. His directorial career lasted little more than twenty years. In 1983, he took his last - again, not for children - Film 11,111,124. "The Lion and the Bull" [/b] and left. Teaching. But then he was already 66. He led the highest rates of scriptwriters and directors, and was one of the founders of office directors, animators. He says that teaching has become much more understanding in the profession, from which is gone forever. In 2008, saw the light of his book "Profession - Animator ...

In his biography can be found several "ideological" movies. Unlike Norshtein He could not defend their cartoons before the commission. He still managed to make time. Hell, it is not peculiar to a creative person.