Who was dancing Isadora Duncan?

Who was dancing Isadora Duncan? In May, marks the 131 year anniversary of Isadora Duncan. In the man from another world, she saw the deceased's son, and he found in her mother's warmth, which had lacked in childhood. Eighteen years difference in age, America and Russia ... Biographers and psychologists still argue that joined the Russian lyric 1,111,112. Yesenin [/url] and passionate dancer Isadora Duncan.

Isadora was 44, and Sergei - 26, when they met. Broken troubles in his personal life and death of children, she came to Russia to teach others the art of live music.

The first time Yesenin saw her in a dance. Grace, passion, intelligence - all this could not but stir the creative soul of the poet. He came to meet you, but ... Neither the British nor the French language is not possessed. To draw attention to pleasing a woman, in love with Russian guy took off his shoes and danced around a wild dance of Isadora. It really intrigued. Glancing at the boy with golden curls, she said: "Angel ..." And after a moment looked into his eyes and added: "The Devil". Then she could not even imagine, as she was close to the truth.

This day marked the beginning of their romance. And the language of communication has become the language of love. A pair appeared before the public only two weeks. Yesenin attended all the performances, without exception, Isadora, and every day more and more in love with her. But a flurry of passion subsided and the relationship turned into a calm union of two loving people, the poet showed his rebellious character. Russian lyrical soul wanted fresh impressions and new adventures. Together with his friends Yesenin looking for them at the bottom of the bottle. But a mother's love helped her endure it all: endless screams, curses, and even beatings ... Isadora forgive him and continue to call her an angel.

 Although the famous dancer had many love affairs, she had never been married. Her only official husband was Yesenin. They decided to take a common surname Yesenin Duncan. The marriage was entered into for the sake of a visa for travel to Europe ...

 Who was dancing Isadora Duncan?
 Journey to the obscure for the Russian soul, the free western world has become in their relationship beginning of the end. All of Europe adored dancer, her performances were extremely successful. However, most Isadora wanted and Yesenin became known to the world. After each statement put him on the scene, the audience represented a talented young Russian poet, calling him a second Pushkin. But his inspiration remains in Russia, and throughout this period he did not write any new lines.

Increasingly, he peered into the glass. Soon after this a murmur in the press, where a young man celebrated Duncan called a drunkard and a brawler. And she went on to write on the mirrors, red lipstick "Yesenin - Angel.

 Who was dancing Isadora Duncan? Isadora, woman, captures the poet's thoughts ...
In place of a great sense came scandals. Yesenin strives to be free, and Isadora let him go, but she returned to Europe. After that, they occasionally exchanged telegrams. But once Isadora in response to the line "I love you until the end of his life" came the deadly "I am married and very happy."

... Two years after their separation Yesenin shortened his life. And after two dancer sat in a red car, proudly neglected shoulder red scarf, with whom she performed for Sergei is one of the world's most famous dance - "Dance with a scarf." The car started moving - and a nice scarf, spun on the wheel, strangled Isadora. But still continue to live on her words of Russian poet: