Who is Maxim Gorky brought in "Life of Klim Samgin as" thick poet "?

Who is Maxim Gorky brought in "Life of Klim Samgin as" thick poet "? Today's release of "Anthology of the Patriotic Poetry" will be dedicated to the poet, who had a very difficult and somewhat mystical destiny. He lived as old as our great genius - Alexander Pushkin. But remained in the history of practically only one song. Yes, and it was considered popular for many years, and authorship has been restored many years after its writing.

This young man's name was also Alexander, he was born March 13, 1883, 125 years ago, in Kolomna. Life has not left us a lot of details about his parents, but if you absolutely know exactly what his father's name was Stepan Roslavlev, the mother's name I could not be traced.

From childhood fate did not indulge the poet (as well as his great namesake, he also wrote and prose). Suffice it to say that in the fourth grade Sasha noisily expelled from school Kolomenskaya with the verdict: "for failure. My father could not bear such disgrace and poisoned. My mother was left without a husband, mad, was placed in a psychiatric hospital and in the same year died ...

  Parents replaced street 11,111,127.

So, in a few months, Sasha was an orphan. Brought up his street, he was fed also with the fact that earning immediately. Paradoxical as it sounds, but the work of Sasha found in the Kolomna District Council, but also a clerk. Having spent a little less than a year, he decided to move to Moscow.

In the capital, no one is waiting. He is nailed to the gang of the same street as he often spends the night outdoors in the winter - in shelters, among its brethren is considered the philosopher and a dreamer, thus preventing him from trading in the market matches and "slips of happiness." This is when a person unfolds the paper and learns that fate has prepared him ...

 Who is Maxim Gorky brought in "Life of Klim Samgin as" thick poet "? This was in the eyes of contemporaries "thick poet Alexander Stepanovich RoslavlevDruzya advised him to apply to some of the newspapers, to attach to his poems, which Sasha kopyatsya day. When he was 18, he decided, and soon in the newspaper published the first poem of the young poet - "The organ-grinder"

  ... What's the matter, smutyanka,
 I got in touch by accident?
Play, play, hurdy-gurdy,
Living burial services ...;

Poems tramp and vagabond writers seemed fresh, nezamylennymi, which is why it quite willingly publish. He was a black sheep among the poets of the nobility, and already it has attracted considerable interest in himself. In the short time he became recognizable. His closest friends are Andreyev, Alexander Bunin, a few times at literary evenings, he communicates with Anton Chekhov and Maxim Gorky.

Last so inspired by the poet from the bottom, he puts it in the image of "fat poet" in his novel "Life of Klim Samgin and even a few times he was quoted as poems ...

At first poetry collection Roslavlev responded Gumilev, praising the mouthpiece of the majority Chukovsky, who did not hide the truth about poetry Roslavlev: it is as unreliable as the opinion of intoxicated by his victories crowd ...

In 1907, a 24-year-old Alexander agreed with the editorial board, "Awakening" that will send their "New Poems.

  Above the horses so fast over
Month birds fly,
And silver sparks
Golf smooth glitters.

Cheer up, my bells,
Filler to vote!
Oh, you, daring dashing,
Oh you, maiden beauty!

Rime curly manes,
New Snow snow person.
Come meet, beauty,
Mila friend on the porch.

Lay the Path, removed
After all a white light.
You zaveysya, blizzard shalaya,
Note we are being watched.

We have not brought it roundabout,
Babi scent so womanish eyes:
Our matchmaker - will freestyle,
Be married a month of us.

Look into the heart of the eyes clear -
With sweet life that the sun red
And without the sweet Tran-grass.

As if they sense - rage
Horses - Falcons mine.
In the hot heart of the river was discovered
And singing nightingales.

Cheerful, amicable, bells,
Filler to vote!
Oh, you, daring dashing,
Oh you, maiden beauty!

Poems are very pleased to readers, but sometimes fate plays a cruel joke with the poets. The music to these words were written after more than 20 years Ural schoolgirl Elizabeth Horin, with the first line of the poem "lost" horses and was the following:

  Over the fields, but over the net
Month birds fly,
And silver sparks
Golf smooth it shines!

 [b] He was not kicked really just a lazy 11,111,127.

But back to the beginning of the century. Became suddenly famous Roslavlev gladly printed, he managed to produce 14 collections of poetry. But the tone changes dramatically Gumilev. Earlier, he had just watched a fellow of the pen, then after three or four years, leaves his poetry stone unturned.

  "Alexander Roslavlev long ceased to be in the ranks of poets. Six or seven years ago, it has spawned some hope, thinking that, having passed the period of apprenticeship, he finds himself. But it soon became clear that this indenture was only a rough and senseless bite other people's techniques, themes, thoughts and feelings. The same is true now. New books by Alexander Roslavlev without fresh start, scare her "poeziepodobnostyu. "Sackbut" differs only in that it has more bad poems. "

But such estimates did not upset Alexander Stepanovich. He continues to consider himself a poet, though sadly notes that appear in newspapers, more and more parody of his verses. But, of course, very sarcastic, Alexander Ivanov, a half century later, in what was then the literature was not ...

For example, wrote Roslavlev lines like his teacher, to whom thought Valeria Bryusov:

  The teacher, in the heart of revelation
Dart fiery eyes glued ...

A parodist S. Mountain, which is monitored with a special focus collections Alexandra, he immediately turned it in the other two lines:

  For me the traces of their blows
He left Brusovsky heel ...

I do not know what really got against Mountain on Roslavlev, but Bryusov to him for a long time to forget but could not.

  Other colors dazzled ...
The windows, in pools of light trembles.
Humming, hovering vehicles,
And call rhythmic clop

This is from a poem by A. Roslavlev "Spring". And here is a parody of S. Mountain.

  And in the clear air hung
Your horns, car ...
"On the Tower Bryusov thoughts
Propped up at the sky a sharp spire ...

It remains to explain that "The Tower" was named book, released Roslavlev a year writing his famous poem ...

 [b] During the revolution, and fell head

"Fat Poet eagerly took the news of the victory of the proletariat in the socialist revolution. Almost as soon as he accepts the offer Anatoly Lunacharsky to come to work in the People's Commissariat of Education. Although up to altitudes D. Bedniy Roslavlev was not up, but its contribution to the campaign for Soviet power and debunking of the "old world", he introduced. Especially after in 1919 joined the Bolshevik Party. As a reporter for metropolitan newspapers Roslavlev sent to the fronts of the civil war. Bright and excitedly tells in his essays and correspondence about the situation in the Red Army, the fights with the Whites.

However, we did not know never been able to wipe Roslavlev the glory "William Shakespeare's our" or at least the liveliness and veracity of Isaac Bebel, or Artem Merry. In 1920, Alexander is in the Kuban region, Novorossiysk. He became one of the organizers of the Novorossiysk theater of political satire and wrote to him satirical play "King Muddlehead. That's just enjoy the sweet burden of fame, alas, failed.

Autumn of 1920 Roslavlev transferred to the liberated Ekaterinodar (Krasnodar). Hardly arrived, he managed to catch the fever. 10 November of that year, poet, writer and playwright was not ...