Until now, when I asked: "Who was the first woman on Earth?" I have met the standard:" />

Who was the first woman on Earth?

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 Who was the first woman on Earth? Until now, when I asked: "Who was the first woman on Earth?" I have met the standard: "Eva - created by God from Adam's rib." Now I know that was wrong, because it was still and Lilith, which vodilas with demons.

The fact that women were the first two, referred to in the mythologies of various peoples. One of the oldest literary texts in human history, epic of Gilgamesh, written in Sumer about 4 thousand years ago, first mentions the name of Lilith . There, she appears as the first female demon that lived in the hollow of the divine tree. It was Lilith - a woman's name, which according to myths and even the Bible, was created before Eve.

In the Old Testament Pentateuch Moses in the first book of Genesis describes the creation of the world and the first people. The arrival of the women there were in fact referred twice. About the sixth day is written: "And God created man in His own image and likeness, both male and female he created them." It was only after the description of the seventh day in the Bible tells the story of a woman whom God created 1,111,114. from Adam's rib 1,111,117. . "And God has done in such a way that Adam fell asleep, and he took one edge of his body and closed his place and turned the Lord God is a rib taken from Adam into a woman and brought her to Adam." It turns out that women were two: created on the sixth day and seventh.

The priests say that the first story about the creation of the world does not belong to the author, and consist of a statement of two or even three different people. That is the explanation for this discrepancy.

Jews officially recognize the existence of Lilith. For example, memories of her are in the main book of Kabbalah - Zohar, written in the 2 century BC. Oe. and the book of the Torah - 6 century BC. Oe. In Jewish mythology, the central figure is the demon Succubus - Strangler newborns, this is Lilith. That she was once turned over to the dark forces. Every Jewish family has practiced certain rituals to protect their child from the demonic Lilith, which could come in the night and mercilessly kill a child. Also demon represented a danger to teenagers, Lilith seduced them.

The first 1,111,116. amulets [/url] against the temptress Lilith historians date 8 century AD. The most common of them - this picture with his hand written on her magic words. Especial scope of such ritual practices acquired in the Middle Ages. In the Middle Ages, a young Jewish families who have attained the age of 13, had no right to spend the night alone to avoid being seduced by Lilith, whose fame attributed the unusual beauty, along with the presence of hooves, webbed wings and other demonic attributes.

The most complete version about Lilith appears in one of the most famous Jewish texts - Alphabet of Ben Sira, written in about 700-1000 years. Mr. Oe. a man named Ben Sira. This is two sheets of aphorisms and sayings, of which 22 are written in Aramaic, and 22 in Hebrew. In the Alphabet of Ben Sira describes the first in the history of adultery: Lilith Adam exchanged for one of the demons.

Although Christianity and inherited a sacred letter of the Jews, representatives of the Orthodox Church totally rejected even the suggestion that before the creation of Eve, God could exist for a woman. Alphabet of Ben Sira, for Christians do not matter. In their view, this document generally can not be considered an ancient text.

Recently, American scientists from the Institute of population genetics have made a new discovery. Researchers tried to determine how genes are transmitted through the maternal line from generation to generation genetic relatives. With the help of computer technology, scientists have reduced the number of ancestral lines of all women living today, the two maternal clans, and not one as previously thought.