Who Ryurikovich undeservedly forgotten by the national history? Part 2

Who Ryurikovich undeservedly forgotten by the national history? Part 2 Continuing the conversation about 1,111,112. Mikhail Vasilyevich Skopin-Shuya [/url] Turn to his martial victories. The first took place in September 1606, ie approximately two months before the 20 th anniversary of the young governor. By this time he knew the science of war, that was a very useful addition to the strategic talent.

SHUISKI, which came to the throne, entrusted M.V.Skopinu-Shumsky protection Serpukhov Gates of going to Moscow by Ivan Bolotnikov troops, consisting initially of razraznennyh detachment of Cossacks, peasants and impoverished nobility, but led by a very capable military leader who knew how to rally the army and keep it from victory to victory.

Prince Michael V. showed a brilliant tactician, combining rapid blows on the enemy with a lightning-quick withdrawal of the detachment in the fortress Skorodumov. When the attack on Kolomenskoe resorted to a combined attack with incendiary bombs and explosive bombs, that was a tactical innovation. The rebels "pogashati them not vozmogasha themselves is (was) evil to kill, and jail them fiery yadry zazhogsha.

With the capture of the young governor of Kaluga led to the fortress "wooden mountain" - a high wall of logs, which protected the besiegers, while leaving Gaza for the shelling. During the five-month siege of Tula built a dam on the river is already flooded and the fortress. Tough decision. Bolotnikov surrendered.

But as soon as hostilities ended, SHUISKI disbanded army, and the prince sent to rest, and he easily made the decision. He married Alexander Golovin, settled down to family life.
 Who Ryurikovich undeservedly forgotten by the national history? Part 2 Prince Mikhail Vasilyevich Skopin-SHUISKY king was forced to revert to M.V.Skopinu-Shumsky only after his brother, Dmitri Shuya was stupidly lose the battle the troops False Dmitry II. Summoned in 1608 by Sovereign banners voivod were assigned to negotiate with the Swedes on the alliance against the pretender.

However, in Stockholm, he sent his brother-in, Seeds Vasilyevich Golovin, while he remained in Novgorod. - Step was prudent: Novgorod excited and were almost ready to side with Dimitri after Pskov and other neighboring cities.

Troops have M.V.Skopina-Shumsky was a little, and he left town, but the way it caught up with the envoys of Novgorod to the expression of loyalty V. Shumsky and request return. Change mood was caused by the fact that Novgorod has moved from Tushino Kernozitskogo squad, which included the Poles, and Russian.

 Who Ryurikovich undeservedly forgotten by the national history? Part 2 J. P. Delagardie In March 1609 Skopin-SHUISKY met Swedish army under the command of Jacob Pontus Delagardie, of whom were hired soldiers from other countries. By this time the prince had already formed the core of his army, which constantly trained.

First Battle of the United Russian-Swedish army had held on May 5 near the village of Kamenka, where detachment Kernozitskogo was routed, and the winners received substantial war booty in the form of guns, gunpowder and horses. The news of this spread quickly, and in rezultatet Toropets, Nevel, Holme, Great Luke and Rzev abandoned its earlier declaration of recognition False Dmitri II.

Then M.V.Skopin-SHUISKY slowly moved to Tver, on the fly while continuing to train the army. June 17 skirmish occurred under Torzhok Russian-Swedish avant-garde with detachments Shakhovsky and Zborowski, and Poles have left the city. A July 13 invaders were driven out of Tver. However, the Swedes are not receiving the promised salary, refused to continue the march.

Mikhail Vasilyevich has decided to withdraw the army, joined, and a small international team under the supervision of the brave Dutchman Hristiera Zomme under Kalyazin, and sent messengers to cities and monasteries asking for warriors and money. Many have responded by supplying money and militia.

 Who Ryurikovich undeservedly forgotten by the national history? Part 2 Holy Trinity Monastery in Makarievsky Kalyazin enemy was very serious. Aristocratic cavalry, for example, was considered the best in Europe. But Duke countered invented the tactics of individual fortified camps. The first one was built under Kalyazin. On both sides of the camp covered the banks of the Volga and abno and open space field reinforced shaft with the prison, before which were spread in iron hooks - slingshot.

Lithuanian hussars when you try to attack Aug. 18 in a mess of these sling and were shot with the shaft. Then the Poles under the cover of night began to cross the Zhbankov, bogged down in its muddy shores and were routed. And Hetman Sapieha, nothing was done about it.