Who opened for the Russians "Glorious sea, sacred Baikal"? William Napoleonovich Garteveld

Who opened for the Russians "Glorious sea, sacred Baikal"? William Napoleonovich Garteveld In passing, one the articles been called a name that deserves the right word, more detailed story. These are about Hartevelde William Julius Napoleon. Swede by birth, he was educated in Leipzig Conservatory, and soon thereafter moved to Russia, being a lover of Russian music and Russian culture in general.

After three years on the Russian stage was shown to the opera William Napoleonovich Gartevelda "Song of Triumphant Love" based on works IS Turgenev, yet to bear, however, the glory of the composer. But the national musical culture owes much to this man, who had traveled all over the country, collecting prison and convict songs, and also left interesting records of his travels.

 Who opened for the Russians "Glorious sea, sacred Baikal"? William Napoleonovich Garteveld Народный дом в Челябинске, о котором В.Н.Гартевельд отзывался, что он достоин и крупного губернского города Из всех российских городов особого отношения В.Н. Гартевельда был удостоен Челябинск About which he spoke thus: "I had to visit all the cities of the European and Asian Russia, I was in the Caucasus, but boldly vouch that no city has such an amazing and exceptional physiognomy, as Chelyabinsk. If you read the brilliant stories of Bret Hart's life and manners of the Far West of America, then you will get an idea of the manners in Chelyabinsk. This is a "free city" for which the law does not apply ... The law, each carries a pocket in the form of Browning, because after dark without this "argument" nobody on the street does not go ... even now I have kept the concert poster, which is printed that "the security of the public on its return home from the concert will be offered military protection."

Newspaper Siberian leaf in the summer of 1908 reported the arrival of Mr. Gartevelda in Tobolsk, "the game is on the piano so pleased tobolyakam, when he was here recently with opera singers ...". Returning from his travels, Wilhelm Napoleonovich gave concerts, which were performed collected and processed products of convict folklore, and to this end, organized in Moscow ensemble, and then published a book of "penal servitude, and vagrants in Siberia."

 Who opened for the Russians "Glorious sea, sacred Baikal"? William Napoleonovich Garteveld In 1910 he produced 11,111,114. Performance [/url] "Songs of the convicts in the faces", which premieres have been held with the Hermitage Gardens, but for a few days had been banned by the censor. Not giving way to despondency as a result of this failure, Wilhelm Napoleonovich continued his advocacy of political prisoners and exiles songs. In 1912 in the large halls of the Noble Assembly of St. Petersburg and Moscow, and then in other cities held cycles "historical concerts", which performed his collection of "songs from the Napoleonic invasion."

Can not make Gartenveld their diligent efforts, did not know we would not today "Glorious sea, sacred Baikal", or the famous "Kandalnogo march" or "What are you thinking, soldier." Sadly, of course, that the Russian State Archive of Phonodocuments than half of these songs can not be reproduced, although some of the records still preserved.

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