Who stole the manuscript of the novel by Vladimir Bogomolov, "In August, forty-four?"

Who stole the manuscript of the novel by Vladimir Bogomolov, "In August, forty-four?" July 3, 1924, 85 years ago, in the village Kyrylivka Moscow region born Vladimir Bogomolov. In that year, when there was a leader of world proletariat, this name was most popular.

However, it is possible that the July 3, 1924 - this is only the official date of birth, documented in the military, but in fact, Vladimir was born two years later. So, anyway, he always wrote in his autobiography.

He grew up like everyone else, anything special among his peers did not stand out. Is that stubbornness - how about those people said поэт-трибун революции: «Гвозди бы делать из этих людей, крепче бы не было в мире гвоздей». Ну а как иначе? Тогда, когда он чуть подрос, в последние предвоенные годы, мальчишки взрослели рано, их идеалами были Валерий Чкалов, герои-папанинцы, офицеры и бойцы Красной Армии, сражавшиеся добровольцами там, где находился передний край борьбы с фашизмом – «чтоб землю в Гренаде крестьянам отдать ""

The ability to fight - the science, written in blood
 Who stole the manuscript of the novel by Vladimir Bogomolov, "In August, forty-four?" The only surviving wonder of photography Bogomolov of the war this was, and Vladimir - high forehead, a burly, defended the validity, even boyish. Before the war, managed to finish only seven years of schooling, then with two of his friends older 1,111,118. decided to go to war [/url] . In the recruiting office is not taken, it was necessary to ascribe a year. He was ready to fight to the last drop of blood. He considered that he was ready. But when the first mortar attack on the Nazis covered him with his platoon, and a third of unit was harvested fatal fire, including the platoon commander, Bogomolov barely restrained fury. He realized that the war - it is much more serious than he thought before to fight, to learn to do it. After all, here everything is decided by hundredths of a second - did not get to twenty meters from the rifle you're in a fascist - he will not spare you.

This science is going to the very hard, through the blood, the loss of almost daily contact with the cold breath of death. How much of his life hung by a thread? But he was a diligent student, the lessons learned quickly. After almost everyone who started with him in battle, povybilo, Vladimir, as one of the most experienced, was appointed commander of the department, then deputy commander of the platoon. He was very demanding commander, after the victory, even in a local battle should not be pursued at any cost, the main thing - to save people. And for this they need to learn every detail, which is known to be in a battle does not happen.

Who are you, comrade Bogomolov?
 Who stole the manuscript of the novel by Vladimir Bogomolov, "In August, forty-four?" And this is the "official" fotoografiya mature writer ... When, after almost 30 years after the Victory Vladimir Bogomolov wrote his penetrating novel - "In August, forty-fourth, many of his readers the impression that the author of the work and the main protagonist of the novel - Captain Paul Alekhine - one and the same person. Well, if not Alekhine, then lieutenant Tamantsev legendary cleaner-wolfhound.

But the fact of the matter is that in most biographies of Bogomolov has a lot do not even "white spots", but things that directly contradict each other. Thus, according to the official autobiography of the writer, he began to fight, as has been said in 15 years, in 1941, but there is evidence and that, since 1941 and, at least for the 1943rd, Bogomolov (who wore a While a completely different name), lived in Tatarstan, in the evacuation. This year, he disappeared from home and announced immediately after the victory.

What was the biography of the writer of this, which required "hiding"? Why he did not like to remember the war, and meet with writers, soldiers, for example, with the same Boris Vasilyev ? Only if unwillingness "to sign the letter the party" due to his reluctance to join the Union of Soviet Writers and enjoy all the provisions of this category of citizens privileges?

It matters much more than answers, and hardly anyone gives these answers. Of Vladimir Bogomolov's no longer alive (though he never retreated from his official autobiography, and one can imagine that he would be told), those who knew him to evacuate, and under a different name, will still insist. Are they in that some self-interest? Hardly. Perform someone's job to "deconstruct" writer? Also unlikely, although theoretically everything is possible.

The exact answer to us, alas, do not know ...
 Who stole the manuscript of the novel by Vladimir Bogomolov, "In August, forty-four?" The book "The Moment of Truth" (In August, forty-four) in the libraries was read to the holes ... Why is Vladimir Bogomolov did not like pictures? Due to the fact that it immediately "recognize" people from his past life? And try to tell the truth, which he was afraid to read somewhere in a magazine with thousands of copies?

Let's talk about the novel and film. It is known that the writer has worked on it for years, carefully sifting the archives documents that may help him or, alternatively, to divert to a standstill. Perhaps "In August, forty-four" and became "black sheep" only because of the fact that the author cites documents? True or cleverly composed, has no special meaning. The main thing - they emphasize the multifaceted nature of war: SMERSH officers conduct their battles directly on the ground, in practice, when a high-ranking generals, mostly at headquarters, on the maps.

It is known that the manuscript was at Bogomolov in a single copy. All-powerful general of the KGB, Vladimir Osipovich which gave the manuscript for review, demanded several amendments. Bogomolov refused. In response, the general manuscript locked in a safe and refused to return. While agree that there were simple "grasping" of the category "Red Army is the strongest!" So, the general asked to rewrite the scene when, during a meeting in the barn one of the generals did not have enough chairs. Is it important that a notorious chair? Bogomolov seemed that it gives realism. I, as officer, familiar with the life of the army was not hearsay, this scene in general seems far-fetched.

Knowing that deep in the rear wielded by a terrorist group, Generals Nevertheless, a very friendly gathering in a barn, putting their lives at risk. In order to be closer to the epicenter of events? But they, as military men, can not know what a bundle of grenades, adroitly abandoned in the window, enough to not come back from this war. Should I expose myself to such risk? After all, enter the state of affairs that the generals could and for a hundred miles from where wielded by a terrorist group ....

The manuscript of the novel KGB general Bogomolov yet returned. It was highlighted in red. But the writer allegedly insisted on in the novel went to print the letter in the letter, as it was intended by the author.

Why does the author crossed out his name from the credits of the film?
 Who stole the manuscript of the novel by Vladimir Bogomolov, "In August, forty-four?" Young people know perepitii novel by stellar roles Vladislav Galkin and Yevgeny Mironov few words about the film adaptation of the novel. With all these, too, was not entirely smooth. Modern movie requires as much as possible dynamics, struggles, pursuits, dizzying stunts. Meanwhile, in the novel such dynamic scenes was not so much. Harassment Pawlowski, verification of documents with the death Anikushina and Mishchenko. That, by and large, and all. Given that today, writer-director interpret the product of your choice (a vivid example of the recent movie based on the novel "Whatever Happened", which retained except that the names of heroes, but the real story "locked up" under the present), could accept the Bogomolov directorial projects? On the other hand, the film shot by Michael Ptashuk with Yevgeny Mironov, and Vladislav Galkin starring sufficiently dynamic. But here's the rub: the author of the novel - Vladimir Bogomolov - flatly refused to mention him in the credits as the author of the script ...