Who Ryurikovich undeservedly forgotten by the national history? Part 1

Who Ryurikovich undeservedly forgotten by the national history? Part 1 Artful's Time of Troubles are like fancy haze, tightly enveloping some scenes and carefully avoids others. As a result, the majority of compatriots, this complex, the nodal period of history appears the names of the Godunov Susanin, Minin and Pozharsky, as well as the murdered Tsarevich Dmitri, on the one hand, and the False Dmitri, together with the Polish-Lithuanian invaders - the other. Well, even SHUISKI can stand to the side - but it is not every call to the number of defendants era.

How strange that in these lists is a missed historic figure, about which the people as a sign of universal love, composed songs, and NI Kostomarov, one of the most prestigious pre-revolutionary historians, moreover, highly critical of the distinguished persons who are placed in a work of Russian History in the lives of its main figures, but also presented a laudatory portrait! Karamzin also highly valued, and Nestor Puppeteer wrote about him play, which enjoyed great success.

It is about Mikhail Vasilyevich Skopin-Shuya, a gifted statesman and military genius, who, at least not inferior to the art of war known for the latest AV Suvorov and Mikhail Kutuzov.

However, in the part of the Soviet interpretation of the Time of Troubles such forgetfulness can have an ideological motivation. First, M.V.Skopin-Shuya was on the sovereign's service in the False Dmitry I, and secondly, defeated the army of the leader of the peasant uprising Ivan Bolotnikov. But even Alexander Suvorov pursued units EI Pugacheva, and Prince Dmitry Pozharsky, not stained with the ministry or False Dmitry I, nor the Seven Boyars, advocated that in order to erect the throne of a Swedish prince, although it somehow not to talk.

Yes, and the invaders are not so simple. In their army, for example, were ... Russian units. And Russia has hired a Swedish army to battle against the enemy. Imagine: the Swedes in the Russian army fought with the Russian, representing the Polish-Lithuanian.

Well, let's order.

Mikhail Vasilyevich, who was born in 1586 in a family of Novgorod governor, came from a noble family Suzdal princes Shuiskis (ie, belonged by blood to Rjurikovich), more precisely, of that branch, the father whom he had nicknamed Scopa, ie bird of prey hawk species. Hence a double surname. Sadly, it's the hero who came to Skopje's great-grandson, the ancestral branch broke.

His father was famous for defending Pskov by Stefan Batory. But the 11-year old boy lost his parents, left in the care of his mother, who managed to provide her son a good education. He knew Polish, Swedish, German, Latin, studied mathematics, geography, history, military affairs.

 Who Ryurikovich undeservedly forgotten by the national history? Part 1 From the earliest years of gentle prince was close to the royal court. Boris Godunov appointed him stolnik, and False Dmitry I - «a great swordsmen. Position is assumed standing behind the throne with the sovereign's sword, and means more trust. By the way, Michael Skopin-Shumsky was sent to Maria Naga, mother miraculously resurrected the Prince, who at a meeting with the new monarch had recognized in him a son.