Why September 8 commemorates the monk-warrior Peresvet?

Why September 8 commemorates the monk-warrior Peresvet? On September 8, Kulikovo first accepted death in battle monk-warrior Peresvet, indicating Russian ratification path to victory. And victory is so important for Russia, was reached, although the battle was extremely difficult and bloody. And Alexander Peresvet from that day ever came into the folk memory.

For information about the great battle and feats Peresvet saved many literary sources of ancient Russia. In them there are some discrepancies, but in the main they all agree, describing the role of Peresvet in Kulikovo battle.

Perhaps the most graphic and emotionally exploit monk-warrior is reflected in the Legend of the Mamay ", created shortly after the end of the legendary battle. "I came out of the Horde Horde Prince Mother with their peers, with all the princes of the Horde, and with all the force of the Tatar and the Polovtsian, and still engaged in the army infidels ... And since my mom was a single thought and single Duma Lithuanian Prince Jagiello Olgerdovich, with all the force of the Lithuanian and Polish, with them in alliance, and Prince Oleg of Ryazan with all his advisors. And he went to the Grand Prince Dmitri Ivanovich of Moscow ".

 Why September 8 commemorates the monk-warrior Peresvet? AV Mayor. Alexander Peresvet great danger looming over Russia, but it has already gained power after the terrible devastation of the Horde and was ready to fight for their freedom. Under the banner of the Grand Duke Dmitry flocked from all over the shelves of the Russian land. While Russian forces gathered in Moscow and near Kolomna, the Grand Duke went to the Trinity Monastery to receive the blessing of St. Sergius of Radonezh. The chronicles narrate that after the blessing of the prince turned to Sergey: "Give me two of his regiment of soldiers, Alexander Peresvet and Andrew his brother Oslyabya, so you and he'll help us." And Saint Sergius "commanded his warriors, elders, Alexander and Andrew, to prepare. They were known as the great riders in military time: Andrew drove a hundred, two hundred and Alexander was driving, when they fought. "

In the annals of stresses that, until the monasticism Peresvet was a great warrior, not just stand up for his native land. "This Peresvet, when the world was a glorious hero was the great power and strength he had, the same majesty and breadth surpassed all and was able to soldier's case and together. Some discrepancy is that, where Hercules was born, but most of the chroniclers' sources call it Bryansk boyar. And once reigned in Bryansk Dmitry Olgerdovich "drove away" in the service of Dmitry of Moscow and moved with his retinue and boyars in Pereslavl-Zaleski, Peresvet as Oslyabya, became a novice in the Holy Trinity St. Sergius Monastery.

 Why September 8 commemorates the monk-warrior Peresvet? MI Avila. Outright Peresvet with Chelubeem Adoption chronicles that Peresvet and Oslabya brothers, perhaps, should not be understood in a literal sense. More than likely they had friends at that time was widespread among the soldiers or brothers Enoch - one of the monks of the monastery.

By submitting a monk at the military feat, Sergius gave them an imperishable weapon - the cross of Christ, which the monks nashili on Schema (monastic robe). "And commanded them instead of helmets to put it on yourself" - apparently meant monastic headdress in the form of a cap with a hood, worn by ascetics. Blessed the monks, the Venerable Sergius said to them: "Peace be with you, my brethren, to suffer as a good soldier of Christ!". Testament Sergey Radonezhsky monks, soldiers carried out with honor.

The beginning of the battle is described in detail in the chronicles. "And the king stood Mamai three princes of the high place to see the human carnage, which attracts Bold people on both sides. I left him a huge Tatar troops, like the ancient Goliath, to see even frightening. Treyew fathom its height and width of its bi yards, Mezhuyev his shoulder fathom her husband's good, but his eyes, like a beer-pot, and his ears Mezhuyev boom dimensional and Mezhuyev eyes from him, like a lawless charms, and a horse under him, Aki great mountain. Of course, the annals exaggerate Horde warrior, but apparently it was a great warrior. At that time, the overall battle often preceded the bout heroes and Chelubey (Temir-Murza, Tavrul), as called Horde Chronicle, was ready to fight against any Russian soldiers.

 Why September 8 commemorates the monk-warrior Peresvet? KA Vasiliev. Outright Peresvet with Chelubeem Accept his challenge decided Peresvet, addressed to the Grand Duke: "He is looking for his opponent, I want to oppose him with arms. Because if I did not come out against the godless, then all you defeated him. Having obtained the permission of Prince, he turned to the soldiers: "Fathers and brothers, forgive me, a sinner, and bless. And you, my brother weak, pray for me. " Sending a horse in the direction Chelubeya, Peresvet said: "Holy Saint Sergius, help your prayers saints.

Battle of the heroes was short, they collided with such force that both fell dead, but Peresvet at any moment lasted longer in the saddle and dropped his head toward the enemy, and this is for all Russian troops presaged victory in the hardest battle.

 Why September 8 commemorates the monk-warrior Peresvet? Sculptor Karl Cherniavsky. Alexander Peresvet victory in the Battle of Kulikovo was complete, but was given a very high price. Annals pass that after the battle of Moscow Dmitry toured the field of bloody battle. "Here comes the great prince to another place and found there lying Peresvet Alexander, monk Bryansk, immediately lies Tavrul Tatar, resembling the old Goliath. And he said, the Grand Prince Dmitry Ivanovich: "You know, brothers, sons of Russian, many it was a drink from his cup of death, but he won Peresvet."

The dead Russian soldiers were buried on the battlefield, but Peresvet prince ordered to move to Moscow. He was buried monk-warrior next to the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin in the Simonov Monastery. Later buried beside him and OSLJABJA, who was wounded in battle, but survived. In the annals mentions that assimilated several times he performed executive order of Grand Duke Dmitry and traveled to Constantinople.

In the XVIII century in the restructuring of the monastery found a brick vault, where the tombstones were inscriptions (both buried monks). Under the tombs is the tomb of Peresvet and OSLJABJA. Since that time, the graves of monks-warriors have become a place of worship.

 Why September 8 commemorates the monk-warrior Peresvet? Burial Alexander Peresvet and Andrew OSLJABJA in the Simonov monastery In 1928 Simonov monastery was closed, and the graves of the heroes Kulikov battle proved to the factory "Dinamo". A temple, where they were partly preserved, converted for factory use. In 1980, when there was the 600 anniversary of the Battle of Kulikovo, tombs and Peresvet Oslabya were attributed to the monuments protected by the state. The graves were relished, but remained inside the plant. Only in 1988 the church was separated from the factory, and the graves of the monks appeared free access.

Memory of the monks, soldiers have always feared the people. Their names are traditionally called the warships of the Russian fleet. Already in this century, the name Peresvet given speed train from Moscow to St. Petersburg.