Why such a high was the price the Soviet victory in WWII?

Why such a high was the price the Soviet victory in WWII? Prior to the 90-ies the problem in the Soviet literature in general has not been investigated. Now scientists decide who are victims of this war, with associated large human losses on the part of the USSR, and other problems. Scientists from different methodologies and lack of uniform methods for calculating the price of Victory. Much of this issue depends on the political affiliation of scientists-historians.

None of the warring countries had not suffered such material and human losses, as the Soviet Union. The war has killed more than 27 million Soviet people, or 40% of all deaths in the Second World War.

Our country has lost 30% of its national wealth. Most of the people died as a result of total bombing our territory and abused residents of the occupied areas, with the partisans, prisoners of war from the invaders. Mortality increased as a result of the sharp deterioration of living conditions in the Soviet rear, especially for the 10 million evacuees.

Most of the 5.7 million Soviet soldiers caught up in German captivity, has died. Fascism was the main source of all these millions of victims.

A large share of responsibility for the many victims lying on Stalin and his entourage. They were not fully utilized all the possibilities for successful Anglo-Franco-Soviet negotiations (May-August 1939). It was a lost opportunity to create a system of collective resistance to the enemy.

The signing of the secret protocols to the treaty with Germany (August 1939), a treaty of friendship and the borders with Germany (September 1939) and negotiations in November 1940 about the possibility of accession to the Soviet Union with Germany, Italy and Japan against Britain and France disorientation of the Soviet people.

 Even June 14, 1941 in TASS statement asserted that Germany would not attack the USSR. Therefore, 22 June 1941 was for the majority of Soviet people suddenly tragic day. It took a long time and many innocent victims, to tune in to fight with those who only recently became friends and traded.

Vera Stalin in a quick victory over the enemy "little blood" on its territory predetermined underestimation of the enemy, not allowed to teach Soviet soldiers defense strategy, ability to apply counter-attacks. This had to learn in the course of the war. In 1937-1938 during the repression was destroyed almost the entire command of the Red Army. By the beginning of the war 75% of the officers took their positions less than a year. Lack of experience had to be compensated at a price.

Stalin and his miscalculations, determining the direction of the main enemy attack in June 1941 and spring 1942. It was at that time had the largest number of deaths on the battlefields of the Soviet soldiers. Irrecoverable loss of combat on the Eastern Front as a soldier of the Wehrmacht and Red Army (the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army from February 1946 - Soviet Army) for the entire period of the war roughly comparable - about 7 million people on each side.

But in the Soviet Union, in addition, have been tremendous sacrifices and the civilian population. The indirect losses in the years 1941-1945 should include the victims of mass displacement from their homes by the peoples of the Autonomous Republic of the Volga Germans, Crimean, Kalmyk, Chechen-Ingush, Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay Autonomous Region. The deportation of entire peoples stemmed directly from the nature of Stalinism.