Who made money on the film before its invention? Idvird Maybridzh

Who made money on the film before its invention? Idvird Maybridzh What is Идвирд Майбридж? Исследования закончились блестяще. Conducted by the order of 11,111,124. Leland Stanford [/b] - Railroad magnate and California Governor, founder of the famous university, they suddenly provoked a strong reaction in the field, at first glance unrelated to the dispute nor the customer's work, nor to the photographs the artist.

The picture shows the French musketeers and painter Теодора Жерико «Дерби в Эпсоме» зритель видит, как лошади в галопе буквально стелятся над землей, вытянув ноги. Увы, на «движущихся картинках» it is clear that such a phase in the gallop no, it's just a figment of a talented artist.

It would seem that in this matter? To examine thoroughly all the phases of the movement almost impossible, and the creative invention is entitled to any artist. But our colleagues in unison made to protect the art.

 Who made money on the film before its invention? Idvird Maybridzh Derby at Epsom famous sculptor Auguste Rodin asserted: "The artist rights, and the picture is lying, because in reality time does not stop, and if the artist manages to convey the impression of a gesture that has lasted for a few moments, his work, of course, would be far less arbitrary than a scientific way in which time suddenly interrupts his over.

Work on the study of horses galloping so fascinating Idvirda Maybridzha that he could not stay only a photographer and began to study the motor activity of animals. For presentations before the public with the results of newly naturalist casually invented no less significant than the cinema, art - animation.

The most important part of the apparatus under the author's name zoopraksiskop was a large glass disc with a diameter of almost a grown man. At the edge of the disk depicted the silhouettes of animals in different phases of motion. For example, from the beginning of a tiger jumping to its end. Now, if you turn on the lamp and promotion of the disc, then on the screen - a stretched white sheet - began dancing shadows - silhouettes. What is not the first projector?

By the way, other sources of images do not 11,111,122. drawing [/url] , And the disk contains copyrighted images, what were the main object of study and analysis for the newly created scientist. Only for the preparation of the labor "movement of animals, published by the University of Pennsylvania in 1887, Maybridzh made over a hundred thousand pictures. And it's not all his shots.

Create a prototype of the modern film projector, Maybridzh not stop there. In the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago photographer and scientist lectures which have not, but in a specially rebuilt for this purpose, zoopraksograficheskom Hall Equipped with a huge projector.

Over the entrance to the public had to pay. How many - do not know, but that is not important. What is more important than the fact that for viewing moving images has been appointed board. Before the public and opened the doors the first commercial cinema. So that Maybridzh not miss his.