Who Ryurikovich undeservedly forgotten by the national history? Part 3

Who Ryurikovich undeservedly forgotten by the national history? Part 3 Under attack squads Mikhail Vasilyevich Skopina-Shumsky was lifted the siege of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, and Tushynskiy thief fled in Kaluga. At the end of the second week of March 1610 from Moscow, with the greatest honor greeted his liberator. Boyars carried bread and salt, people on the streets rose to his knees, thanks to a savior. It saw the king. More specifically, wanted to see.

 Who Ryurikovich undeservedly forgotten by the national history? Part 3 Vasily Shumsky
 Sam Mikhail Vasilyevich not aspire to the throne, and even a little earlier, when the Ryazan delegation presented M.V.Skopinu-Shumsky message calling on the throne, he had her detained in custody and then released, and nothing that is not said Basil Shumsky.

But Moscow was buzzing, exulted, honored a hero. Russian people are openly saying that we must depose Basil and elect a king Michael. Suspicious monarch and envious of his brother Dmitri was not to his liking. The city was a rumor that the popular favorite Guska. Swede Delagardie, with whom he had freed the Russian city M.V.Skopin-Shumsky, advised to leave Moscow. But he showed carelessness, so amazing in its state of wisdom and a commander of discernment.
Prince waited a thaw in the capital to move to the army of Sigismund of Smolensk. His name was vying with each other to visit the boyars, and he never refused anyone. Came the fateful day of 9 April (old style). At the feast on the occasion of the christening in the house of Ivan Mikhailovich Vorotynsky aunt of Michael and his godmother and godfather, that was the wife of Dmitry Shumsky and daughter Malyuta Skuratov, handed him a cup of honey as a guest refused the wine and beer.

 Who Ryurikovich undeservedly forgotten by the national history? Part 3 Daughter Malyuta Skuratov poisons M.V.Skopina-Shuisky Having offerings and drained the cup, kissed it, as it should, Catherine Shumsky and immediately fell down, his nose began to bleed. The servants carried his master home, where he spent two weeks in delirium and fever, and then died. SHUISKI shed tears over the coffin and ordered to bury the dead with honor in the Archangel Cathedral, but not in the royal tomb, but in the new chapel.

Here is how the funeral Kostomarov: "The coffin was carried Mikhail Vasilyevich comrades of his exploits. He was followed by widows, sisters and mothers of those killed in battle. They supported the mother and the widow Skopina who have lost their memory and feelings of grief. There was also a king of Basil, poured into tears and wailed. He did not believe ... "