Why a choir?

Why a choir? Often adults will begin its work and Buy a family with a longing happy school and college years. It would seem that the joy of life - dreams, adventures, friends - everything was there. And for many, this realization is the first step to serious crisis.

How to make your life interesting, rich? There are lots of ways. The lucky few find themselves in the work he loves. Others are involved in sports. Others with gusto their art ...

One of the finest inventions of humanity - is the chorus. In recent years the choral movement in Russia is raising its head: source of new groups, festivals and competitions choirs, more and more young people and adults come to the choir.

Why? First of all, the chorus gives a person a feeling of happiness. We can say that choral singing has a pronounced психотерапевтический эффект. Человек поющий умеет расслабляться, меньше подвержен влиянию стрессов, депрессиям. Влияние музыки и пения на человека, при правильно подобранном репертуаре, выражается в создании определенных эмоциональных переживаний, оказывающих благотворное влияние на психику человека. Теперь о пении вообще (и хоровом, в особенности) как о средстве профилактики, а иногда даже и лечения многих заболеваний, в том числе и нервно-психических расстройств, говорят не только хормейстеры, но и медики, психологи, учёные-исследователи. А теперь представьте себе хор, берущий чистый аккорд на два, три, четыре… восемь голосов! Или поющий в унисон. Это такой восторг, которого, испытав его хоть однажды, с нетерпением ждёшь снова и снова. Очень метко сказала одна хористка: «Хористов, как и наркоманов, бывших - не бывает .

Proper singing, especially choral, very positive developments at Health Singers as well as the right song - it is primarily how to breathe correctly, which is an integral part of many health systems, and sports. In addition, music in general, affects the intensity of metabolism, cardio-vascular system, to improve the tone of the brain and circulation. Singing helps in the treatment of many chronic diseases. In Australia, doctors noticed that singing improves the condition of patients with diseases of the spine and joints. The practice of choral music is being promoted in the program of treatment and prevention of many health care facilities. For example, in one of the Saratov antenatal clinics regularly singing group pregnant, reported the Russian newspaper-Sunday (Saratov № 4709 of 17 July 2008): "Thus, women will be able to listen to your body, breathing exercise, a better feeling for the baby. In addition, the wailing mums relax intercostal muscles and eases tension in the chest, and vibrations that come during the singing, are perceived as light stroking the baby. Well baby choral singing - is one of the real ways of forming a physically and mentally healthy, cultural, able to creatively build their lives and nation.

Also, it is difficult to overestimate social and cultural functions of choral movement. Today, more and more young people understand what to look for happiness at parties and dubious hangouts pointless. His social circle "of interest", a circle, where you can find good friends, and perhaps its mate, to be built with the mind, constantly, understanding and improving itself. Therefore become increasingly popular amateur sports, amateur theater amateur choir ... And the chorus - one of the most affordable lessons for today's students and adults with any level of income: in our time in almost any city you can find a choir that does not require pay any contributions, do not need to stock costly details, and tool choristers are always with him.

Finally, the chorus - this is just fun . If you think that the rehearsal go extremely bad "Botany", you know - this is not so. The repertoire for amateur choir may include work and the spiritual genre, and jazz, and even treatment of contemporary hits. Many groups are not limited to choral activities. Amateur choir - people of different professions and ranks, who are friends and make common cause. And many of them and the choir is not enough. They play sports, arrange trips, holidays, skits, contests, go to recreation. Chorus - a special "cell of society" like a big family where each possessing its unique voice, puts a piece in the creation of communal harmony. The choir learns to know yourself and feel around.

To find myself in the choir, do not necessarily possess outstanding singing abilities from nature - many choirmasters confident that you can learn to sing almost any man (of course, if he is not deaf and dumb). It would be a desire ...

  Three things in our lives
They bring joy to us:
Sound of Music St.,
Love the fire alive
And a good glass of wine -
Then life is full of fun,
And the world is bright for us!

  Music D. Frederichi, the Russian text B. Karandasova