Who made money on the film before its invention? Leland Stanford

Who made money on the film before its invention? Leland Stanford The vast majority of people believe that the inventors of cinema were 1,111,112. Lumire brothers 11,111,117. . Why do not we try to reduce the size of their contribution to the creation and development of a new kind of art, so much valued by later Soviet leaders. But the pioneers were still not them.

Back in 1872 the predecessor Arnold Schwarzenegger at a high state as governor of California 1,111,116. Leland Stanford [/b] became interested in hair-splitting: a flying horse? More precisely, and without jokes - is there a moment when the horse galloping, completely separates from the ground while four hooves?

Spending time, sitting pants at the racetrack and watching the racers whizzing past the stands with riders occupied by a businessman and politician does not want. And what's the point in inspecting the horses' steps, all the same then nothing anyone can not prove, we need evidence.

Stanford turned to the fashion photographer 1,111,116. Idvirdu Maybridzhu [/b] , Who enthusiastically took up an interesting and well paid jobs. Problems to be solved much. The photographs, printed with conventional plates, see galloping horse was impossible. Nizkochuvstvitelnye photographs required large exposures, and for displaying moving objects, and even more dashing at full gallop horses, not good.

But the chemicals - only one component of a complex task. The second - the speed camera, because the right moment to catch the eye is impossible, and even more so, immediately press the trigger. That means we need to do a series of shots, decided appointed by the Governor inventor. How? Yes, using multiple cameras, closures which operates to sequentially at intervals of a thousandth of a second. But then again, how? How to make the camera work consistently and synchronously?

Unsuccessful experiments lasted for years, until the summer of 1878. By this time the root cause investigations disappeared. During the experiments, almost by accident managed to get a clear picture, which was clearly seen as a horse hovers above the ground, without touching the surface of the hoof.

The customer was satisfied, but, to his credit, did not stop the funding. Maybridzh so carried away by the task that the termination of research could be no question.

 Who made money on the film before its invention? Leland Stanford Лошадь в движении И вот, наконец, наступил день триумфа. 11 июня 1878 года на одном из калифорнийских ранчо фотограф in the presence of the press and heaps of onlookers showed their achievements.

Dozen of stereoscopic cameras, spaced at a distance of twenty inches from one another, almost instantly clicked the shutter and shot gallop racer Occident from the governor's stables. In fact, the closures have worked with an interval of one millisecond, and each camera captures the unique moment of horse races.

The resulting series of photographs called simply - "The horse in motion. It is considered the first "moving picture", from which stems all modern pedigree 11,111,116. film [/url] .

Who made money? Of course - the customer. Stanford conducted studies not only for fun. They say that the second reason was a dispute at a round sum - 25 thousand dollars, what, and earned the governor and a businessman, received the first shot soaring horses long before the "moving picture".