In East Slavic mythology, a character called the mop. This spirit dwells in the bath, ie kind o" />

Who's the master bath?

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 Who's the master bath? In East Slavic mythology, a character called the mop. This spirit dwells in the bath, ie kind of brownie. In some places it was called baynikom, baennikom, baynoshko, laznikom. Found of a stove, heater or a regiment. Plant after the appearance of the house of her first child. Sometimes he takes up residence with his wife, and even with the children.

 1,111,116. What is he, is the belief of our ancestors? [/b]
Most often, of course, the mop is invisible. Some even believed that due to a cap of invisibility. But he could appear in the form of naked old man, covered with leaves of the broom, long-haired men, as well as dogs, cats, rabbit. AN Afanasyev, described his character: "Bannick not like those who paritsya at night, and strangles such brave, especially if they are doing ablution without prayer." Holy, holy, holy, holy!

And yet he was accused that he could steal the abandoned baby in the bath, podkinuv changeling in its place. Changeling was determined by a rickety Addition: large-headed, paunchy, he could neither walk nor speak, and, having lived so for several years, died or turned into a firebrand or a bath broom. How terrible! And not only Slavs thought so: in some Celtic tribes, too, there was a similar belief.

 Who's the master bath? To return to your own child, supposed to beat changeling birch or hazel rod, until the miracle of the return. There were other ways, but less common. But as a prophylactic against substitution little hand baby dressed in red or black cord worn on the head ... Red Riding Hood! In addition, make sure your face does not fall the moonlight, fumigated his crib at bedtime and put in her charms.

Women's hypostasis of the supernatural being called the same in different ways: banniha, baynitsa, Baen mother. In the Russian North believed obderihu, which was described as a shaggy terrible old woman and occasionally naked, sometimes - in the form of a cat with glowing eyes. With her jokes were bad: In no case could not wash it alone - a sin for which obderiha asked for the maximum, stripping and hanging skin on the stove (and therefore obderihoy name), and the body of the unfortunate were herded into the slit on the floor. The fourth pair it with anybody not want to share: I could scratch.

Shishiga in Vladimir, Saratov and other lands, too, was a feminine character. And she appeared to those who went to the bath without prayer: turn around a relative or friend, called to steam and could steamed to death. This little hunchbacked entity characterized by a large belly, gnarled hands and a cold little body, preferred night life. Although in some places gossip determined her "residence" does not in the bath, and in the reeds on the small river.

 1,111,116. Superstition Slavs demanded compliance with the treatment bath perfume. [/b]

At the entrance to the bath had to be sure to say: "Baptized on the shelves, unbaptized from the shelf, and went out - invite:" The owner of a hostess, with small my children visit to see us, or at least, to say: "You, Bath on standing, and we are in good health. In addition, it was customary to keep this strictly, quite frankly, a mythical substance water, soap and broom, and he, contrary to expectations, the next time will splash boiling water, throw red-hot stones, or even more than that - to blow fumes.

The question is: how can exist in such a dangerous neighborhood, namely, to a mop? But it was believed that the good that it is. First, in the spirit bathhouse counted as a defender of other misfortunes: the machinations MANUFACTURING, dead, etc. To obtain a help of this kind, a new bath brought bread and salt, and buried under the threshold strangled rooster, or in extreme cases, a chicken.

 Who's the master bath? A. seams. Spring Secondly, he participated in the girls' fortune-telling, amusing, frankly. Last Christmas at midnight interested in marriage gadalschitsy were substituted mop ... er ... denuded area of the body - the same one through which we are able to sit: either approached the outer door of the bathhouse and on the street take the appropriate position, or it is demonstrated in front of the stove or even exhibited a smoke hole in the right place.

If this had the feeling the touch of a hairy arm, meant - to be a rich suitor, if bare - the poor, if not able to feel the touch - the groom is not at all. Strictly forbidden to extend a hand in the window bath. Her boss could bind fingers iron rings, which are very painful and very uncomfortable.

It was believed that the mop could work miracles. In the Murom edges of a tradition of Uncle Coste, who came to bath fortune. And behold, there sits a woman: "Take it, - said - I was married." Was this a mermaid. Uncle Kostya her cross over, and it was an ordinary woman. They married and lived, as they say in such cases, long and happy life.

People kept bringing stories about how the mop and even obderiha saving people. And hardly a coincidence that the bread, which the bride's mother blessing for the ceremony the young, called no other way, but the mop!