Who was the rebel Pugachev's worse?

Who was the rebel Pugachev's worse? In 1790 came without mentioning the author a book with the original name, which at first glance could be useful as a guide, a pointer to an amateur Wanderings: A Journey from Petersburg to Moscow.

This way, many long described: drive had long had to overcome 650 miles away, shaking three, and maybe more than a day. Why do not behold, who did not meet up to 25 postal stations, which did not reflect upon in the way!

Flashed on the sides of the milestones, mournfully pulls his endless song driver, tinkling bell. Tire in the road, but here, you see, and pulls the wagon to the station, where you can relax, eat, sleep, especially because all the horses are often at the junction. Book and is divided into 25 chapters on the number of road stations. The author tells of his meetings, the thoughts inspired by what he saw on the road.

The queen has found a new book on his desk. An enlightened monarch read a lot, tried to follow the release of printed novelties. Tired of affairs, she decided to rest, picked up a book in hand, began to turn, to read some place, got carried away and began to read from the beginning. Fear gripped her from the thoughts and traffic patterns, which decided to tell the author. Catherine frowned, anger contorted face: how dare he, who is he? Break away from the text of the Empress could not, but just read it was impossible. She quickly picked up from the table a stack of clean sheets and once again, this time carefully, started to read page after page, making notes and extracts.

Who are all the same author? She looked at the end of the book and saw that the press has given permission to the chief of police Nikita Rileyev. Immediately ordered his cause, but she continued to work steadily.

Before the eyes of Queen rose horrific picture of the life of Russian peasants, who "dead to the law." Here's a farmer is forced to handle their piece of land on Sundays and at night to feed a large family. The landlord requires a whole week to work on the master's field. And here a young serf glad to go into the army, only to get rid of the evil master. He told the sad story: two sons of the landlord decided to desecrate his fiancee and brutally beat him for his intercession.

Catherine wrote concentrated their comments, uses up leaf by leaf, and calls the author a rebel Pugachev worse.