There is still no precise definition, so how is the name of "Big Ben". The bell of th" />

Whose name is Big Ben? History of world's most famous clock

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 Whose name is Big Ben? History of world's most famous clock There is still no precise definition, so how is the name of "Big Ben". The bell of the clock can hear the people around the world, their fight BBC broadcast hourly. Tourists in the building Big Ben is not allowed. The Tower of Big Ben has a height of 96 meters, and the upstairs is possible only by a small spiral staircase. Exactly 334 steps lead up. At the top of the tower there is only one small area in the center of it and it is this legendary 1,111,112. Bell [/url] more than two meters in height and diameter of almost three meters.

As already mentioned, to date it is unclear who gave the name of this bell. Someone said that he was so named in honor of Benjamin Hall, who was chief of construction Big Ben. This superintendent for his impressive physical dimensions and nicknamed Big Ben. There is also a version that the title of the bell comes from the athlete-boxer since Queen Victoria, Benjamin Count. In any case, name happened could not be more convenient.

"Through this hour the Lord keeps me, and his strength will not allow anyone to stumble" - these words of Big Ben and the rest of the bell next to him, that smaller, beat out its sound. Every two days, Big Ben is being tested, during which lubricate 1,111,116. clockwork [/url] . In addition, during the inspection takes into account the daily temperature, barometric pressure and weather conditions. As with any clock, Big Ben gives snapped the time, but it is about 1.5-2 seconds per day.

In the history of Great Britain do not specify the year when a "wise guy" whose name is lost in history, solved this problem with the usual English penny. And indeed, if we put a coin on the pendulum, which reaches four meters, the clock speed up its move exactly 2.5 seconds per day. The superintendent is making the accuracy of British hours this way - adding or removing a coin with a pendulum.

I must say that, despite the weight of 5 tons and 1,111,118 sesquicentennial. history [/url] , Mechanism works surprisingly perfectly.

Dials are installed so that all four sides can see the time that show clock Big Ben. Sami watches are made from Birmingham opal Time arrows cast iron, but the minute hands are made of sheet copper. Special study found that the minute hand are a total of 190 kilometers per year.

It is difficult nowadays to find someone who does not know what Big Ben. But few can tell that they are installed in the tower of St. Stephen's at the Palace of Westminster in which sit two British Chamber of Parliament .

History of Big Ben began in 1844 when architect Charles Bury, rebuilt Palace of Westminster, asked parliament to allocate grants for the construction of his hours, which were to be planned by the tower of St. Stephen. Parliament has allocated the money, but on condition that a new clock, which wanted to erect Bury, will be in England will be the most accurate and the largest in the world, and the bell that should have been set on this watch was to be heard throughout the empire.

When the project was completed, disputes arose between the authorities of 11,111,112. City [/url] and the author of the project, how to ensure the accuracy of the time. As a result, Astronomer Royal, George Airy proposed the following: check the accuracy of hours by telegraph, which linked the Greenwich Observatory and Big Ben.