Recall ditties Great Patriotic? ..

Recall ditties Great Patriotic? .. Once we have talked 1,111,112. about chastushkas [/url] , But the military theme in them is worthy of a separate story. And in the days of May this time. Artless, often naive pripevki expressed a genuine love for his country, helped to survive the hardships and losses, are a true example of fortitude. This is not just nice words.

In chastushkas Wartime heard that cry, then laugh as if to create a number of soldiers and rear verses, you will find a kind of correspondence with the families of soldiers - a sincere, frank, heart. And today, the lines, many authors have already gone out of life, taking over the soul and serve as the memory of the fallen and the survivors, fighters, and the worker. Let us remember them together.

  From the first days of the war chanted babonki:

In the 41st, I milenochka
From the army waited.
Detained yagodinochku
Damned war.

This summer, in the 41st,
Never forget
Rolled to the heart of stone -
You would not fall off.

 Recall ditties Great Patriotic? .. Yu Neprintsev. Rest after the battle Heartful friend
In the Red Army go,
We wound dressing
Under the bullet and fire!

I do not need anything
About the war talk,
I myself go there
Wound dressing.

We'll milenochkom
Fighting for a couple
He will go for the commander,
I - for sanitarochku.

I have planted in the garden
Fighting will go with fascist
For the Soviet Motherland!

 Recall ditties Great Patriotic? .. AI Laktionov. Letter from the front From the front passed:

Write a letter to Svetlana,
Let her know all the farm:
I knocked out three foes tank
And fascist bomber.

I thought Hitler was awake:
"In ten days I will take to Moscow!
But we got across:
"You would Berlin Take care!

The enemy in the fields of throwing tanks -
The fact is, fellows, there is.
Suffocates Hitler gourds
Stalingrad ring.

  Promised relatives:

Hey, Mom! My mother -
Bitter race.
They learned to fight,
Fucking villain.

We're still alive - not dead men.
We're still alive - not dead men.
Number aspen stick.

 Recall ditties Great Patriotic? .. Red Square, May 9, 1945 And what inexorable alarm burst from women's breasts, waiting for news from the front:

My dear letter not written.
Maybe it's alive, but maybe not?
I wrote to the commander -
Do not come yet answer.

Yagodinochka from the army
Write, write, write!
Do not begrudge the sheet of paper -
Have pity on my soul!

  With faith in victory and the overwhelming desire to help his singing:

My milenok in the army.
Fights he with Germany.
Locate a cloud, find thunder
And break Germany's house.

Soon the war is over -
There would be soldiers rotami.
I have my dear
Meeting at the gate.

  And the pain of heart wept hysterically in chastushkas:
At the war would go,
Until the station is not reached,
It said that Kohl
The funeral came.

In Germany on the boundary
He was killed by aerial mine.
How to find me a place,
Where buried my dear.

Yahodynka painfully wounded
In the hand by a bullet bursting.
'll Find it at the front,
I'll bring him home.

 Recall ditties Great Patriotic? .. And cheered his mischievous rhymes:

We skated milenochkom
At a military boat.
The boat turned on its side,
We - to hell mother!

I am corporal at the barracks
Service bravely borne.
He ordered me to lie down,
I gave him the honor.

Couplets were wireless telegraphy, they spilled all the senses - and helped to withstand the heavy fighting. Sniper Ina S. Mudretsova (by appointment VM Matveev), told, for example, such a case. Her battle girlfriend Anna Nosov and Vera Porotnikova after long attempts to hit the German machine-gunner, who was beating out of cover for the advancing Soviet part, finally, threw grenades. And as soon as the fight ended, one of them sang in the captured trenches:

But yesterday war had a dream
In white sneakers in the coffin.
Besportoshnoy I was born -
Besportoshnoy and die.

Kohl came to the rescue sniper picked up:

Ah, swearing!
Give the new machine.
On the front edge of entomopathogenic
All the Nazis shoot.

 Recall ditties Great Patriotic? .. After a few verses came communicator and said that the command asks: "What bawling? At 10 kilometers hear. Faith, snatching the receiver, will vote in it:

I am a girl fighting
What a f dostukalas.
Fell in love with Lieutenant
And the straps got caught.

Kohl immediately responded:

Oh, doo-doo, ah, doo-doo,
He sits on the Fuhrer oak.
I come from a sniper rifle
He pestle apart.

And from the trenches of the enemy came a voice: "Eng, gut! Sing Shaw "coil"!

It was the forty-third. And then to Berlin gotten our rhyme:

From Moscow to Berlin
Path that is narrow.
How Hitler, not bragging
A victory - Russian!