Why the guide exclaimed in alarm: "The Russian are coming!"?

Why the guide exclaimed in alarm: "The Russian are coming!"? The old Uglich - the city-picture (in the front part), city-Intourist. Perhaps, in the sense of tourism service now and orientrirovan more on foreign guests. It is understandable: the income from them more, besides it, this income, "colored" domestic rubles.

 Why the guide exclaimed in alarm: "The Russian are coming!"?
 Therefore, arriving on the Volga River in this historic place, right from the dock to get into a long alley, filled with densely-preplotno trays on which the spotted "rusapetisty" range from the red-and ushanok budennovok to God-knows-what: t-shirts, accordions, whistles, pictures .. . We are witnessing a substantial foreigner trying on a hat type of Panama, loaded with Soviet icons so that the tissue outside the field almost in sight, and showed his companions, who were laughing merrily.

Our boat came very well: the early morning. But if the first passengers on the shore of the cost of several tour groups, then this time all were under the authority of a single guide. It was very short in stature and slightly hobbling old woman with multi-level line of the left and right shoulder. Uncomplainingly bore numerous brothers, she said a few words of greeting and turned up in the Kremlin.

While we were jogging running behind her, on the run now and then exchanging the familiar and unfamiliar participants turkomandy puzzled remarks about the sudden hurried on this kind of unsportsmanlike ladies, our discordant ranks somewhat united, united by common efforts of the sport and emerging now and then a chuckle on success Gerontology.

 Why the guide exclaimed in alarm: "The Russian are coming!"? But then there were very grateful to my guide, since most of the route passed without the hustle, formed later than the abundance of competing groups wishing to cling to the memory of history. Yes, and story was quite interesting, clear and effective manner. Frequently and confidently calling us comrades, our The leader led the group from the cathedral for the cathedral.

The hitch came in front of the temple, which was to be held a short vocal concert of sacred and folk music, performed a-cappella. Elegantly dressed manager flick of the wrist forward missed the Western art lovers, offering us to wait for another.

 Why the guide exclaimed in alarm: "The Russian are coming!"? We had already expected, but agreed. Stepping back a bit to one side, heard the story about how, in Uglich watch factory Soviet masters produced for the bell tower chimes, under which we stood (long ago do not work).

The next session we are also not included, because Western music lovers added: was a big steamer, who, as we have explained, a short parking. Hesitated, went to look for souvenirs, but prices are "biting" desperately.

When the group for the third time was excommunicated from the art, the people murmur arose. And on the fourth strongest rejection of the men simply mingled with the crowd of strangers, and entered the room, followed him more. Struggling on the front porch with intellectual reflection, I suddenly realized that I could lose my husband, who already inside (and out - through the other door). This hitch has not passed me nothing.

Just crossed the threshold of exhibition and concert hall, heard a frightened and indignant exclamation: "But it's already Russian are coming!" A voice belonged to a pretty girl-guide foreign tourist groups, standing in the society colleagues Precisely opposite me. At this point, I felt very happy, and I am very good-natured smile from ear to ear said: "What Russian can not here?" Society colleagues laughed, the situation eased.

We were listened to a really great voice, as the seats were provided to "hurry to sail" to foreigners (turned out later that we went on a cruise before), but when they reached out to the exit, were determined by the completeness of their series. The reaction of the musicians was unexpected.

 Why the guide exclaimed in alarm: "The Russian are coming!"? This is a musician. In the glasses he played classical music and songs they went into the room, apologized and said: "And let us sing for you yet?" Very pleased with this turn, we sat in the front and once again enjoyed the concert, and the repertoire of this time was different . Our frisky The leader also admired group, affectionately called several times stormtroopers instead of his comrades.